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  1. Back pre-COVID, my Glide 3 was my daily commuter. Since COVID and permanent telework...not at all. During the warm weather months I'd take it out for a brief spin once a week or so. But now with weather turning cold I have fewer and fewer reasons to use it. Been sitting for weeks. I can't imagine that's good for the battery. What kind of schedule should I set up for taking it out? e.g. Every how many days? How many miles/minutes? I don't want the battery to go to waste.
  2. I genuinely appreciate the candid feedback, @Aneta. My hesitation to opening up the otherwise sealed Solowheel Glide 3 is that I'm creating more risk of loosening a crimp or pushing a wire against another just by the motions of opening it up and fiddling with something that wouldn't have been jostled otherwise. e.g. "here let me make sure this connector is properly seated" so I remove and reseat a connector - boom I've now done wear and tear on the connector that wouldn't have been otherwise. I'm open to my perspective of "self harm" being paranoid, and maybe I'm over confident
  3. Dawned on me that my Solowheel Glide 3 is over 1.5 years old, 2300+ miles... And aside from maintaining tire pressure, I haven't done any maintenance whatsoever. Is that bad and what should I be doing? I ride it 5 days a week on mostly paved roads. Extreme seasons ranging from high 90s Fahrenheit summers with thunderstorms (have ridden in rain) to 10 degree Fahrenheit winters (sometimes riding in an inch or two of snow).
  4. Is there any particular caution with the Solowheel Glide 3 when riding on roads treated with rock salt for snow and ice? Wondering about that salt kicking back up into the rear of the assembly when rolling over patches of over-salted pavement. This is my first winter with a Glide 3, and while I was impressed with how this forum told me riding in steady rain is actually pretty okay, I have new hesitation when it comes to salt, given how corrosive it is.
  5. I played with the toggle switches for the notification type, and that has resolved the issue. Thanks
  6. I'm positive that my email address is correct, that I've selected "Notify me about replies", and that emails aren't going to my spam folder. I just want an email notification when someone replies to me
  7. The official Solowheel bluetooth phone app has a setting for "Power" which I assume is the engine power. The factory default is 81% or something like that (don't have my wheel with me at the moment). Have fellow Glide 3 owners ever moved this setting up or down? I've been riding my Glide 3 at the factory default for over 300 miles. What am I missing out on by not boosting up to 100%? Is it worth it? Big battery usage tradeoff?
  8. @WARPed1701D Questions about the board reducing the speed of the wheel: At exactly what % does those speed reduction occur? Is it a reduction of max speed? Acceleration? Both? Is it a single step reduction? Or does the speed/acceleration get decreased more and more proportionally as the battery drains?
  9. I've read a smattering of ewheelers using a product called "Slime" in their innertubes to reduce the risk of puncture. So many questions: What does slime physically do to prevent sharp objects from piercing the tube? I understand that not all vehicles (including EUCs) are compatible with Slime, and that Slime can even damage the tube or tire or rim - has anyone validated use for a Glide 3? Is there any weight limit or riding environment that Slime is more suitable for?
  10. For us Solowheel Glide 3 folks, what 3rd party apps are useful and also safe to use? (Android for me) I'm new to ewheels and I'm uncertain if connecting 3rd party apps to my wheel could cause some kind of board reconfiguration that would be dangerous. I find that the stock/factory app that comes with the wheel is kind of crummy...lots of bluetooth connection drops, freezing for many moments when going through different screens.
  11. @meepmeepmayer yeah I guess that's my biggest concern - every now and then on these forums and others we read a horror story about a wheel inexplicably shutting down while coasting on flat terrain, no overlean and with good battery charge. I have to wonder - did their board fail because of some past water incursion? I guess somebody would have to do an autopsy on the wheel, and know enough about electronics to recognize a fault due to moisture.
  12. Took my Solowheel Glide 3 out yesterday morning in a dense fog, like a Stephen King novel. It wasn't raining, but there was enough moisture in the air to create that mist effect on my body as I propelled forward. Being a new owner it was enough to scare me off, so I brought her inside and shut down. Then I read other people saying pretty much only a complete submersion under water could possibly damage the motor. So what's everyone's tolerances for exposure to rain or wet roads? This morning I even dismounted and picked it up to cross a small puddle...
  13. @Marty Backe , what's the insight you get out of noting the % charge at the start of the charging? Do you indicate charges that you go up to 80% versus 100%?
  14. @US69 Do you have a personal technique for tracking your charging events? I feel like it's almost worth keeping a log and counting off every 15 charges.
  15. I read mixed things about the best charging strategy for the Solowheel 3. I've heard generally that lithium batteries (all devices) get the longest lifetime when stop charging at 80%, but always keep it above 20%. For Solowheel I've read that once a month you still want to leave it on the charger for 100%+ charge. I also glean that the charge % floor is 40% (as in, do not operate below 40% no matter what). Is there any authority on this? Max daily charge %, full 100% charge frequency, and charge % floor?
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