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  1. Another heads up for everyone! I went head and pulled the trigger on the blue ACMv2, and I couldn't be more giddy. I've ridden about 1900 miles on my MSuper v3, and the prospect of getting a wheel to commute on that I don't have to be wary of oscillating on me has me so relieved. Should be here on Tuesday. As I should have done in the first place, I ordered from Jason on ewheels, and I just want to speak again to the quality and care of their service.
  2. Mokiki


    at 2:35 did anybody else notice the ACM trolley handle dragging?
  3. I think so as well! What I'm a little cautious of is the fact that some the roads here in Portland can range from bumpy to straight up sinkhole levels of potholes, which is partially what got me into the accident I had with my MSuper v3. But as long as the wheel doesn't oscillate on me and buck me off I'll be a happy clam ? What's frustrated me a little about all models of unicycles is that there isn't really any way to park any of them out of the box. I do a lot of shopping and not being able to rest the wheel by itself gets frustrating, so the external trolley handle on the ACM is actually appealing to me, because I believe all I need to do is put some rubber stoppers on the bottom or something to rest the weight. Plus it kind of looks like a spoiler ?
  4. Just a follow up for everyone, I have contacted Amazon and the third party seller to no avail, which was to be somewhat expected. I also talked to someone at ewheels about a potential new control board or putting my battery packs in a new MSuper X without the batteries, but since my model is 67v (? I think) I don't think it will be possible, and the firmware flash is no longer available. All of this is totally understandable, and I thank whoever I talked to there, they were very knowledgeable and courteous. I'm looking at getting a newer wheel then, and I'm eyeballing the ACMv2 1600w with the Telsa motor. Is there even any reason I would go for the Tesla if I don't care about flashy ring lights? I quite like the look of the ACM over the Tesla anyway. Also, will I have any troubles adjusting to a 16" wheel after riding an 18" for a year possibly?
  5. I am headed to work here soon, but I can post some pictures for you later.
  6. I have an MSuper v3 820 that I'm considering selling to get a new wheel. It is part of the batch that has the oscillation problem when going over some bumps. Besides that the wheel has a little bit of cosmetic damage.
  7. So, just a small back story. I've been a long time lurker here on the forums, and about a year ago I decided to take the dive and get into EUC. I first purchased a used Inmotion v3 two wheel model, and rode it for about a month or so before I realized I definitely needed to upgrade. I ordered an MSuper v3 820 off of Amazon, through the third part seller "Sailorman Group", in August of 2017. The wheel came, happy as a clam, love the wheel on the whole. It is my main commuter to and from work, no car (I live in Portland, OR). Within the first month of riding it, however, I hit a bump and had the oscillation issue, which I was unaware of at the time. It was a significant crash, but the wheel and myself were undamaged besides some cosmetic scratches. After this first crash, I was pretty shook. It was then I read about the oscillation issues, the entire thread and otherwise. Checked my motor number on the box, and it looks like it's definitely one of the models. I contacted Sailorman Group through the Amazon app, asking about the issue and if I had the updated firmware. They assured me the wheel had been flashed with the new software. I said to myself maybe this was a one time issue, and after regaining my confidence, I started riding again. I've been using the wheel for the better part of a year now every day. Rain, even some snow, this wheel is everything I wanted it to be for the most part, when it works. I've gone over a few bumps where the oscillating comes back briefly, however, but I manage to get the wheel back under control without dismounting. However, earlier this week, commuting home from work, the wheel goes down a small drop, about 2 inches, the oscillation comes back hard, and it threw me off the wheel. I have some scrapes and a fairly hurt knee, walking on crutches for the past several days. The trolley handle top cracked, but with some duct tape, it functions. The MSuper v3 is amazingly tough and it seems to work just fine still. Needless to say after this bad crash, I'm realizing I should've done something about this a long time ago. I contacted Sailorman Group a second time, writing a long message, describing the situation. They replied with the short answer "rebalance the wheel". I asked for a little more details, and they said all the need to do is recalibrate the wheel and the problem will go away. I haven't read anything like that within the stickied thread or elsewhere, so I have no idea if it will work. I guess I'm looking for advise, and if I should contact Amazon, and see if they will honor an A-Z claim, although it's been far more than the 90 day guarantee window. I've heard they can be flexible under certain circumstances. I'm also wondering if it's just a matter of having a new board sent, although I'm hesitant to try and replace it/repair anything myself. And frankly I'm not sure where/how to begin that process. This wheel is my main commuter, and I'd have to be without a wheel for a while. I've done some touching up on the wheel with a bit of vinyl skin sides, and the pads have been replaced since the foam tore a long time ago, so the wheel isn't exactly in the condition it was in when it arrived (although not bad looking I'd say) Anyway, can anybody give me some advice on what I should do about my situation? Should I try to get a recall/refund, or should I repair, or should I even just look at upgrading to a newer wheel where this won't happen again? (This wheel was a big purchase for me, as will a new one (Looking at the MSuper X or the Z10 possibly)
  8. Mokiki

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Is it just me, or should the legs pads be swapped on the sides? So they flow with the design of the body? Even on the box, the pads look how they should be in my mind, but out of the box they look backwards ?
  9. Mokiki

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/W5VJ9Ktuwy4" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> New video I found Is that a speaker on the side? Also, this is honestly the first time I've looked at the design of the X and not been turned off by it. I wonder if they've made some last minute redesigns