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  1. Esper

    Publuc transit

    If a bus driver asks what it is as you step onto the bus, say its a suitcase. Where I live a bus driver said 'is that one of those things that catch on fire?' I just walked past him and ignored his question because I wanted to go home.
  2. Well @Hunka Hunka Burning Love on the website it does say accurate to 5 meters. What my biggest concern is size. A lot of GPS trackers I've seen are really large. This is the smallest one with a little flexibility. There has to be multiple places you can stuff this thing. But removability to charge it would be a factor.
  3. Is there anything that you'd like to add @Hunka Hunka Burning Love?
  4. Esper

    Banned inside buildings?

    I hope it all works out well for you. The last option you can do if the need really comes to it, is to put it into a suitcase and just set it next to your desk. IIRC you can't do bag searches in the city of Seattle unless there is cause for a crime, ie; bomb/drug sniffing dogs, or metal detector/x-ray machine. Or if there is a warrant.
  5. If you are concerned about theft of your wheel due to certain circumstances, you should consider getting a GPS tracker installed in your wheel. I've thought about this numerous times and I feel that since the cost of these wheels are rising as is the popularity, theft is an issue to be concerned with. I personally would not want a wheel of mine to get stolen and if it does I would want a means to recover it. This thread is to promote among ourselves a way of aftermarket modding our wheels to protect ourselves against loss. Share ideas on how to securely lock, mod, or track your wheel in the event that you have to leave it unattended. I'd like to share with you guys this one I've recently found online that looks small enough to insert into the shell of a wheel. https://www.sherlock.bike/en/
  6. Esper

    Smash 'N Grab EUC theft from vehicle!

    I hope you get it back or the money its valued at. It's strange that only your wheel was taken because the market to resell them is very niche. They won't get very far with it. I'd keep a lookout on the popular theft markets like Craigslist and OfferUp. Also expand the search on those mediums to cities outside your immediate area. I once saw a youtube video of a guy that had a bike stolen in seattle and recovered it in portland on craigslist a month later. Another bit of insight. People that steal high value things like this typically have it sit somewhere for a month before they try to sell it. So just because you can't find it in the first week doesn't mean it's gone for good. On another note. It may be a good idea for people that live/work in an area of car prowls and theft to place a gps tracker inside their wheel. These wheels are valuable and small enough to walk away with.
  7. Esper

    The Photo Thread

    Took this while camping at Diablo Lake in Washington. I have many more if anyone is interested in seeing these pictures.
  8. Esper

    Banned inside buildings?

    On a very offtopic question. How does it improve your abs? I've ridden an EUC for over a year and I've gained weight. My abs went from looking nice to not existing. I felt like it hardly used any muscles at all to maneuver.
  9. I am no programmer, but I thought it would be easy to implement. If it requires actual approval, wouldn't that defeat the 'Private' part of private message? I have no idea how this runs or how to make it better except for voice my thoughts and ideas. As you mentioned, that rep may not be a good idea after all.
  10. Esper

    Banned inside buildings?

    Oh maaannn, how I would just love to go in there and scuff it up with SHOES! You know how dumb that idea is in a office building? That floor wont stay white for long. If there is a wheelchair ramp then they allow wheeled things. As far as deliveries go, you could use the entrance they use.
  11. what if we put a captcha on messages? then allow only one every 5 minutes for people under 100 rep? with a limit of 5/day?
  12. Esper

    Android Forum App

    It's faster, for sure. I don't know why, but my browser app sucks.
  13. Esper

    Android Forum App

    I was looking around on the Google play store to see if there was a good app that I could use to access this forum in a nice easy way. I downloaded 3 or 4 and one of them actually connected with the website. It's called 'Forum Talker' and it's free but had an ad banner. I have the option to buy the pro version for a few dollars, but before I did, I wanted to see if anyone else has an app they use.
  14. Esper

    Banned inside buildings?

    Based on your location, and when you get off work, I'd let you store it at my work. But it would only be worth it if you worked within a block or two of me.
  15. Esper

    Banned inside buildings?

    Hey bud, I also work in Seattle, and I've already done the research along the lines of laws. So far, this is the only thing I've come across https://app.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=46.61.710 As for working in a building that doesn't allow it. I worked as a courier and did deliveries to MOST of the buildings in Seattle. None of which have ever mentioned anything to me about having the wheel in their buildings. Now, the only building I have gone into that had the guy ask what it was is the Vulcan building next to International District Station. And the security guy basically said 'oh that's pretty cool' If you really want to get into the meat of it. I can look up a contact in the fire department and see if it is an actual issue. But I really think that your boss is just being a huge dick. As @kasenutty said. I would like to know what company or even building it is that has this rule.