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  1. You rock Dude. Enjoy the wheel!!!
  2. Who knows. Wheel is back together and fine so far did a quick 30 mile shakedown. Time will tell...
  3. Both are rubber. The old vs new look identical.
  4. I’m not sure what happened to the one that failed but it’s completely discolored compared to the other one. Even the bearing grease is a diff color.
  5. No rain riding yet. Hopefully it’s not a reoccurring issue.
  6. Not seeing any changes on the surface...
  7. Beyond rusty with 240 miles on the clock.
  8. New bearings just arrived. Let the fun begin!
  9. I've only ridden about 60 miles now but its safe to say you will sacrifice some high speed maneuverability for added grip. Below 20mph it feels no different than the mmg or cst tires I've used. It is by far the quietest and smoothest tire I've used to date. No comment on wet weather grip yet but I will report back. It may be too soon to comment on the life of the tire or how durable it is but given how convenient it was and the cost I'd buy it again. I purchased it for just over $22 on amazon one Dec 30 and it has gone up in price since but it is still a bargain all things considered.
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