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  1. Thanks man. For those who asked. The wheel still powers on and the batter holds a full charge.
  2. I was hit by a caddilac crossing the street. Broke my right leg my right arm and the wheel. 😬
  3. Both in working condition. Battery and board are the only things that survived the accident. Charger and protective cover included as well. Nice upgrade for a v10 owner 250 Shipped.
  4. When was the last time you took the battery down lower than 5%. My v5f wouldn't charge past 85%. I rode until the wheel practically shut off then charged it overnight. I checked darknessbot and the inmotion app and to my surprise it was completely charged. Whatever range I lost was back. Haven't had any issues with it since.
  5. Just over 5300+KM after 3 months. Only issues to report are cracked pedals. No battery deg. Haven't replaced the tire yet either. Solid wheel for the most part.
  6. Time to rebuild the v10f and the v5f That discount code works for everyone fyi...
  7. You international guys need someone stateside to fill the gap.
  8. Traded it a while ago. Sorry bud.
  9. I had a discount code and still paid 120+ with shipping. 😒
  10. So this happened yesterday after a 48 mile ride through Miami. If you have a cracked pedal avoid riding aggressively. I ordered the revised pedals. Let's see if set #3 hold up.
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