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  1. I've posted a craigslist ad just a moment ago. I'll update here if it sells.
  2. Esper

    Unboxing of 1 TB USB3 external HD

    Wow, that's neat. I don't believe it would work well with my desktop. It doesn't have a bluetooth or wifi transceiver.
  3. Esper

    Dualtron II EX

    Currently, I am looking at a Piaggio MP3. For tires, I have only tried the Solid Rubber tire. I do need a new tire, and I asked @Jason McNeil via email about it. They (minimotors) don't have off-road tires for the Dualtron 2. Also, if anyone knows how to adjust the suspension and can share a how-to video. I'd appreciate it. I think I may be a little on the heavier side and the suspension may be bottoming out.
  4. Esper

    Unboxing of 1 TB USB3 external HD

    Nice! I have 2 external HDs. One is the same brand as yours, the other is a plug and play with a encryption from Buffalo. https://www.wdc.com/products/external-storage/wd-elements-desktop.html https://www.buffalotech.com/products/ministation-extreme-nfc
  5. Esper


    There is an option to do that automatically. Right click on your taskbar and click on 'show windows side by side' and if you have windows 10, there is a button to show multiple desktops, so that way if you want to just open up a browser and search something without having multiple programs open (which would affect the 'show side by side' feature) you can click on that button. I feel like you may already know this, but in case you didn't, I hope this helps.
  6. Esper

    Dualtron II EX

    For every instance of a flat, they happened at significant speed. It is hard to notice but the back end felt 'slippery' as if it had been coated in oil. Going in a straight line I would never notice, but in a turn you feel it. I never had an issue with my front tire. As of this moment, I still have not taken any tool to the front tire except putting slime in the tube and inflating it again. The instance where my inner tube popped, I was going about 30-35 in the street. The wheel went flat, I looked behind me and saw green goo everywhere. I slowed down then went onto the sidewalk. The instance where my solid rubber 'exploded' I had been going about 5 mph because the tire was significantly deformed. One side was bulging out and was clearly larger than normal. After it reached a critical stress point, it popped with a really loud bang. Similar to a balloon popping sound. Went to the sidewalk, laid the scooter down then snapped those pictures I posted. ALSO I had another puncture yesterday on my way home. (my luck right?) But this time I was saved by Slime!! It appeared to be a small piece of metal about as thick and small as a staple but flattened out. It was lodged into the tire, and I inspected the tire halfway home. (I know what a tire feels like when it is not 100% inflated now without even looking) After my inspection I confirmed that the wheel was a little softer than normal so I took it easy the rest of the way home. I took the wheel apart, pulled the inner tube out and was confronted with a tire that had be flooded with slime (I think i've gone through 3 bottles of slime at this point) I rinsed out the tire and noticed the metal piece that I described just a moment ago. I removed it with pliers, patched the tube, and put it all back together. This marks the 8th flat I've had since receiving this scooter. Someone please buy this from me.. I want something else now...
  7. Esper

    The Photo Thread

    Taken on my way to work this morning. There are wildfires on the other side of the mountains sending smoke into the air. The air is currently filled with smoke and this is the sun piercing through the dark clouds of ash.
  8. Esper

    What is the smallest EUC?

    You are more handy than I am @Hunka Hunka Burning Love If you make a build tutorial and place it on youtube, I'll follow it.
  9. Esper

    What is the smallest EUC?

    Can I build it myself ?
  10. Sorry for misunderstanding. Yes for sure, I'll include you in any events that may pop up.
  11. Esper

    What is the smallest EUC?

    Yes, but it looks fantastic if I only use it on sidewalks! @Hunka Hunka Burning Love Where can I buy it, and how much?
  12. Esper

    Ninebot ES2 + rain

    I'd like to answer this in the best way I can. According to this fact sheet the Ninebot ES2 has an IP rating of IP54. IP means ingress protection. The first number is solids, being 5 it says it is has dust 'protection' meaning dust can enter but would not be sufficient enough to cause problems. The second number is liquids, being 4 means it is protected against occasional splashes of water such as light rain or riding through a shallow puddle. But if left in the rain for a long duration it could fail. Water 'proof' is at level IPx7, IPx8 or IPx9. Proof being submersible in water at depth for an extended duration of time. 7 means one meter at 30 minutes. 8 is beyond one meter, and 9 is direct powerful high temperature blasts of water. IN EXAMPLE a pressure washer on high with hot water.
  13. I'm not sure how well a 3 hour car drive would sit with people that are hardly able to drive 10 minutes to a park 10 miles away. But thank you for the offer @outcast00096
  14. Esper

    Ninebot ES2

    Well, the hornit is the size of a small bike flashlight and has a plug in button that can be placed almost anywhere within the reach of the cable. If you want something really small, there is this ring bell I saw. I use the Hornit on my Dualtron 2 EX. which is an electric scooter just like you. The cable is long enough to go around the thicker steering column.
  15. Esper

    Dualtron II EX

    I think I mentioned it in an earlier post. But about 2 miles of bike lanes, 2 trails for about 4 miles, a bridge, a steep hill, a few blocks of some really badly damaged roads filled with cracks and potholes. Basically, a city. The first time I had a flat it was under pressure. After that first flat it has been at 45 psi for all other instances except for when I was using the solid tire.