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  1. Do you think it’s dangerous to plug in the wheel and charge it again? If there is something wrong with a battery cell, can it explode or start a fire?
  2. Idon’t know if there is any other sound. Maybe a very soft humming.
  3. I bought the Wheel in April and I have ride 95km. I use the charger that comes with the EUC. I use to charge the battery when its down to 30-40%. This is the first time I notice this sound.
  4. Yes, I think it went on for two-three hours. A strange dripping ,popping, bubbling sound. Not loud, I could barley hear it from 1meter away. I will ride it to work now in the morning. Hope everything works as it should with the wheel.
  5. It is still going on. One hour now since I unplugged the charger.
  6. Is it normal that you hear a ticking/dripping sound after the wheel being charged? At first I thought the sound came from the charger but then I realized it came from the wheel. I’ve never noticed this before. Any suggestions what it is? Is it still safe to turn the wheel on and ride?
  7. Hej. Nä, du är inte ensam. Jag bor vid Katrinelund så vi är nästan grannar. Jag kör mest fram o tillbaka till jobb (Arlöv) . Det hade varit kul att träffas och köra en sväng ihop. //Christer
  8. As far as I know in Sweden EUC compares with electric bicycles. You need lights and reflex (white in front and red back) and a bell. You ride where bikes are allowed and like electric bikes your speed can be max. 25km/h.
  9. Thank’s, search but couldn’t find this topic. But I was right, over 40, I will show my girlfriend.
  10. I wonder if there is any statistics how the average age looks among us euc riders. We are 6526 members on the forum right now and I’ve got the feeling that most of us are over 40!?? I ask beacause my girlfriend think I’am too old too ride, I’am 51, just a kid..right?
  11. The differens between the wheels is huge! Like driving a Flintstone car or the newest Audi. So the money difference is well worth spending on the KS. It is possible your right that my learning was faster knowing I’m riding a cheap wheel. Still I think my balance memory from unicycling helped me. I thought about padding the KS but I was unsecured if the tape will leave marks, my KS is the one with rubber finish. Now I lend my toy wheel to friends how will try EUC and hopefully they buy a real wheel and come ride with me☺️
  12. I took the advice, from someone here on the forum, to start with a used wheel or buy a cheap one. I had already ordered the KS 16s!! Ok, what to do? So I went to a toystore and bought a toy wheel for 250€, it was a good choice. The wheel was 14”. My first struggling attempts broke the plastic cover and scratched the wheel really hard. In my teenage years (now 51) me and a friend was hooked up on cycling old fashion unicycle. I was convinced that this should help me learning ride the EUC quicker. And I think it did, In 30min I could ride straight forward and after 1hou
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