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  1. @longinus88 In Go-kart mode it's not needed to maintain balance, so higher speeds are safe. BTW, it's possible to get over 30 km/h speed even on stock vehicle just by riding it backwards (and it seems Go-kart also mounts it in reversed position).
  2. Here it is the alternative "knee pillows shifter" 3D-printed model - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2626126 In comparison to @Kfirhe 's model, it does not change height and width of pillows, just puts them 4cm forward.
  3. And what's wrong with earlier versions of firmware? When I bought my MiniPro I almost immediately downgraded it from 1.2.x to 1.1.7. Because all newer firmwares starting (AFAIR) from 1.2.2 are more and more inconvenient (beeping to often, too aggressive platform tilting on high speeds, speed limiter if it thinks that it's bumpy or speed is too high, etc.). Meanwhile the old 1.1.7 does not have all this aggressive "safety" stuff (Personally, I don't think that it's safe doing forceful tilting of platform on high speed, so even knee pillows go behind my legs completely) and allows to do more (accelerate, for example). Almost 3000 km and not a single issue. Also I have to notice that I replaced stock tires to tires with a slightly larger diameter, so my speed increased by 15% or so.
  4. From my experience, status led turns off after the charging if BMS stops charging process abnormally. Normally it should "blink" forever until power disconnection. My story: Once I managed to discharge the bot to the moment when it refuses to allow me to ride it. But, there was a long descent in front, so I decided to ignore low battery and ride the bot. Very slow in the beginning, but then recuperation did the trick, and bot went faster and faster. At the end of slope, the battery indicator even returns one bar. BUT, When I charged the bot after that "torture", the battery indicator just turned off right at the end of charging (no blinking stage, green led on PSU). That's never happened before. Next rides (between charges) were not so extreme. Discharged to 20-30% remaining power. Second charge - was starting blinking, but after about a half hour the battery indicator turned off again. Third charge - a couple hours were passed until the shutdown of battery indicator. Next charge - it took more then 5 hours to get this off again. And only on fifth charge the battery indicator started to blink forever as it was before the incident. I think, the battery was unbalanced when it was charged by recuperation. And BMS was not capable to rebalance battery during just a single charge. I'm not sure if it's help, but I left bot connected to the charger overnight every time. Even if indicator turned off and PSU led was green.
  5. There is no such tutorial, unfortunately. There are at least 3 guys (in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kiev) who can "upgrade" Mini / Mini Pro with this firmware for a piece of money. It's required some soldering work and there are no plans to share the firmware and related stuff. But they can upload the firmware just to mainboard if someone send it to them.
  6. Also, a looong time ago there was an experiment to mount the 42 cm (16.5") wheels on the Mini Pro. The story (sorry, mostly Google-translated from Russian):
  7. Actually, there is hacked firmware for Mini / MiniPro with higher limits. It allows to ride the bot up to 23-24 km/h on stock tires, and up to 26-27 km/h using "high profile" tires. Sorry, no such firmware for Mini Plus.
  8. Mini Pro is more suitable for this task. Because it has 10" stock tires comparing to Mini Plus 11". And there couple 11" tires from China that fit Mini wheels. Even tires from Mini Plus will fit Mini Pro. And, as Mini Pro has 18 km/h limit at 10" stock tires, with 11" tires the speed is increased up to 20-21 km/h. I use this setup for more than 2000 kilometers and I'm very satisfied.
  9. I use 3D-printed model of handlebar mount designed for bike lights (Meilan X1/X6 in my case).
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