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  1. Interesting thx for the tip! will do when I got the time. Its no biggie for me.
  2. Did you ride the wheel at high speed. I have my own theory of the tiltback on the MSX. When my wheel is fully charged it acts super stiff and tries to stay that way. After riding it down to about 70% it starts to letting up and acts "normal" which means no funny pedals tilting, wobbles dissapear. I also thinks this behaviour comes and goes sometimes not depending on battery level. There's been talk on this issue before at this forum with no answer. I think its software related and therefore I just have to live with it. Calibrating, different stands, changing modes does not change this for me. *tinfoil hat off*
  3. Problem solved. It was my phones gyro that didn't work properly (chinese brand)😅.
  4. Having no problem riding my msx I calibrated it, but it showed different horizontal values on the pedals every time. I thought they were the problem cause one didnt close as tight to the shell. Fixed it with a file. But it didnt solve the horizontal problem. When placing the Phone with a waterpass app against the pedal hangers/rackets they differ 4 degrees. I tried to find info on problems with these but it seems no one has had any faulty rackets so far. They are massive so I dont understand how they could differ. The installment also prevents them from being angled differently? My solution to this is calibrating it so that one side is facing up a little and one is facing down. Have I missed anything??
  5. Okay, guess I have to live with it. Its not like its going anywhere. Btw thanks for all your videos. Yours and Martys helped me decide for both the ACM and the MSX.
  6. No problem at all when riding. This only occurs when there is no pressure against it. If I use the handlebar I can feel it pushing backwards and I need only apply a very little force to stop it from moving. This is very subtle but a little annoying.
  7. When standing still I noticed that the MSX starts to back up very slowly on even surfaces when not being held in place by hands or between legs. My first thought was that it needed a calibration. That didnt help. Its like its a little bit back heavy or something. Anyone else noticing the same thing or have any idea what could be the cause?
  8. There is no ACM2 motor. Its the same motor and control board as the tesla I think. As written before I think maybe they used the last parts they had of the ACM and msuper, so that they could make more money than selling them as spare parts. I would love to see a new ACM in the future.
  9. Exactly my thought. 😁
  10. I dont think ACM2 is still in production? Wasn't Tesla its successor?
  11. Bara för att förtydliga sÄ har jag lÀst att nÀr folk Äker pÄ msx sÄ kramar man gÀrna den med benen för att fÄ bra kontroll. Man anvÀnder dÄ överkroppen mera. PÄ acm och IPS som jag Äkte pÄ kunde jag ofta stÄ fritt med benen och kunde leka mer genom att trycka pÄ med fötterna. Vet inte hur jag ska beskriva det. Typ som att Äka skateboard. Lyssnar nog mest pÄ Marty Backe. Han har gjort mÄnga bra jÀmförelser genom Ären. Jag vet att msx ska va grym i kontrollen bara man ger den lite tid.
  12. Ok ska fundera lite. Skulle vilja prova en först. Lite orolig över tyngdpunkten. Van vid acm dÀr fötterna/underkroppen gör jobbet. Hört att msx Àr överkroppen viktig för kontrollen dÄ det Àr högre tyngdpunkt. Inga repor pÄ den? Ska fundera pÄ det hela lite.
  13. Jag kan vara intresserad. Vad tÀnkte du dig för pris? Ligger pÄ 16k nu pÄ Ali. TÀnkte vÀnta pÄ nÀsta rea men om du kan ge ett schysst pris sÄ kan jag nog ta den.
  14. Bara att vÀnta pÄ nÀsta aliexpress rea för min del. Det Àr vÀl 2 ggr/Är.
  15. Han har en snygg sportcyckel. Han skulle aldrig anvĂ€nda nĂ„got annat. Jag sĂ„lde in drömmen om enhjulingen, men nĂ€r han fick den sĂ„ kom verkligheten ikapp 😅. Nikolan Ă€r för stor!!
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