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  1. I would most certainly add that on!
  2. Bummer! I don't recall ever seeing this post. I was out riding last night too. Missed y'all. Hope it was fun! Heading to the LA Esk8 DTLA group ride today at 1 in case anyone is up for it... https://www.facebook.com/events/1294362717411015/?ti=cl
  3. Interesting. Link is live on my end. I wonder if only Los Angeles Electric Unicycle Addicts fb group members are allowed to see it...🤔 I guess this would be a call for everyone who's not a member of the fb group to join...
  4. FB event for LA EUC Games Official Group Ride Friday October 25th is now live... @Rehab1 I hope you don't mind me using your image for the pic...😎 https://www.facebook.com/events/380136792898583/?ti=cl
  5. You could always try to do half the rides backwards to give the calves a rest...😜😂👊
  6. Well I hope you feel like "double dipping" on Friday evening after the Mt. Baldy ride! 💪 🤔 I'm gonna try to do some of your rides but will probably have to skip Mt. Baldy unfortunately as that's my favorite one so far ...
  7. This spot will be visited for our Friday afternoon/evening ride on the eve of the games. Soooo fun to ride! May bring some cones out and make a speed race track out there on all that concrete for the evening as well. Again, the course the day of the event is mostly about agility, so we can really get our speed fix out here...😎👽💜👊
  8. Concrete surfing spot discovered his week. Funny I hadn't looked on the other side of this dam the several other times I've ridden there. Epic fun location!!!
  9. So, yes and no. Yes, I was informed that www.euco.us (Inmotion USA) is giving a V5F to freestyle winner, which is an excellent trick wheel. Also, Jason at E-wheels is giving a $1000 credit to the Grand Prix race winner. I was thinking I would add some $ to that and just order a MCM5 for the winner so someone could have a new wheel the day of, but Jason had a good point, and that was to just let the winner pick how they'd like to spend that credit, rather than me deciding. So I believe that we'll stay with that $1,000 E-wheels credit as the prize so that someone can choose how to use the prize $$$... Sorry to mislead, as I was planning one thing, but I believe Jason is right on this...
  10. Thanks for registering! You bring up a new point. And a great one at that! Re-stating what @Marty BackeBacke said, no restrictions on wheels, however, and I hadn't thought of this before, but yeah the Inmotion V3 would not be allowed as it's not a true (electric) unicycle. Would be an unfair advantage to basically be able to stand still on its 2 wheels. Thank you for asking that question, as I hadn't thought of that...and that being said, perhaps a Z10 might be a good bet for the idling competitions...
  11. We have thought about it being one big circle, and yes that's more like real sumo, but my utmost concern is about safety. Hard to get much force behind the staffs when idling. A larger circle means not as much idling, and slightly faster speed, thus more force behind the staffs, and last thing I want is someone getting injured. Many factors at play here, and while it's hard, having gone through it, will make us all more skilled at it and ready for next year 😎 ... And thanks for trying to rename it, but this event is called EUC Sumo.
  12. This looks freaking awesome, Marty! Hopefully I'll be able to join in on most of these, if I'm not buried in last minute prep. Makes me wish I was eligible for prizes, as all these suckers who join these rides will be too sore to do well at the games! 😂
  13. The actual rules are as follows: idle within your confined circle and try to push the other competitor with your staff outside of their circle. The one who gets pushed out of their circle loses, thus the Sumo reference...(unfortunately, the video doesn't show that very well, because we're all brand new to it and so far we suck at it.) 😂 But that's the whole point of the event. To be a "funny to watch and participate in game." Also, there's a deduction if you plant a foot...
  14. Thrilled to welcome new sponsors PEVRA, Glydiators and www.euco.us
  15. I might be around for this tomorrow...Was just looking and it's tomorrow, right? I haven't searched the thread, what's up with parking? Need an adventure pass?!? Meeting location? Thx! If I don't drive to the Mojave today and trip out all night dancing with all the Burning Man rejects, I'll be joining y'all...😎👽💜
  16. Super grateful and stoked to welcome new sponsors http://www.pevra.org http://www.roll.nz and Marty Backe
  17. I'll be sending out an email to everyone after the holiday weekend. I'm working on a bunch of stuff over the next few days, and we'll know more after the weekend. Thanks for your patience and enjoy your weekend!
  18. Just use that as a digital flyer! It's rad!!!
  19. Super LoL 😂😆😄 Now THAT would be something to be alarmed about! Conan style...
  20. Little late for that. I think he's been all about EUC since long before I came into the picture...😜
  21. Yeah, @The Fat Unicyclist, I agree. I've been suggesting to stay in or around Hollywood, or DTLA (downtown). Both are more touristy and close enough to wheel to Griffith Park rides. A train ride on LA Metro (and maybe a bus, or wheel) to the North Hollywood puts you close to Encino. Then renting a car, or Uber to Marty's rides, or @Flyboy10good idea.
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