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  1. Good to know! @US69 , do you know why the speed limit on the ks18L have been changed from the 1.0.6 to the 1.0.7 firmware on KS18L, Now at 50% of battery, the speed limit is set to 30kmh. With the 1.0.6, there was no change until the 30% of battery. The riding experience is wasted because of this point. I know several riders don't want to update the firmware because of this restriction ... Thank you for your answer and congratulations too
  2. iOS app is available for ks18l. Don’t update it but unistall the old and install the new one
  3. Anyone made some tests with the 2.2.7 firmware from BobWheel ?
  4. We had supposed the overheat issue happens only for riders with weight > 80kg. Thank a lot for your video, definitely a very good off-road wheel (without overheat issue ) but it doesn't conclude of this issue. Maybe 2.2.7 should solve that ...
  5. Is it possible to modify the volume alert of the v10f speed limit thanks to Darknessbot ? Thank you I don’t have my v10f yet, this price to living in France ?
  6. You can unlock the speed from 40 to 45 km/h thanks to darknessbot app on the v10f. But it’s not official. Why is it possible on this wheel ? Inmotion already unlocked the speed limit on v5+ in the past. How can we not suppose Inmotion will be the same thing for the v10f ? Thanks to @eddiemoy we can analyse the max power is rarely over 1800-2000W, maybe while climbing an hill but not at max speed. What is your view, how do you explain that point @Bobwheel, @Jeffrey Scott Will ?
  7. Who made a test to unlock to 45kmh an inmotion v10f ? Thank you
  8. On bike, you exert a force on the peddle's axe, not on a wheel. I think this is the reason the V10's peddles are so big, you need to exert your force on the border of the platform. So the difference with other wheels, the distance to exert the force from the point to break and the point to accelerate is longer on the V10/F. Your foot don't move but you use your heel and your toes to exert the force. On other wheels, with a longer crank, it's easier. It's just a theory of cours ?
  9. No, I think @Demargon are speaking of the distance between the axe and the platform peddle. By the same way, on a bicycle, if your crank are short, it's harder to climb a hill
  10. Look at this angle to hard break
  11. Judy an example on what can be a good test for a rampe
  12. If torque means security, It’s a safe Wheel Facebook post
  13. From Kingsong Europe, the weight is 21.6Kgs: https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/3310-ks18l/?do=findComment&comment=112967
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