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  1. Servus Werner, hab dir eine PM zwecks Kontakt austausch geschickt. Ich denke es müsste noch mehr Fahrer in Linz und Umgebung geben, aber vermutlich sind einige von denen nicht im Forum aktiv.
  2. Servus Werner, Ich arbeite in der voestalpine und fahre wenn es schön ist von St. Florian in die Arbeit. Also ein kurzes Stück, vom Monalisatunnel bis zur Haupteinfahrt teilen wir uns dann sogar die Strecke ;-). Vermutlich bist Du früher dran als ich. Wir könnten uns nach der Arbeit mal treffen und wir fahren z.b. am Donauradweg entlang eine Runde. Einen Arbeitskollege von mir hab ich auch schon angefixed, hat aber erst sein erstes v5f als Einstiegsgefährt. Bin gespannt wie lange es dauert bis er sich ein ordentliches Kauft ;-)
  3. How good do this padels fit on the v10? Can you post a picture?
  4. Same. You can fix that with a little paintjob, and you have an almost perfect wheel for you (and me too :D).
  5. Interesting, I have only used a ninebot s2 and the v10 so far and don't have that feel. Might be a thing if your are used to other wheels and it might go away after a while. My colleague has bought a v5f and he actually disliked the V shape so much, that he modified it so that is now flatter. Should be easy to adjust by yourself. It is strange that all other KS wheels don't have this, is it possible that this is a demo unit thing? Did anyone who testet the wheel in china also experience this?
  6. Someone read my older posts, haha. I have already seen the 16X for 1800€, same price like the 18L but with more battery 🤔.
  7. Hallo, sind hier irgendwelche Fahrer aus Linz und Umgebung? Ich hätte lust mich mal mit anderen Fahrern zu treffen um gegenseitig EUCs zum Ausprobieren auszutauschen. Die meisten Fahrer werden wohl aus Wien sein, hätte auch kein Problem da mal einen Ausflug zu machen. Vielleicht kann ja jemand aus Wien einen Group Ride organisieren? lg, Andy
  8. Good acceleration and braking ist more important for me then range and max speed, if that wheel has no major issues its my next wheel next summer. The V10 is too new to be replaced :D.
  9. I totaly agree with that extended family part, same here. Most reactions you get are, "how to do break", "how much did it cost" and after you get the "how long did you train to get that thing going", I would usually explain that it is like learning to ride a normal bicycle, you can do it in a few hours if you want. After that If you respond with, "wanna try I show you", you will get a "no way I don't wanna break my neck" :D.
  10. Haha, If I tried that she would think that I am in the midlife crisis. Wait, she allready does that I anyway, so I could just by a new "muscle" euc and later argue that I am in my midlife crisis, accept it.
  11. For me there are two main reasons why EUCs fail to become a revolution in transportation at the moment. By far the biggest problem here in central europe at least are laws or missing laws considering this vehicles. This is not only an euc problem, many modern transportation devices suffer the same "gray area" problem. In germany for example you can't legaly drive anywhere except offroad. And in many countries where you have a regulation the speed is officially limited to 25km/h. Basically everything that can go between 25km/h and 45km/h is a gray area. There is no middle ground, and EUC just fit perfectly here. Personally I think there needs to be a 35km/h vehicle catogory where you are allowed to use bike lanes and lets say you need to use a bike helmet. Same applies to e-bikes that can go that speed very easy. 45km/h is difficult, it would hurt the euc usage a lot if you can't go on bicycle lanes. But with that speed it just not gonna happen. You will need an insurance plate like mopeds, thats the only way. The second problem I see at the moment, is that this devices are more seen as a toy and not a real transportation device. This comes along with point 1, and also is related to the prices. My wife for example asks me why I need a more expensive toy. This is in her mind, and its hard to fight that. Less expensive entry level devices would also help I guess.
  12. Ok, here is what I can remember from this summer. I started learning to ride backwards after about 100km training (about 1month into euc driving). First of all I don't think you should start try moving in circles backwards, thats more difficult and can be learned later. Just learn it where you have a lot of space and where you don't need to look behind you all the time. As allready mentioned you will turn as soon as you try to look behind you. So how did I learn it. First I allways started from a normal forward motion, and from that transitioned into a backwards move by slowly breaking and just continued until I moved backwards. I made a much bigger progress when I started to twist the wheel left and right while moving backwards on purpose. It did stabalize me quite a bit and with more practice you automatically minimize this twists. I don't if that is the right term to decribe it. Its like you do it on a bicycle if you try to balance it when you stand still with it, if you know what I mean. When I started turning while riding backwars I found it white counterintuitive the way you have to look. You allways look at the outside of the circle you wanna drive. But I wanted to look inside the circle. So far that isn't something I can do, don't know if that is even possible without an expert level. Also I think it should be something that someone riding euc should learn quite early on, it makes you a much better rider and many maneuver variations are suddenly possible.
  13. Thx US69, that Z10 price is definitly the best right now. The main problem is not the price itself, it is to convince my wife that 40km/h is safe and that I need more power to drive safe. However a lower price makes that task easier as well :D. The KS18L would be my prefered wheel but this wheel has it's own hardware problems and for me that locked wheel thing is more problematic.
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