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  1. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    It's correct - just euc.world It will be a live map for EUC community so we will be able to map our rides using WheelLog. Now it's under construction and that's why there is weird 403 message I'll change it for something more friendly today
  2. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    Good to know you got it working In regard to horn feature I have to admit that I don't have a Pebble watch I didn't even touched the horn function, so if it worked in previous versions so it should still work. Maybe I'll be able to buy second-hand Pebble watch so I can work on it.
  3. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    I've made some small change that may improve app compatibility with Android 9. Please uninstall old version, redownload APK installer (just uploaded new version) and install it. Please let me know if it works. I can't make a quick test on emulator because it doesn't support Bluetooth that is needed by WheelLog. I have to get a device with Android 9 to test WheelLog on real hardware.
  4. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    I think that the problem is with newest Android 9. There are major changes to this version that caused many application to stop working correctly. I'll try with Android Emulator to resolve the problem and make WheelLog compatible with Android 9.
  5. Hello! If you're using WheelLog you probably know that its original version is in English language only. But I thought that it would be a good idea to localize this app to other languages - French, German, Dutch, Spanish. I already added Polish version. Anyone wants to have a WheelLog in own language? If yes, please read the post below. I will also be very happy with any reviews or comments on my WheelLog version with added speech messages & alerts. If you have a problem with speed alert beeps disappearing in wind noise, this may be a solution It's also very helpful on longer rides by keeping you continuously aware of your wheel parameters - battery level, speed, distance travelled so far, time etc.
  6. Very cool but somewhat pricey. I use Jack Wolfskin Crosser 26 for daily use and for one day longer rides. For really long trips (over one day, when I have to take more gear, clothes etc.) I take Deuter ACT Trail Pro 34.
  7. Seba

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    It's not calculated by the app, but by wheel. You have to multiply distance from app by factor of about 0.8 to get real distance.
  8. It's because there are two separate Bluetooth links in each KS wheel. One is Bluetooth Low Energy (so called Bluetooth Smart) - it is responsible for connection with you app and when connected to the app, says "Bluetooth is connected". Second one is standard Bluetooth connection for audio. In your (and also mine) wheel it's disabled, so the "Blooototh is offfff" message. BLE connection (the one that is used by the app) sometimes works unreliable. But I found that if you don't give the app all the permissions it needs, there are problems with BLE connection. In general original app is a piece of shit, but sometimes it is needed to change some settings. One important thing is that in case of BLE connection you don't pair your smartphone with device like with "regular" Bluetooth devices. To be more verbose: If you want to connect app to the wheel you don't use regular Bluetooth pairing. Instead you just search your wheel in the app. It's similar to other BLE devices like heart rate sensors etc. If you want to use wheel speakers, you have to pair them first with your smartphone as in case of any Bluetooth audio device. Of course BT audio must be enabled in wheel settings. I see it's common problem, mostly due shitty KS app.
  9. Seba

