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  1. I noticed @Julian Alvarez also lived in the area. So if you'd like to join in on any local group rides, they are posted across multiple facebook pages but I and one other record them into our calendar, tinyurl.com/SeattleEventsCalendar
  2. Esper

    V8 + Dog + Squirrel = First Crash

    I know a guy on Vashon that owns a pack of huskies. He is in a wheelchair and uses them as his transport. I think there are 5 dogs and he ties them to his chair. Once in a while he gets on a bus and you can see how obedient the big dogs are. His tip when I asked him how he trains them was, he sits on their head for a minute to show dominance like other huskies do..
  3. Esper

    V8 + Dog + Squirrel = First Crash

    So, why don't you use one of those retractable leashes? At least you will get a little more of a warning before the pupper reaches the end and pulls it out of your hand.
  4. This one time during this past summer I was traveling down a road, speed limit 30, with my Dualtron at max speed. A truck to my right, at a stop sign, didn't stop and almost ran into me, I blasted my little siren right at him while giving him a 'wtf are you doing you moron' look. This pissed off driver, so impatient, wanted to pass me. Again, speed limit is 30, and I'm going about 38. This dude goes full on in the other lane and tried to pass me but his truck is old and has hardly any decent acceleration, took him a while to pass and get in front of me. By the time he did we were sitting at a stop sign together. I passed him again and he was trying to pass me again, swerving through the street avoiding oncoming traffic. He eventually passed me, only to take a left turn about 10 seconds later. Honestly. His efforts were pointless because he wasn't going that far and I was going faster than cars should go on that street anyways. I was almost tempted to take a left and follow him.
  5. I see you found our fellow forum member. Here is his personal thread if you want to give it a follow.
  6. Esper

    Dualtron penetration in US market

    I'm happy for you. I had a Dualtron for a few months and loved it! The downside for me was that the area I live in is not well maintained and beat my scooter to hell. I ended up with 10 flat tires over the course of a month and a half. I sold it because the cost of maintenance was exceeding the expected cost. I hope you and no one else ever experiences what I went through. I will most likely buy another one in about 10 years. I'll wait for road conditions to get better and stronger, more reliable scooters to come into the market.
  7. Esper

    Handling the Elements: Wind

    If you are going against the wind and with the wind you can ride pretty reasonably. When you come over the top of a hill and the wind blows against you, the sudden shift can throw you off balance. The worst experience I've come across was going down a road in the city and getting smacked with a cross wind as I left the shelter of the building I was next to. As soon as I passed the edge of the building and entered into the street, the strong wind almost knocked me off. On that day it was much safer for me to just get off and walk the remaining distance. Of all weather conditions; Rain, Snow, Wind, Drought, etc, I find that wind is the most problematic for me. The next would be really high heat waves. They've caused me a number of problems this past summer. Overheated wheels and blown tires. @z3n makes a great point though. An umbrella would be a great object to avoid. But if the wind is blowing the direction you're going, you might be able to just use a normal skateboard and either a kite or an umbrella to tow you along. You'd need a way to stop and slow down though.
  8. Esper

    Anything around for $500

    I would recommend the Ninebot C+ It is an awesome and durable starting wheel. You quickly outgrow it though. It is what I started with and I taught 3 people to ride on it. Sold it to my boss actually.
  9. Esper

    Bright Paint Job

    Well damn I'll learn to do it myself at that price! Edit: I found a website. I'm reading it now, https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-Electroluminescent-EL-Paint/ Edit 2: It is quite expensive for the ingredients to do it myself. I'll look into different stores I can buy the electroluminescent phosphor. Another time maybe...
  10. Ah. yes, Offroad. I used mine offroad for a little while this past weekend. It worked fine for me. I'm not gonna be able to hit the huge bumps as easy or fast as a larger wheel. I think for the range it offers, it works well for me in an urban setting. It is super fun to ride and yes there are much better wheels for more money, but I'm actually suggesting a wheel within the budget OP has set. For wheels in that budget range, we have the lower end Ninebots, a Luffy, a couple IPS wheels and maybe some used wheels of higher range, I'm sure there is a Rockwheel in there too we can fit as well as this Gotway Mten3. Of those, I'd either go for the Mten3, a higher end used wheel, or a rockwheel if there is one in that budget range. I think there is also a solowheel glide 3 or solowheel extreme in that range too.
  11. Esper

    Dualtron Thunder

    There are several groups in my own area, one for EUC, one for One Wheel, a couple for E-skate. I found the best way to have event listings is through a public Google Calendar. Here is ours Tinyurl.com/SeattleEventsCalendar If you'd like help setting up your own, just let me know.
  12. Esper

    Gotway Tesla Key Ignition Mod Anti Theft

    It also varies on neighborhood, region, season, and population. My findings are not for everyone everywhere. But from what I've seen firsthand in my area. People here steal for illogical reasons or perhaps just because they want to. Back where I lived as a child, nobody locked their doors to their house or car. People never stole from anyone because the town was so small you knew everyone's parents and children. In an area like that, you could leave a $200,000 car running, unattended and come back with it turned off, locked, and a note saying, "I turned off your car for you so you don't waste gas"
  13. Esper

    Gotway Tesla Key Ignition Mod Anti Theft

    Well. I've seen people steal doormats. They are practically worthless outside of wiping your feet on them. I've seen people steal signs, the ones that say "open house" or even "vote for initiative ABC" I've seen people steal glow sticks. Not something useful in all sense. I've even seen people break into cars to steal clothing. We cannot begin to understand why someone steals something, but keeping something hidden is the first step to security. If you can't keep it hidden, keep it with you. If both of those are not an option, keep it within the eyes of the public, but the public doesn't know who it belongs to and a person skilled with a lockpick can get through it with ease. Most people these days walk around looking at their phone hardly observant of the world. If they aren't looking at their phone, then they might see someone fiddling with the lock but that person doesn't know if it belongs to the person messing with the lock or someone else and keeps walking. The worst thing you can do it to lock something up in a place no one can see them. These thieves don't care if there is a camera there recording their actions because they will be long gone by the time someone gets there or even views the recording. They will be on their way to try and pawn off whatever they have before you even realize it has been stolen. I'm not an expert in this field and I don't claim to know everything. But I am not ignorant to these people. I know what they do and how they do it. Confidence is their mask as someone that looks like that know what their doing will hardly be interrupted by a person passing by. I keep my things near me if it has a high value and can be stolen. If it is stolen, a GPS transceiver within the machine would be the best option.
  14. Esper

    Does anyone know the history of EUCs?

    But I did as you said and gave "the specific search instructions" only moments after the post you quoted. While I admit that I was a bit frustrated that I see people ask the same question again so recently after it has already been answered, I did still supply an instruction to the search feature as well as what to type in it to find the desired text. Is this not the proper way to teach a person about the benefits of the search feature for questions beyond the original question? Perhaps I was not as efficient in my posts as I could have been.