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  1. Compilation of 6 months with the Ninebot Mini Pro
  2. And when a little help deciphers the Plus? I know you could do it
  3. Can a Mini Plus go up and down hills? These are the biggest slopes I've found.
  4. Thank you, this was a day of boredom, I already do something better.
  5. Do not worry, this summer I will send you photos and videos from Hawaii. Maybe you like that more.
  6. So that people like you can give their humble opinion. Thanks for your humble opinion. It seemed like a funny title.
  7. This is my favorite video, the best trip of my life by the shore of the beach. Enjoy like a pig in the mud.
  8. Atharif

    Segway S1 Top Speed

    Ha ha ha These are from my city Seville. Those do not work, they are acrobats with the NineBot and without NineBot. They are authentic wheel machines, they do what they want and more, but I have not seen them rolling for a long time.
  9. Atharif

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I think that 45 km per hour is a true barbased. It is an authentic madness. Congratulations to the brave.
  10. My last video uploaded to my channel, making competition to the NineBot Z. Test my Off-Road wheels for the Ninebot mini Plus. The truth is that they go very well, their slight problems, some friction in strong curves, something more abrupt and heavy, but it is a tank now, as it climbs curbs, it is a joy. I have already tried it in mud and field, I pulled to a close and wonderful work. I hope to build it soon and upload it to my channel