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  1. Keep us informed, the damage is interesting.
  2. Yes, it's true and I use that technology a lot, that's why I'm waiting for a Loomo that is about to arrive. It bothers me because I have 2 Plus and one is perfect, luckily mine, but my wife's, tracking is useless, an extra to the trash.
  3. Thanks for the information, thank you. We look forward to the final result.
  4. Atharif

    Following the advice of RobertAce to master an MCE

    You're right, I know, as I knew that, in this video I always try to make the biggest turns to the left, I've already practiced a lot in the clockwise direction, this week I'll upload another, with a circuit for a wheel, this is the circuit that I did with the Ninebot Mini Plus, to practice zigzag and is something more complicated for the wheel. I share a lot your opinion, go fast anybody can do it, it's just bravery, it's hard to go slow and it's where you get more muscle memory, if you dominate go slow, you're practically dominated or go fast.
  5. Excuse me if I meddle, but this happens through the silence and secrecy with which you carry this, without any information, but many people eager to know the great final product. Do not take it the wrong way, it is better to help, give this information that you just gave us a lot of help for our trust, if you are reporting something better, people will understand your great work and be less suspicious of everything. The music appeases the beasts, give us music.
  6. You know something about Alexey, a month ago he did not respond to e-mails. In the meantime, I'm going to make you famous, sharing your information.
  7. Yes, it is true, in the Mini Pro it is very easy to remove the battery, in the Plus, they have made it very complicated or almost impossible, design issues. Please, if you make that journey, I want video or photos, I prefer video
  8. Ha, ha, ha, yes, I've been to Chicago and the sun shines by its absence. What you say about the extra battery, what do you mean ?, the batteries of these paratos can not be removed, have you done some trick to connect an extra battery?