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  1. how the hell to shut it up. any advice would be greatly accepted
  2. is it legal to ride the GREAT WALL OF CHINA??
  3. i am 72. and my body and mind love to ride!!
  4. must admit i have a couple of tokes most time i ride for me it adds to the ride
  5. anyone know how many batteries are in the ks 16s? thanks
  6. 5km is not reasonable. 1 kilometer as slow as u can ride. that is the challenge!!!!!
  7. I have been riding in greater Vancouver for about 3 years and have never had any problem with the boys in blue. I ride very respectfully around pedestrians and cyclists, this stops me from upsetting anybody. If this is done many problems can be avoided
  8. try riding 5 km as slow as you can. makes a ride soooooo different T
  9. was checking prices to ship my 16s from vancouver canada to Brisbane Australia. UPS rate was 970.. Too dear for me. I will buy second hand.
  10. I do have a msx box it would fit in. The price is 500. Thanks Tony
  11. Armand, Nope do not have the original box. Tony
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