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  1. the problem with the battery level in Z10 is resolved. thanks Seba
  2. hello, in the Z10, the read of the battery capacity says always 0% in the voice notifications. the battery of the phone is ok
  3. Hello your z10 its ok, the sound is from the vibration of the fender with the bottom part of the trolley. press with your finger the bottom of the fender, and test if the sound go out
  4. this is the response to my email Hi Sir Pls connect with your seller and we can not help your directly. sorry about that .
  5. mala is located in kielce, poland. https://goo.gl/maps/2uytymBbTqE2 the next steep is lodz, poland. my Z10 is in lodz
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPJRfPdS8Fo
  7. you need to see this video. ACTIVATE BATTERY NINEBOT
  8. Hello, i have a one e+ with 61v black charger, and when its fully charged, the app says estimated 28 km. If i charge with a charger with 63v output, can i get a bit more km?? i have a white charger 63v of mini pro, but the LEMO connector its different. thanks
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