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  1. Esper

    The Mileage Poll

    It shows up in a second tab, or I can export it to a spreadsheet. Edit: I updated the second question to add Brand as a checkbox. Edit 2: Tested and wiped records so that the data is accurate.
  2. Esper

    The Mileage Poll

    I decided to make that for you, I can add/remove/edit questions or make you a collaborator so you can do it (email needed) https://goo.gl/forms/uAHPuOoZ1ujt0L7f1
  3. Esper

    Electric Scooter Classifications

    I know I'm going off topic here but.. I disagree with the entire debate between your definitions. Originally, you said you could beat Darrell in a race of a quarter mile. That's 1320 ft. Darrell said he could beat you in a 360 ft race. You are both correct here. Even I could outrun a 20 mph top speed bike in a short sprint. Anything much more excessive than 320 ft is typically an endurance run. Most marathon runners go an average of 11 mph with the winners usually averaging ~14. Those are marathons are usually 30 or so miles, perhaps more. If a 20 mph bike is in a race with a runner that can go faster than 20 mph, then the runner will win until the runner gets tired and slows down. If a 20 mph bike is in a long distance marathon race with a world champion winner of a distance of about 50 miles (with hills) then the runner might win based on the battery size of the bike. The bike will certainly get further faster, but then slow down and die, at which point the runner will pass. Or are we simply arguing definitions of words here instead of the original proposal? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1120474/Man-RACES-Tube-Mansion-House-Cannon-Street-WINS.html _____________ On to classifications. I think a 3 number or letter system works well. 10 classes is too much. It makes me think of lasers. I think it can be developed into a system similar to the ingress protection rating. first number would be top speed, second would be motor size, third number could be durability. The definitions for the numbers can be decided upon later but wheel size should not be in a classification because of how easy it is to change a tire size.
  4. I sold it. If you view the Dualtron II EX thread you will see the problems I've had with it and why I got rid of it. Long story short, it doesn't hold up well for daily commuting with high temperatures and bad roads. I sold it to someone that will use it for a hobby rather than to get to work.
  5. Esper

    What Belongs Here

    Yes, it is here.
  6. Esper

    Dualtron II EX

    It's more like, the city's construction is so prevalent that even if there were street sweepers (which there aren't) it would still be bad. Some towns/cities have street sweepers but they are not very widespread around here. I've seen them, but not in the main city,
  7. Esper

    Hit by speeding car on Z10

    That's all well and good, but why not just use a yellow light like most service vehicles? Tow Trucks, large Flatbed trucks, etc. People notice and move for them just as often.
  8. Esper

    Dualtron II EX

    If I had a tubeless tire, I might have had less of an issue. But the very first flat I had was a large screw I ran over. A tubeless tire still gets a flat in that regard. The biggest factor of preventing flat tires for me would be the ability to travel on rougher terrain in order to avoid the streets that are littered with broken glass, needles, nails, screws, metal scraps, and other sharp objects. These potentially tire popping items clutter the bike paths, street shoulders, and sidewalks in my area. If I worked in a different area and didn't have to commute through all that garbage, I would probably have gone years without a flat. A tubeless tire can have a much higher tire pressure. This tire pressure helps give your tire the 'anti-puncture' quality you experience. If you have a top end, extremely well made, kevlar reinforced, tubeless tire, you would have no problem with the issues I had as long as you kept the tire pressure up to snuff. I saw that and really wanted it. But with my experience, I had only 2 flats of the 10 or so caused by overheating. I would have gotten it, had I the money to spend on the fender instead of inner tube repairs/replacements. I wish the manufacturer had thought of the overheating factor in the design stage so I wouldn't have to buy an aftermarket part. Obviously the times at which people would want to ride the scooters are during hot sunny days in the middle of summer. So with the pavement reaching upwards of 50°C, along with the motor temp, and low airflow, you can expect the tire's air pressure to get pretty high and cause some problems.
  9. Esper

    Dualtron II EX

    I don't believe I got a 'Lemon' as there was nothing wrong with it. The machine worked well for everything it went through. I used it as a commuter vehicle though, which put me at 20 miles a day. My longest distance ride was about 35 miles on a hot day. My issues were from bad road conditions and overheating the tire/motor from the less than 1 inch space between the rear fender and the tire. If there was a different fender, I'm sure I would have had less overheating issues. With the road conditions, all I could do was wait until the city decided to fix the sidewalks, roads, and other issues. I sold mine, but I would definitely get another one. Probably an Ultra with the offroad tires. The Ultra looks like there is much more air flow on the rear wheel to cool it down.
  10. Welcome to the forum. I hope I can be of help. I owned a Dualtron scooter for a while and it does just as you want. I am a 200 lb man and my old scooter had no issues causing tire spin in dirt. It was a blast to ride and I enjoyed every moment of it. I would recommend them 100% as a recreational device. As a daily commuter, I can say it wouldn't be worth it. The version of Dualtron you get will affect the speed, torque, and range you have. The one I had used two 800w motors and has a control board that can let you select how touchy the motor is (acceleration). Specifically pick one with enough clearance on both wheels to allow for heat dissipation. Other than it being a fun machine. Maintenance can be a minor problem and might require some Q&A with other owners. Such as, how to change the tire or fix a flat.
  11. I would love to start seeing capacities in the 5 kwh (5000 wh) or more range. Again, I'd prefer anything new to have interternally prebuilt hot swap battery packs. Regardless of size, the ability to carry one or two spare batteries would be a step in the right direction. Additionally, having a heat shield between the battery and the rest of the wheel would be a great idea too. Then, if a battery catastrophically fails and causes a fire, it won't damage the entire wheel and can be repaired easier.
  12. Imposible ideas? Well I have a bunch but let's just say they may be possible but in a few decades. New power cells that don't have airplane restrictions but also come at a 3000% capacity improvement. Think Ion batteries from scifi. Hot swap batteries. Wouldn't it be nice to have a modular battery pack between all models of the same size/manufacturer that allowed you to change and swap batteries on the fly? You can just buy several battery packs and even buy wheels without the battery pack if you already have some. How about modular foot plates? Various sizes, grip types, angles, padding. All the same size fitting across all wheels so that you can swap them easily. I'd LOVE the idea for a running sound effect that can be customizable. My personal favorite, the Jetson's car sound while moving about the city. A digital tire pressure indicator. Either in machine or app exported. Lastly, and this is esthetic AF, LED animations with some wheels. These are my ideas that I would love to see. Some can be worked on now. Others may take a lot of time. The most important one I'd love to see is the hot swap battery pack idea. If Gotway rolled out all their new wheels with a hard wired, slotable battery, that used 2 screws to prevent it from sliding back out, and these battery packs were the same size and shape across all of their wheels. They would dominate all competition. You can just buy 2 or 3 batteries of the largest capacity, and get wheels without the batteries. When you run low, swap it out. If you want to use another wheel, just attach your battery. Obviously some larger wheels, such as the monster, could have more than one battery slot which can extend the range, and are delivered with an empty, removable cover plate in case you only want to use one battery pack to ride instead of 4. MAKE THIS A FEATURE GOTWAY!!
  13. It's an anti spam feature. So we don't get random people making accounts messaging each person trying to sell them something, you know, like facebook.
  14. Esper

    What Did Santa Bring For Christmas?!

    Late post, I got myself a nice backpack that can fit my Mten3 inside. It's called a Brain Bag by Tom Bihn. Comes with a lifetime warranty too which is awesome.