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  1. Torsten Daerr

    German Discussion Group

    Hallo Leute, was schätzt ihr wie viele EUC Nutzer es zur Zeit in Deutschland gibt? Ich komme aus Leipzig (der schnellst wachsenden Stadt Deutschlands) und habe hier in den letzten 3 Jahren gerade mal circa 5 andere Fahrer außer mir gesehen. Das ist verschwindend wenig. Wenn ich das hochrechne auf Deutschland, gibt es bei uns maximal ein paar Hundert Nutzer. Was meint ihr dazu?
  2. Torsten Daerr

    Women asking more questions?

    What I have noticed is that when there are kids aged 3-7 or so, they usually express their surprise when they see me on my Ninebot One by loudly asking their parents what this is or pointing their fingers at me asking their parents to look. The parents usually or more inhibited, they too want to know what I'm riding on but they are less ready to ask than their kids.
  3. Torsten Daerr

    What should we call these things (EUC)

    Sounds a bit like "Gyros Scooter", a scooter for Gyros delivery :-).
  4. Torsten Daerr

    How to calculate cost for charging my Ninebot One?

    I used to have to pay the fat guy tax to the electric unicycle gods too until I found a way to get rid of it. If you like I'll share it with you for a small one time fee 🙂
  5. Torsten Daerr

    How to calculate cost for charging my Ninebot One?

    How can and why should it get cheaper than 2,5 cents per 10 kilometer :-)?
  6. Torsten Daerr

    How to calculate cost for charging my Ninebot One?

    Do you mean New Zealand cents? It still would be about 10 times as much as my costs. How is this possible?
  7. Torsten Daerr

    How to calculate cost for charging my Ninebot One?

    Which would still be ridiculously cheap. Is this calculation correct?
  8. Okay, I do admit I should know this myself but I'm not sure so I'm asking you hoping you forgive me for asking such a stupid question. I'm trying to calculate the cost for charging my Ninebot One. It has a 240Wh battery, which is 0,24 KWh, correct? So, if the cost for 1KWh is let's say 25 cent, it cost only 6 Cent to fully charge the battery? It somehow seems way too low which means I can't get the calculation right. Who can help? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Torsten Daerr

    German Discussion Group

    Sehe ich absolut genau so wie du, Stefan.
  10. Torsten Daerr

    German Discussion Group

    Die Frage ist, ob sich dieser ganze Aufwand lohnt oder eher nur reine Zeitverschwendung ist weil es die Behörden und Richter nicht beeindruckt.
  11. Torsten Daerr

    German Discussion Group

    Hab ich jetzt einen Denkfehler? So weit ich es verstehe, braucht man doch für ein Kennzeichen, also für eine Kfz-Versicherung eine Zulassung als Kfz? Aber die bekommt man nicht für ein EUC, da es dafür mehrere bauliche Voraussetzungen nicht erfüllt. Bitte korregiert mich, wenn das nicht stimmt. Vielen Dank.
  12. Torsten Daerr

    German Discussion Group

    Hi Kami, welcome to Germany and welcome to our forum. I have been riding an EUC for the past three years in various cities across Germany including Berlin covering almost 2300 km so far and have been stopped by the police twice. I've noticed that for the past six months or so the police don't seem to be interested in me as an EUC rider any more. Each time I encounter them, they simply don't react at all which I take as a very good sign. I think that the courts in Germany have been extremely busy with all kinds of cases and the last thing a German judge needs is another flimsy case that's based on shaky legal grounds. What I'm trying to say is if you do want to use your escooter, go for it but tread carefully. An escooter is less visible than an EUC so I think you should fine.
  13. Torsten Daerr

    German Discussion Group

    Strictly speaking based on the current legal situation in Germany riding an EUC is a criminal offense. The question is how it is being handled on the ground by the patrolling officers encountering the very rare rider.
  14. Torsten Daerr

    German Discussion Group

    Ich bin vor ungefähr 2 Jahren durch mehrere Städte in Schweden gefahren und habe nur positive Reaktionen bekommen sogar von der Polizei.
  15. Torsten Daerr

    German Discussion Group

    Du bist angehalten worden und was haben sie gesagt?