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  1. Tommy Le

    *Sold* Looking to sell my 2 Speedway Mini 4 Pros*Sold*

    May I ask how much you are selling it for? I’m in Orange County, California. Oops overlooked on the previous post. Are you only selling them in pairs or singles too for 600.
  2. Tommy Le

    New toy, MCM5 experience...

    How much does the mcm5 cost? What’s the weight? I am waiting for Jason to stock the mten 3. Should I reconsider?
  3. Tommy Le

    The Photo Thread

    @Duf awesome stand! Thank you!
  4. Tommy Le

    KS18L Firmware 1.07

    Do I need to upgrade firmware on ks18L/ I don’t have an android I have an iPhone. My wheel works fine and I don’t use app when riding. I have been riding it and seems great. Should I be worried?
  5. Tommy Le

    The Photo Thread

    Loving the new wheel! Thank you @Jason McNeil ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Tommy Le

    KS18L and MSuper X

    Does anyone know how to disable alarm 1 and 2 in kingsong 18L? I’m using darkness bot on iOS, I disable 1 and 2 but it keeps beeping when I hit around 14-15 mph.
  7. Any updates on the shipments? Can’t wait for the ks18L xD
  8. Tommy Le

    Ks18s or mten3 as my second wheel

    Yeah, I end up paying for the ks18L. I am saving up though for the mten3, then my life will be complete. ?
  9. I just sold my msuper v3s + 2 days ago and decided to purchase the ks18L. I had a bit of a hard time deciding between the 18l and msuper x because both wheels’ aesthetic looks we’re off the chart. I chose the 18L because of the lighter weight, better trolley handle, and safety(doesn’t mean I won’t get gotway brand later on;))I can’t wait for it to arrive! I chose the black matte color. In the mean time, I have to start saving up again. I do want to eventually get the ks18s and mten3. I think my life will be complete by then. ??
  10. Tommy Le


    Do you like it enough to replace the 18L over ks18s? Or if you had the choice to own just one between the two which one you lean toward more?
  11. Hi guys, I currently have the msuper v3s+ 1600wh and was planning to get the msuper x. I change my mind and began eye balling the ks18s because Of the taller shell and possibly much more comfy transitioning sitting and standing stance. I have the seat on the msuper and I love it which is another reason why I was thinking about getting the ks18s assuming the sitting experience may be more comfortable with the taller shell. Before I continue further, just want to say I only use it mainly for trail riding and or cruising at the beach bike paths. I am curious is there much difference experience comparing the msuper and ks18s? If not, I would rather get the mten3. After watching so many videos of it, I become more interested with the small light wheel because it’s looks very travel friendly and can be use in crowded area like the beach. I was at the beach today and I wished I had a smaller wheel which is why I am undecided at this point. I definitely would like a wheel I can use outside of trail purposes. ? can’t decide! Thoughts?
  12. Can more people confirm that the ks18s wheel is really 19inch wheel? ?
  13. Msuper v3s+ Is a pretty sweet size and has a trolley handle build in.
  14. Tommy Le

    Thoughts as A beginner

    I recently got into euc as well. I am hooked! I also watch @Duf’s YouTube video to learn how to ride an euc. I had trouble when I was first learning how to ride and I remember in one of the video duf said do not look down when you are practicing riding. I change my bad habits and instantly improve overall riding experience. My first wheel was Ks14s, had that for less than 3 weeks and sold it. Next I bought the acmv2, sold that after about 20 miles on if. Now, I own an msuper v3s+ and I love it! Currently waiting for the msuper x, preordered that one at ewheels. My wallet running dry! ?
  15. Tommy Le

    Kingsong 18s or msuper x

    Ks18s 840 wh worth it? Or wait and buy the 1680wh?