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  1. It's gotta end eventually, why not here and now?
  2. I haven't been on this forum for a very long time, but should we not as humans give the benefit of the doubt that Aneta is not Chrisjunlee? I never liked the dude to begin with and he lives in my area. The local riders even think of him quite harshly. But it wasn't until recently that a couple users began connecting the two accounts. Look, I am not one to cause trouble, but a flat ban due to one thread, off-topic as it may be, should not be the first response. It should be locking the thread, after telling people that it's gone off topic, to think about the things they posted, and reconsider their action in the future. If; Then many many others should be banned as well. As for my suggestion going forward. I do not think a permanent ban for an account and future accounts should ever be a first response to any account, regardless of the owner behind the monitor. I think that it should start as a 3 day ban, move to a 7 day ban upon second infraction, and then a month long ban. This community is and always will be a valuable resource for everyone in this hobby. It shouldn't prohibit a user simply because they don't get along with others. Just stop the topic from being derailed, and remind everyone the rules. It takes 2 people to cause an argument, and if only one account was banned do it "toxicity" then the other account that engaged in the argument hold just as much responsibility and should be equally punished.
  3. If I end up getting something like that, I'd go for the much cheaper zippo option. https://www.amazon.com/Zippo-Hand-Warmer-12-Hour-Chrome/dp/B013HLGTL2
  4. Esper

    My new Mten3!

    Personally, I weigh ~200 lbs and am very very carful not to jump curbs or put any extra force onto the axel. If you do ride it, it should be fine, but don't expect to be reaching top speed or to have the best range. I get about 18 mph top speed at my weight. You might get somewhere around 15-17.
  5. Esper

    My new Mten3!

    They are all white. For the shell, it's not difficult to open. Just be careful with all the wires, mine weren't that secure to the led strip. so they fell off. Unlike larger wheels which have inner and outter shells, this one is only one shell. The battery and control board are connected together, and there is just a few wires. Painting it, you'd want something that doesn't damage the integrity of plastic. There are paints that can make plastic brittle. So get one that's for plastic. Since the plastic itself is pretty smooth the paint might wear off from rubbing, so use a sealant coat over top of it. I have a vinyl cover over mine now. So it no longer looks black. I think I'm going to change the look each summer.
  6. I like this one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32830722831.html I'm looking at the metal one actually. I think I'll try that one unless you have a reason I should stay away from it.
  7. Nice! I measured at 14 mm diameter, and 6 mm tall.
  8. The charger cap snapped from repeated use a couple months back and I had a local friend print me a couple. They were a little small and I really had to squeeze them on there to stay. The first one popped off last week. The second one, it wasn't printed that well, and fell apart when I tried taking it off a few days ago. Right now I'm using a little plastic wrap with a rubber band. Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways I can cover the charger port that's removable? I was considering a plastic/rubber PVC Pipe.
  9. I've heard a lot of reports of Kingsong trolly handles breaking. Either it wont latch closed anymore, or the wire broke and the kill switch doesn't work anymore. I've seen reports of people that can't ride the wheel because it broke while they were holding that switch and now whenever it's turned on it doesn't balance. SO. MANY. ISSUES. But, I've never owned one, and these are just posts on this forum, on facebook, and emails I've seen that have been sent to eWheels in my very brief time working with Jason. I do know that internal trolly handles, or built in external trolly handles are all the weakest parts of any EUC that features those. External, aftermarket handles are generally stronger, and easier to replace if/when they break.
  10. To clarify. I don't need that part. I just need the bar to wrap a bike horn onto. Or maybe a flashlight as well. It only needs to be about 2 inches wide and the diameter of a quarter. How its attached to the glove can be either a bar coming from the middle or two bars coming down from the ends. Edit: I completely misunderstood all your posts! Adapters: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2941582https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1112473 I thought of a different, easier idea. What if I just give you the item in question and you can create a little adapter for it similar to the below picture. Then I can just buy a velcro strap and attach it to my wrist. You can use the second adapter I linked as an idea. The item I have is a little bike horn with a quick release clasp that the elastic band is attached to. The band goes around a bicycle handlebar.
  11. It appears that he really is gone now. I'm sad to see him gone.
  12. I agree with Marty. The IPS is not a good wheel. In my opinion, its a horrble wheel for adults. It's recommended weight capacity is that of a child. Anything larger and it will still run, but horribly inefficient. You want to get a wheel that is strong enough to take you to where you want to go while also being hearty enough to not break after a few falls. Personally would recommend a Inmotion V8 since it comes with a protective cover. But since you have the V10F, I'm not sure if getting the V8 would be a good idea. I honestly think you have a great starter as it stands.
  13. Adapter?? It's just a bar. I just want something like a handle bar on the wrist. Something light. How it's attached to the wrist? Maybe something like this but one end is the strap. Or maybe something like a Spade Handle?
  14. I'm looking for a wrist mount that has a bar so I can attach handle bar mounted things to it. Something similar to the GoPro Wrist Mount. Has anyone seen anything like that?
  15. You gonna go? I get off at 5, and don't know if I want to stick around for over an hour to attend.
  16. Hi there. If you have it, I'd post to the facebook group(s) since it's more active. If not, there is one tomorrow, meets at 6pm at Redmond City Hall Lobby.
  17. If stores remove the availability of them from public access, it only creates an underground market for them. Pirating is just that. In my opinion, what they are doing is beyond stupid. It's like selling a car in an area without gas stations stupid. This is why you backup everything digital you want to keep.
  18. I think it's all a public image thing. The public is upset and want the police to do something so they are.
  19. I think an analog/digital circuit switch is a brilliant idea and exactly what I was thinking of. That's how sailboats work. They have multiple rechargeable marine batteries hooked to analog switches. You can go to the battery and "connect" them to battery A, battery B or Both. While connected it's attached to the engine and can charge. The reason they do this is so that you don't accidentally kill all your batteries while at sea. What if we could have an internal sensor monitor the batteries and switch to the higher voltage one and then activate both when they are equal? Would that be too difficult?
  20. I hear ya, but I'll never use this over my cast iron. My InstaPot is arriving Friday.
  21. Apparently it qualifies as an electric bicycle... and only 300 charges?? that's really lame.
  22. I still think that if there are 2, 3, 4, even 5 sets of batteries, a normal person would think of taking out all the batteries and replacing all of them at once. If you have a remote for your TV at home that dies, you don't just replace 1 of the 4 batteries. I feel like common sense would say that they'd replace both of the dead batteries with fresh ones. In the case of equalizing, why not just make the wheel be able to run on 1 battery if only 1 is plugged in, have external battery chargers, individual battery gauge lights, and if there are 2 batteries plugged in, it can pull from both at the same time after, lets say a 20 second boot sequence that measures the batteries. I mean, I can think of solutions for this idea and I am not even in this profession. If you and I can think of ideas to prevent possible failure points at a stage at which it's not even invented, I think the designers of the product can think of theses things as well and it'll turn out fine. None of this takes away from my desire to still have hot swap batteries. EUC manufacturers, if you're reading this, please make it a thing, I really want this to be a thing. Just don't make the batteries disposable for extra money in your pockets.
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