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  1. You gonna go? I get off at 5, and don't know if I want to stick around for over an hour to attend.
  2. Hi there. If you have it, I'd post to the facebook group(s) since it's more active. If not, there is one tomorrow, meets at 6pm at Redmond City Hall Lobby.
  3. If stores remove the availability of them from public access, it only creates an underground market for them. Pirating is just that. In my opinion, what they are doing is beyond stupid. It's like selling a car in an area without gas stations stupid. This is why you backup everything digital you want to keep.
  4. I think it's all a public image thing. The public is upset and want the police to do something so they are.
  5. I think an analog/digital circuit switch is a brilliant idea and exactly what I was thinking of. That's how sailboats work. They have multiple rechargeable marine batteries hooked to analog switches. You can go to the battery and "connect" them to battery A, battery B or Both. While connected it's attached to the engine and can charge. The reason they do this is so that you don't accidentally kill all your batteries while at sea. What if we could have an internal sensor monitor the batteries and switch to the higher voltage one and then activate both when they are equal? Would that be too difficult?
  6. I hear ya, but I'll never use this over my cast iron. My InstaPot is arriving Friday.
  7. Apparently it qualifies as an electric bicycle... and only 300 charges?? that's really lame.
  8. I still think that if there are 2, 3, 4, even 5 sets of batteries, a normal person would think of taking out all the batteries and replacing all of them at once. If you have a remote for your TV at home that dies, you don't just replace 1 of the 4 batteries. I feel like common sense would say that they'd replace both of the dead batteries with fresh ones. In the case of equalizing, why not just make the wheel be able to run on 1 battery if only 1 is plugged in, have external battery chargers, individual battery gauge lights, and if there are 2 batteries plugged in, it can pull from both at the same time after, lets say a 20 second boot sequence that measures the batteries. I mean, I can think of solutions for this idea and I am not even in this profession. If you and I can think of ideas to prevent possible failure points at a stage at which it's not even invented, I think the designers of the product can think of theses things as well and it'll turn out fine. None of this takes away from my desire to still have hot swap batteries. EUC manufacturers, if you're reading this, please make it a thing, I really want this to be a thing. Just don't make the batteries disposable for extra money in your pockets.
  9. How does this work? Wouldn't you have to normally detach a battery before plugging in the second? In what scenario have you seen someone plug in a fresh battery and something go up in flames? The only way I could possibly see this happening is if the polarities are crossed and the electricity within the battery pack short circuited and caused a spark or flame. This doesn't happen if you plug in a new battery into a laptop or into a phone. This doesn't happen when you replace the battery in a car. The battery pack would be a closed system with special grooves and edges to insure it placed inside your device the proper way. ie; cordless power tools. In order to place this new second battery into your device you would need to stop, get off, turn off your device, then remove the battery that's almost dead, and place the new one that's charged inside the device, turn the device back on, then get on and keep riding.
  10. In what sense do you mean for "two batteries with different voltages"? because the way I imagine hot swap is something like this. Like the way many cordless tools work, have a battery encased in a plastic container with a clip in feature making it a hot swap battery. Have an entire unit, not a pack like a bunch of 18650 loose in your bag. I have no idea what you're imagining. Maybe you can describe it for me. To add onto my idea, since maybe I haven't mentioned it before. Each brand wheel would have their own battery pack shape and size. A 100v pack would be different from a normal 84v battery pack in shape so It would be very difficult for an "everyday person" to mess up on accident. Just like plugging in a 8v drill battery into a 12v drill. They don't fit.
  11. There is this cool invention that a lot of people down there use. It's called a generator. It consumes gasoline or diesel and converts it into watts. Some cars have lighter sockets that you can attach DC to AC power inverters. There is also another alternative that some cars have where they automatically have outlets.
  12. I think this particular question has been asked multiple times over the years and a few times in this forum. In every single one I say the same thing and I'll keep on saying it until it becomes a reality. !HOT SWAP BATTERIES!
  13. Ok, now I'm gonna have to get one. I've been eyeballing these guys for years now. Congratulations you two, you broke me.
  14. Spanish Rice! Ingredients; 4 cups of uncooked rice (jasmine preferred) 1 can roasted red pepper tomatoes, 1 can tomato sauce, 1 can diced tomato green chili pepper, 1 quart beef/chicken broth, Olive oil, Coat bottom of pan with olive oil and heat over medium, Add uncooked rice and fry until brown and has a nutty aroma, Add tomato sauce and fry for an additional minute stirring until rice is red, Pour in broth and the canned tomatoes, heat until boiling, then reduce heat to warm and cover. Let it cook for 5-10 minutes until rice absorbs all the broth and it's fluffy.
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