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    A couple more weird things with the 18L...

    About the tension sensor: the guy in the video shows that the (perpendicular) plate in the lower part of the aluminum handle has some play within its (plastic) groove. He suggests that while installing/adjusting the tension sensor screw, the plate on the handle must be set in the “lowest” possible position, to allow upward movement when the handle is lifted. The sensor screw is tightened to allow reliable connection between handle plate and sensor plate, but it is important not to overtighten it to make it immobile.
  2. On-the-sidewalk disassembly of a locked 18L by Russian guys:
  3. syrupnew

    Firmware 1.08 (ks14s)

    Updated my 14D to 1.08, no perceptible difference as compared to 1.07
  4. syrupnew

    Inmotion V10F Brand New UNOPENED BOX

    Hi, I am in Allentown, PA If we could meet somewhere halfway I guess I would buy the wheel. Thanks, A.