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  1. My KS14S has stopped charging with both the factory charger or the fast-charger I got through ewheels. I think it may have stopped when I replaced the trolley bars, though I can't imagine what I might have done in fixing these that would affect the charging. It does still work fine--I was riding it today. And the new trolley bars are great! It just doesn't charge. I opened up the charging port to see if I could see anything obvious. At first I thought maybe I had found the problem in that only two cords are attached where I expected to see three (see two photos attached). However, I don't see where the third cord could be so I'm guessing one of them is supposed to be open like that. Any ideas for why it might not be charging?
  2. I think you're both right on foot placement. Moved the feet forward this morning and it means the weight transfers through my heels rather than the balls of the feet. Made all the difference. Excited to see how it works for the uphill leg tonight. Thanks to you both!
  3. I commute about 3 miles each way on my new KS14S and love it. I'm two weeks in and have unlocked the speed. But I do have one question. My calfs get fatigued after a couple miles. It just always seem like I have to be at a slightly beyond comfortable forward incline to maintain speed, especially up the hill. This is even though my toes dangle a bit off the front of the pedals and I'm leading with my hips. Do you think this means I should recalibrate it, maybe even setting the level with a very slight back-tilt? Or should I just wait and let the muscles strengthen, and my balance improve such that I use them less?
  4. Thanks to you all for the feedback! Please don't infer arrogance from my desire to cruise at 18mph up a hill on an EUC having not yet been on one at all. I know I have some learning (and likely some falling) ahead of he before I even feel comfortable at 8mph (or 2mph). Rather, I'm trying to anticipate my future preferences. Maybe that's not 18mph up the hill, but I reckon it's >10mph! Given everybody's advice, which I very much appreciate, I think I'll start out with the KS14D and just keep its limitations in mind. The hill climb is also along a bus route, so being able to get up there quickly on the EUC is a luxury rather than a necessity. If I want something bigger in a year, I can negotiate that with my wife at that point! Again--thanks for all of the insight. In particular, the way in which the battery is important beyond range was not intuitive to me, so the explanation is helpful!
  5. That's interesting. I presume there's an app that stops it charging automatically at a certain percentage? Or do I have pull the plug at the perfect time every evening, which would be a hassle? Or maybe I can charge at work to avoid the issue--this would also result in me tackling the hill on an almost-full charge.
  6. ~8 miles. 2 miles downhill. 4 miles flat. Then 2 miles uphill. If I'm dropping down to 15mph on the incline, that's not a big deal. But if it's more like 8mph, that would be frustrating. I think the increased price and weight/size outweigh the benefits of a larger wheel unless the hill is going to pose significant issues on the 14D, and it sounds like it won't. It's also my first wheel, and a bit of an experiment for me--I may upgrade to something with better performance in a year or two once I feel more comfortable comparing the alternatives. It's hard to know what you don't know! With regards to the 14S, I was under the impression that it would only perform better than the 14D in situations in which I drained the 14D's battery (or came close to exhausting it), given that the motors are the same and the difference is just in the batteries. So if I can do my daily commute with the 14D battery, would there be any advantage to the 14S? Thanks to @meepmeepmayer, @Chriull, and @Keith for the advice!
  7. Is wheellog a substitute for the King Song app or a complement? I presume you can only unlock speeds in the King Song app, but that wheellog is better for just about everything else?
  8. I have never used an EUC but I'm considering using one to get from home to train, train to work, work to train, and train to home. Essentially first and last mile transportation. Obviously I'm looking for something relatively portable so I can easily take it on the train and store it inconspicuously at work. I was leaning towards the KS14D. My only concern is how well it will handle hills. My last segment of the day, train to home, involves a steady hill climb over 2.1 miles at about a 5% grade (see below). Will the KS14D have significant slowdown (down from it's 18.6mph cruising) or overheating issues for a 160lb rider on a 2.1 mile stretch like this? If so, are there other EUC I should consider as alternatives? Thanks in advance for your advice--I'm excited to one day be a less novice member of this community!
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