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  1. I feel as safe in my EUC as in a bicycle or a scooter. Rectify, much safer than on a scooter. I do not know why, but the pattinetes like the Xiaomi scare me, they tremble everywhere and people go normally without protection and people see it as normal, an EUC like too.
  2. That is the grace of the video, to show that this is not so dangerous, for me it is safer than a bicycle and I go in the same way on a bicycle.
  3. I did not say pull the Z10, I pull the body, which allows me to turn the Z10 is to move the body, it takes more with the balance than touching the Z, the leg use more support on the wheel than for pull her with the leg.
  4. My tribulations, the Z10 is the best, is the beast
  5. Wonderful work, drive more confortable, because no I have a TiltBack. This weekend I to test good, in better place ond major protections. Wonderful work. Congratulations
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