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  1. Wonderful work, drive more confortable, because no I have a TiltBack. This weekend I to test good, in better place ond major protections. Wonderful work. Congratulations
  2. Atharif

    Turning with the Z10

    I do not throw with my leg over the Z, I only lean on it, but I do not push it with my leg, I twist the body and support my leg on the Z, logically having the body twisted and supporting the leg, if I am pulling it, but it's not my leg, it's my whole body, if you use only your leg, you can not twist, the Z is very stable for that.
  3. Atharif

    Turning with the Z10

    In the Z, squeeze the foot on the pedal, it is not good for much, the wheel is not going to move, it is excessively stable, at high speed, or you pull the body, or the wheel is not going to move alone by pressing the pedal, you can dance on top of the Z pedals and continue straight.
  4. Atharif

    Turning with the Z10

    The Z10, I affirm that it does not turn, it is a joy, because the one that turns is not the wheel, it is you, with the other wheels, to twist the foot of the turn and the wheel turns, you are only correcting that turn. The Z does not twist, you are the one that twists, turning only when you want, not when you want the wheel. It's just getting used to the change
  5. Atharif

    Turning with the Z10

    Yes, in this wheel it is very easy, it is a very stable wheel, for now I have uploaded a small video of high speed turns. I did not have protections, so I did not get a lot, I'll do better with protections.
  6. Me too, I have a Ninebot Z10, but I have two Mini Plus and I love, but is necessary more speed. Alexey no answer me, or answer me generic, I need MOD about more of 50 Plus, and your APP is the best for this, but is not have for Mini Plus. Haa and recovery, How are you?? This is me and my last video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3eBmko_UrY&feature=youtu.be
  7. Wow, I'm so sorry, we're all with you, I hope you get better soon and your accident is mild. That we are many people pending the MOD of the Mini Plus and you are our salvation, our hero of the mother Russia.