    WheelLog Android App

    Hello! Some time ago I decided to make a version of WheelLog that is better suited to my needs. As some of you already knows, I love long range rides So I wanted an application that will assist me on longer rides by keeping track on my trip and wheel conditions, at the same time will feed my live map that I publish on my blog. I decided to fork WheelLogAndroid project from @palachzzz GitHub repository and use it as a foundation of my new project. This new version adds two major changes to the original WheelLog app: Voice messages. Now you can use your earphones, helmet headset or wheel Bluetooth speakers to listen to various voice messages. This includes wheel connect/disconnect messages, periodic wheel param reports, alerts etc. Live map. This is now under-construction, because I plan to share this functionality with you so anyone will be able to record and map their rides for free. Now I'm working on API and backend. You need active data plan to use this feature. You'll also need API key, read more below. I found voice messages extremely helpful to me, because I can focus on my ride and doesn't need any Pebble watch or anything else. Just my earphones or EUC speakers and I'm aware of both my wheel state and situation around me. I use Aftershokz Trekz bone-conduction headphones or Sena 10S helmet headset - both doesn't limit my situational awareness even when I listen to my favourite tunes on Spotify. If you want to help me by beta-testing my version of WheelLog app, you can download it here - https://euc.world/downloads/wheellog-eucworld.apk Please remember do uninstall any other WheelLog versions first. When installing this version you will need to allow installing apps from untrusted source and ignore warning message about unknown developer. You will also need Android 5.0+. You need Android 4.4 ("KitKat") or newer. Some tips: Settings menus have been redesigned. Speed Settings has been renamed to General settings. To manually enable or disable voice messages please click voice icon in right top corner of the screen. You can also enable voice messages on startup in Voice messages menu. To enable voice speed alerts you have to check Enable alarms in Alarm settings. Remember to set Battery percent to 100% or alarm won't fire (alarm is activated only if speed is at or above specified value and battery is at or below specified level). Voice speed alarms have three priorities that are distinguished by warning sound before "Slow down" voice announcement. By default, only highest priority alarm is defined with most annoying sound. You can set it to zero and define lowest priority alarm with least annoying sound. You can define all three alarms at different levels and they will be easily distinguishable by the warning beep. Default Android voice is used for voice messages. Use your phone settings to change it. Known issues: Pause messages when not in motion doesn't work yet. Triggering by distance doesn't work. Leave Triggering set to Time in Voice settings. For sure there is more issues, but there is major issue with me - I can't recall more issues now Just let me know and I'll fix it. Weather message doesn't work yet. Currently only outside temperature is reported. Live map As I mentioned above, live map feature is under heavy construction works. Now I'm working on API and backend part, so you can record your ride but today there is no map yet. But this doesn't mean that you can't test it. If you want to test this functionality and record your ride data for later use, just send me email to sebastian@euc.world with following data: username of your choice (letters, digits, hyphen and undersore allowed) email (won't be published) I'll create account and send back API key to enter into Live map settings. Later, when live map website will be available for testing and use you'll be able to create password to login to your account. Then you'll be able to view all your rides etc. Live map will not only show your track but will also present your wheel status - speed, battery, power etc. Stay tuned Please help translate WheelLog to your language I'm pretty sure that there are many EUCists that would love to have the WheelLog in their native language. I already translated it to Polish. But it's quite easy and takes less than hour to add another language. Please download ZIP archive that contains two XML files (https://euc.world/downloads/wheellog-english.zip) that needs to be translated from English to your language. For details please take a look at readme.txt. WheelLog sources are available on https://github.com/slastowski/WheelLogAndroid You can download most current APK (2.0.21, updated 21/3/2019 20:50 CET) here - https://euc.world/downloads/wheellog-eucworld.apk Please keep in mind that this is very early version I work on hard, so it may be full of bugs etc.
  10. Thank you. It's really easy to do and after this realignment the whole system works like a charm. Of course you're right. In-software calibration is the first thing to do and may be succesful in some cases, but - as I previously stated - the whole lift sensing system is very clever and well designed. If assembled correctly it works almost perfectly. But the problem is that in reality, factory workers seems to not put enough care to control tightening force.
  11. Both my wheels (L and XL) required readjustment of the screw that links the lift sensor to the telescopic stem. The whole sensing system is very cleverly designed, but for succesful operation requires that no excessive force is used to screw the sensor to the telescopic stem. If this sensor (so called load cell) is screwed too much, usable signal range is very small (the difference between not lifted and lifted), so calibration won't work as expected. Screw linking the center part of the sensor to the telescopic stem needs to be tightened just to cancel any play. As a rule it's better to leave some play than to tighten the screw too much.
  12. I've made such video, but for now it's in Polish only I had to add an English translation some time ago, but always had something more important to do... The problem with lift sensors is that they are tightened too much in factory, so software calibration doesn't help. Also telescopic element should have some play. Here is the Polish video, I hope to make an English dubbing this weekend. Most important things starts at 7:29:
  13. Yest, but it's completely different thing - lift sensors need tensioning alignment and/or calibration.
  14. Seba

    KS-18L/XL modified light

    Still testing In general the new lamp modules work as expected, however I plan two modification: pull up the lower beam so there will be no gap between main (standard) beam and lower beam; modify boards for unidirectional setup - white only for front and high intensity red only for rear. I need some more time to be sure that thermal management is doing well and there is no risk of overheating like with original. "V1" boards. Please ask Richard at @EUniCycles.eu if he can sell you new, aluminium-based light boards.
  15. Seba

    Extreme Long Distance Riding

    Komoot is a great trip planning & navigation app. I use it to plan all my trips, because it allows you to plan your route to avoid certain types of surface and roads. But if you are looking for tracking app, you may be interested in my new project I'm working on. It's a special fork of WheelLog app (so Android only) that is extended to be specially useful for long rides, including tracking service. Integral part of the whole app will be a website with map on which you can see your ride and even share your ride live to friends or general public. There will be not only your track on the map (live or delayed), but also elevation profile, wheel parameters (voltage, current, power, battery level etc.) and weather. If you're interested in becoming my betatester and have Android 5.0+ mobile device, let me know. When finished, it will be available for anyone for free.