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  1. I had a discount code and still paid 120+ with shipping. 😒
  2. So this happened yesterday after a 48 mile ride through Miami. If you have a cracked pedal avoid riding aggressively. I ordered the revised pedals. Let's see if set #3 hold up.
  3. After several emails with inmotion they are unwilling to warranty or replace the original pedals or my second set that cracked 2 months after purchasing them.
  4. I'll see if I can get a revised set and go from there.
  5. This is nonsense. Exactly 2 months later the replacements did the same dam thing. I want my money back and a set of the revised ones. I barely have 2600 miles on my V10F. I Shouldn't have to keep replacing parts this early on..
  6. Goofing off in the keys before the wedding IMG_2750.MP4
  7. Just over 135. I ride with nothing less than 45psi now. Anything less make my wheel feel like i'r riding through mud. I love how it carves the tarmac up with the higher psi. Most of my riding is in the city so it works out pretty good for me..
  8. Fingers crossed🙏🏾
  9. Anyone else see this.. Another ref to a V12
  10. Nothing on the site.. I literally purchased the old design about a week ago. SMH
  11. Have at it. I made no headway over the course of 2 weeks.
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