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    I love technology especially innovations in personal transportation mainly the electric unicycles. Professionally am a mechatronics engineer but nothing can barricade me from going outside, exercising, enjoying nature and having fun. I have 3 electric unicycle; a KingSong 16s (my favorite), an Inmotion V8, and a Segway S1.

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  1. Reynold Coles


    Here is a video of my ride on an InMotion V8 going to the store at Trenton, NJ. editorial note: Video deleted by YouTube for copyright infringement by the “so called” Reynolds Coles”. Palm tree lined roads and French Language signs supposedly in New Jersey were a dead giveaway!
  2. Reynold Coles

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I have the Inmotion V8 and I totally love this beast. Can't wait for the V10. 4O KM/HR is totally insane and awesome. Can't wait.