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  1. Esper

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    I think you missed mine. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sarcasm I linked my referral code as if replying with feign concern.
  2. Esper

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    https://wn.nr/EXxzkE doesn't look suspicious at all. It is a friend referral link to get bonus entries. Also, why is there a banana being used to mash that keyboard?
  3. Esper

    Hit by speeding car on Z10

    In most cases of sidewalk riding I've done I don't see many cars crossing them. Also, most of my riding is done in a city where there is hardly any parking for cars anyways. The only real crossings you're describing are few and far between. A parking garage in most cases. In the areas I ride outside of the city on sidewalks, the suburbs, there are, as you mention, a lot of personal driveways from house garage to street, but these are not always busy. Occasionally I get a car that wants to cross, but perhaps once in a month period or more. In the instance where there are many parking lots with a lot of traffic, such as a market center or a mall, it would be easier to just avoid the areas where you have problems. It isn't as if going around inconveniences you much with the speed of some of these wheels. In the suburban setting where there is a driveway every 80 ft or so, I'll ride along the side of the street only because going up and down all those driveway curbs slows me down a lot. But these streets are not very busy at all and I don't have to worry about getting hit on an empty road. I know that not everyone's town/city is going to be the same as others, but it's best to be seen or heard as much as possible when navigating the streets and sidewalks. People these days are oblivious to everything because their eyes are glued to their phone. When in crowded areas, slow down. Going slow isn't gonna kill ya, it's going fast that can. Whatever important business you're rushing to, leave 15 minutes earlier so you can enjoy your ride a little longer by going slower. There isn't really any need to shoot off like a rocket everywhere you go and doing that can seriously shorten your lifespan.
  4. Esper

    My new Mten3!

    I used paint. No vinyl at all. Though, wrapping vinyl on the mten3 will be easy enough. You dont have to worry about the handle that much as the outside panels cover that part. As for the inside part, just stretch the vinyl around it into a nice snug fit, let it sit to cool off, then cut it off with an exacto knife where it doesnt fit right. The entire shell is 2 pieces with two cover panels, The process should be easier once you get the wheel and take it apart.
  5. Esper

    Another Example of Slime Saving the Day

    I want to put Slime in my wheel but it's a tubeless Mten3. Is there anything I should know about adding Slime to tubeless tires?
  6. Esper

    WheelLog Android App

    It will keep the data as well as the battery percentage. I learned this from turning off the wheel after a long ride and charging it. In the morning I turned on my wheel and checked the battery status and it said 16% I restarted the app and it went to 100%
  7. Esper

    Dvorak keyboard.

    I decided that I am going to convert to a new keyboard layout. This will be an exceptionally hard challenge for me because I've used computers every day of my life since I was about 10 years old. I've heard many things about this keyboard layout and wanted to give it a go. I will use this new layout for the next year and periodically post here about my difficulties. Since I've never learned the way "school" was supposed to have me type, I figured I might as well give it a shot. I can type proficiently without the standard keyboard finger positions using just two fingers from each hand. It actually makes sense that it would be easier for me to type this way because not all of the buttons are in a position that flows with minimal movement. The standard Qwerty keyboard was in place so that the buttons in sequence would be on the opposite side of the keyboard to prevent the bars of typewriters from hitting one another and causing a jam. Here is a website that I will be using to learn as well as my normal emails I send at work. This will be a challenge indeed. https://learn.dvorak.nl/
  8. Esper

    Does anyone know the history of EUCs?

    Everyone has their own methods. Mine allows someone on this forum to learn the search feature and not only gain information about the "history of EUC" but also anything else they with to know that is within this thread. With answering every question that is within easy reach to get yourself, you are giving that person an expectation to be able to start a new thread asking every question. It would be like every question that was asked about the Ninebot Z10 was asked in a new thread. But instead we have a 100+ page thread with all the questions. Someone looking for a specific answer for that would have to sift through over 100 pages to find the answer. IN THAT CASE it would be easier to give the answer. But if the question was asked in a new thread and the answer is on the next page? That is obviously no effort put into looking into it themself. If the information takes less time to search for than typing the answer, I'd rather tell the person to go look for it themself. It may seem harsh, but the world is a harsh place. When you fall on an EUC you don't expect the ground to apologize for hurting you. The information has been compiled at least once before from other places on the forum. Which, also, was only asked about a month prior to this same question being asked on this specific thread. It's like your neighbor asking you for a recipe for lunch, then next week, the neighbor's brother (who lives in the same house) asks for the same recipe. The information is there. you just need to open your eyes and look rather than asking everyone to do everything for you.
  9. Esper

    Does anyone know the history of EUCs?

    A person that knows how to read is much better than a person that doesn't yet asks everyone around them to read signs and tell them what they say. It is better that a person knows how to find the information themself than to rely on other people, especially for information that is easy to find. Were this some cryptic message buried deep within vast amounts of data that would require months to sift through, I would provide an answer if it were readily available or at least help search for the answer. Clearly you disagree, but my method is used in all schools across the world. A teacher doesn't freely give an answer, they explain how to find the answer and let the student work it out. Unless you truly believe an old dog can't learn new tricks?
  10. Esper

    Comics, Puns, and Bad Jokes!

    Here is a comic to start us off!