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  1. Seba


    Good news - Fox makes helmets in XXL size also But I feel your pain. MET, Giro and many others forgot that there are people with head circumference above 61 centimeters. Fox Rampage Pro Carbon MIPS tempts me so much... It's not only one of best reviewed helmets, but perfectly match my existing Fox Metah with color and style. But the price tag is killing me... Maybe I will have to prepare order in some web shop, place mouse pointer over "Make order" button, drink few Baltic Porters and finally hit that LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
  2. Seba


    I had few faceplants in my history, but never even touched the ground with any part of my head or helmet. But I also know that this is a bad idea to abuse my luck, so I decided to buy an full face helmet. I'll probably start with testing Fox Rampage, because I already own Fox Metah that fits my giant head and Rampage is also available in XL size. Not to mention there is Rampage version that fits my jacket
  3. Seba


    ...and this is why it's good to have a full-face helmet First, it will save your head and teeth. Second, there is a chance that helmet will hide your face enough, so she won't remember it. Next time you can always say her: "Yeah, I know that man. It's a rookie from the neighborhood. Saw me once, got impressed and bought similar wheel, similar helmet... You know, he tries to be as good as I am, but... you know, babe... There can only be one master..." And for God's sake, do not faceplant again on her eyes
  4. Seba


    Remember to ride safe, bro! You may get into serious trouble by hearing "Oh, man! I wanna have a baby with you!" when passing by some cute girl...
  5. Seba


    They're lacking bass, that's all If one is a bass maniac, they will disappoint him. But medium and high tones are even clearer and crispier than in conventional headphones. I also missed bass... for three days. Finally, I got used to it and started to enjoy the rest
  6. Seba


    I'm afraid that Aftershokz may be not compatible with full face helmet But there are numerous Bluetooth headsets, that are specifically designed to be fitted inside the helmet. They still don't block your ears, so may be less isolating.
  7. Seba

    King Song Battery Bank for Extra Range

    An external battery (in any form), optionally connected to the unicycle is not such a simple matter. If the internal battery has a different voltage than the external battery, there is a risk of severe sparking during connection, and consequently there is risk of burns to the user. In addition, battery that is more charged will charge the less charged one, which can cause the battery with a lower voltage to exceed the permissible charging current limit significantly. This can result in damage to the battery or even in a fire. These problems could be solved by using additional special electronics inside the EUC. However, this would increase the cost of the device, while reducing its reliability.
  8. Seba


    Exactly. Earbuds (or headphones in general) are actually the only option to listen to music during a faster ride. However I couldn't convince myself to use earbuds, because I always had an uncomfortable feeling of being isolated from sounds from the surroundings. Finally I bought Aftershokz Trekz Titanium bone conduction headphones and it solved my problem. Now I can ride, listen to music and hear all the sounds from the outside at the same time
  9. Seba

    King Song Battery Bank for Extra Range

    Quite recently I was thinking about designing a charger equipped with an additional rechargeable battery as a backup source. Just in case of not reaching planned charging point before battery exhaustion. Eventually, I realized that it would be too heavy to carry in a backpack. If you're going on long distances, it's especially important to remember that you have something like your spine A much better solution from my point of view is a fast charger and charging at every possible opportunity. However, I think that there will be people interested in such a power bank.
  10. Simple but quite effective way to add some shock absorption to any modern King Song unicycle: https://najednymkole.pl/en/how-to-add-shock-absorption-to-your-king-song-euc/ BTW Using this method you can also increase pedals dihedral angle.
  11. Seba

    I think i'm having Gyroscope Problems

    Yes, our wheels use so-called MEMS IMUs. MEMS is an abbveriation of "MicroElectroMechanical System", and IMU is an abbreviation of "Inertial Measurement Unit". IMU is what we used to call "gyroscope", but in fact it consists of two sets of sensors - three accelerometers and three gyroscopes. In the process of calibration only accelerometer part is calibrated, because this is the sensor which determines wheel position in regard to local gravity direction. Gyroscope is measuring rotation rate. Signals from both sensor sets are then merged by EUC controller so it knows its linear and angular movement. The same IMUs are also used in drones, for example. This tiny chip marked with red arrow is the most important sensor in every EUC (this image shows KS-18L/XL controller board):
  12. Seba

    KS18XL range report...

    You know... You paid for wonderful wheel, but app is for free
  13. Seba

    KS18XL range report...

    To be more verbose - each time you start the KS application, it checks on KS servers whether you have accepted the conditions for removing the factory speed lock. If no response is received (eg. no Internet connection), any modification of the wheel parameters will also restore the default speed limits. So when you play with lights and there is no Internet connection or KS server doesn't respond, you will also revert speed settings to default 20 km/h.
  14. Seba

    KS18XL range report...

    From what I remember, this app reverted back to default speed settings when there it was unable to connect with King Song servers.
  15. Seba

    KS18XL range report...

    Don't use KS app. EUC is a fantastic piece of hardware that works best without any software other that internal firmware