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    Hi, I am new to this Forum and originally just wanted to ask if there are any other riders from Aachen too?!? I bought my ninebot one S2 last december. I went to every place by bicicle till the day i bought my euc. From that day on I am only driving my EUC. I would have never thought how addicted I would get to this thing in that short ammount of time. During that time a lot of policeman saw me going by and friends driving becide me told me that they look confused most of the time. Until now everything went well for me. I always carry a bell and a chest lamp arround with me and ride bycicle lanes whenever possible. many Friends of mine are quite Interested in my EUC but they dont want to risk getting stopped by the police. I think it is verry important for all EUC Riders to get the laws (that will be comming) right. If the politians organise the law in the same way they organise the electric bycicles that would be fine I guess. The first catagory with speeds up too 25kmh without a driver licence (insurence may be usefull for public acceptance) and anotherone for up to 45kmh with a licence needed (dont know which one mabe motorcycle or a hole new catagory of vehicles). @lucian75 I hope you will be lucky. If you still wish to make your shirt these lines would be nice I think: Umweltfreundlich! Praktisch! Sicher! Legal?