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  1. Esper

    Meeting the p.officer today :)

    I wish my encounters were that casual. Here people just avoid me. For the few times people do ask questions or interact with me, it's either some really shady guy asking the price, or some person yelling at me to get off the sidewalk. I do get the very rare inquiry about how difficult it is to learn, but those are maybe once or twice a year.
  2. Esper

    GoPro Hero7 GPS issue?

    I find this guy's opinion(s) useful in my tech decisions. I'm sorry you're having issues. I would recommend getting the Insta360 that many forum members use.
  3. Esper

    The perfect EUC?

    I have one thing to say. Hot Swap Battery Packs That is all.
  4. It's not your equipment that matters, it's how you use it. At least, that's what I'm always told.
  5. Hey @Murphy Roeder or @FJ Catherine Abaya, Do either of you think you can help out @prasket with finding some local rides in Downtown?
  6. Esper

    Orb Wheel x2

    What I personally would do if I were you. Learn to ride. Get some distance in. get protection gear. then sell the wheel after a few months to a friend that wants to learn and buy a more powerful wheel. Upgrades and modifications are great for wheels you intend to keep for over a year. With starter wheels, those are good for learning and teaching others. You don't want to mess around with them too much or you will just end up throwing money away when it breaks. Cheap wheels are cheap.
  7. Esper

    Collision with a cyclist

    Damn dude. I thought Canadians were nice people. Your story sounds like the bicyclists here in Seattle. The guys here weave through traffic, bomb hills, run red lights, swear at everyone, and are a general danger to anyone not in a car (including themselves). I'm sorry for your experience. You should carry a stick with you next time and toss it into their spokes, or something.
  8. Esper

    The Photo Thread

    Anyone got a picture of John? I wanna see what The Man, The Legend, @John Eucist looks like when riding his wheel(s).
  9. It's because you're new. This limitation is not for bots, but for real people attempting to solicit to members on this forum. A human verification would not work against that. Take a look at the introduction page and view the rules as well. Also, if you took a few minutes to just scroll down this page you will see that there are many many posts already available that you can look at without needing to create your own to ask the same question that's been asked. It will save you time to read what has already been posted rather than waiting over a week for someone to respond to you with answers that are available just below your own post. Just a thought.
  10. Some pictures of various group rides over the last weekend.
  11. With that being said. Here are some local meetups. Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 2 PM – 8 PM Redmond City Hall Lobby, 15670 NE 85th St, Redmond, Washington 98052 Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 6 PM Redmond City Hall Lobby, 15670 NE 85th St, Redmond, Washington 98052 Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 4 PM – 9 PM Tukwila Community Center, 12424 42nd Ave S, Tukwila, WA 98168 Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 11 AM – 8 PM Spruce Railroad Trail, Port Angeles, WA 98363 Saturday, July 13, 2019 at 9 AM – 7 PM Redmond City Hall Lobby, 15670 NE 85th St, Redmond, Washington 98052
  12. Well that is why I used the calendar. You can connect to it and can sync it directly to your phone's calendar so you can see if anyone is planning a meetup. If you want admin privileges, (or anyone else wants it) I'd be happy to add you. But there needs to be other people that add events from the facebook page(s) to the calendar. I can't do it all on my own and no one on this forum or the facebook pages want to pitch in and help. I obviously won't keep it maintained by myself forever especially if it gets to the point where there are multiple group rides a day and I myself hardly participate in them. EUC group riding is a SOCIAL EVENT and in order to gather large amounts of people, there needs to be some form of networking involved. If any of you guys want to forbid yourself from public access to these events and want to ride on your own, then do so. But I don't want to hear you guys talking about never being able to join in on rides. They are fun, and mobbing around with a group of 35+ people once in a while is a very different experience from riding on your own or with one other person. I can't spoon feed this forum community the facebook events all the time. But I will once in a while or if I am asked directly.
  13. So you should get on facebook then you old bat.
  14. Sounds to me like you need a range upgrade.