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  1. Not sure if ive put this in the right area, but ; HI guys my name is AKin from project 42 im currently selling 3 Brand new Black inmotion V5s for £350 each, 1 black inmotion V5F brand new for £500 and 1 Black inmotion v10F for £1000 Let me know if your interested
  2. Hi Guys, Akin from project 42 here again. We currently have a limited amount of brand new inmotion V10s for sale at £1200, We currently haven't been able to add any on our website due to admin errors. However, we have them in our warehouse and it should only take 1 working day to get it to anywhere in the Uk and 3-5 working days Europe. If you would like to contact me via email for any other devices mail - Akin@project42.com or you can reach me at 02076421397. Kind regards,
  3. HI My name is AKin from project 42, we currently have some Brand new white inmotion V5 boxed, going for £350. If any of you would like any, email me at akin@project42.com Thanks,
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