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  1. Okay my EUC friends! Today, my first video was published on YouTube. All my videos during the year will include topics on electric unicycles. In my next video, advice is given on how photographers can make their professional or hobby business greener by traveling with EUC. Subscribe to my channel today! PS. Tips and good advice from all of you will be taken with gratitude!
  2. Yesterday when I was riding with my KingSong 16c, a police car followed me about three kilometers. Why? This week, the police have controlled vehicle speeds and it looked as the police patrol that followed me saw an electric unicycle for the first time. They could not and had no reason to stop me because my unicycle gives its first beep at 25 kph which is the maximum allowed speed for EUC here in Finland. Take it easy out there in the big world so no one has any cause to make complaints about you!
  3. Hi I've now started a new channel on YouTube about photography, videography and of course a lot of electric unicycle contents: The first "long" video will be published in the beginning of April. Pleace subscribe and press the bell icon and you will not miss anything. See you on YouTube! I really really look forward to meet you there! Carl "dismason"
  4. Hi, Here is a useful video that I found to have a good practical value when editing Insta360 footage with Premiere Pro:
  5. A little update from me here in in the snowy Finland. My new video channel starts from the 1st of April this year (the link to the channel shall be published that day). My GoPro equipment had so much technical problems that I simply couldn't get good quality videos out of them. So the seller took the whole GoPro package back and it has now been replaced with another brand. I have founded a 500px image portfolio that holds high-resolution photographs from my EUC adventures, you find it here: https://500px.com/dismason/galleries/electric-unicycle My blog will also be updated with more EUC stuff. The first article was released yesterday and I hope you like it :-) https://dismason.org/2019/03/04/greener-photos-2019/ See you again soon Carl
  6. Hi, Thanks for asking!! Unfortunately, I have never ride an Inmotion (but I hope for the opportunity) so my wishes rely on over three thousand kilometers experience of driving with an another brand during the summer: THE SHELL. I like simple and funtional designs and instead of a complicated light play on the sides of the shell, I would prefer two headlamps forwards. One LED light with less power for riding in the city and the other LED light as a remote light, strong enough for an safe traveling in the countryside or offroad. Weather Resistant. In fact, it may start to rain or snow when we are outdoors. You can not always count on the weather forecast, not even for the next hour. It would also be good with a second port to load the wheel in the car as well. Then it would be possible to charge the wheel if we want to travel long distances in areas where there is not possible to find a place for "normal" charging. THE WHEEL. I wish a tire of such a dimension that it would be easier for us to find new tires when it's time to replace it with a new one. It also needs to be of such a size that you can purchase a stud tire for winter time riding. 18'' - 20''. CAPACITY. Many countries have regulated the maximum speed of this type of vehicle at 20-25 km / h, so it does not have to be a Formula1 EUC. As insured, the maximum speed in many countries is 30-50 km / h. Personally, I wish that it would be possible to ride at these speeds at least 90 km / charge. Regards Carl
  7. If I use a tyre of thicker and steady rubber material, I use the minimum pressure recommended by the manufacturer. If the tyre is manufactured in Europe, the side walls are very thin and the tyre may collapse in sharp maneuvers at high speed, if low pressure is used. So in my current "Schwalbe Mad Mike" tyre I use the recommended maximum pressure. It has worked so well that I have ordered a new one that will be assembled when the first snow comes.
  8. The problem with the youth today is that they look so old (older people look so young (especially if they are riding an EUC)). But I think they were aged between 16-18 years. So I did not take the helmet off me, in that case they would be scared and say: Oh no, it's someone's grandfather!
  9. I was riding to my destination, the Museum of Maritime History in the city of Kotka Finland. Then I saw two athletic youngsters who showed up their skate board tricks to a group of young girls. The boys had naked upper bodies and I had all my safety gears on me + an fullface helmet. So I stopped for a couple of seconds beside them and did some quick pirouettes to both right and left with my KingSong. The girls started screaming "look at that guy, look at that guy, he looks really cool!" The athletes looked at each other and one of them said "Oh no! I've had enough, let's go home!"
  10. Good work, I really like this video! Bon travail, j'aime beaucoup cette vidéo! Kind regards from Finland
  11. There were three drunk men sitting on a park bench when I rode by (in the city of Kotka, Finland). They looked at each other, then looked at the whiskey bottle and started laughing loudly . Next the bottle went a round again and they seemed to be happy with the liquid.
  12. I like your style to tell your story! Good work, keep going in the same style! Kind regards from Finland Carl
  13. I have not received a response from GoPro yet about what can cause this issue. They have earlier made the decision to replace it without reparing. I only use original GoPro parts and the temperature outside was below 20 ° C (68 ° F). Shooting 1080 p 60 f / s. The camera body became so hot that it could not hold it. The battery (GoPro) was emptied of power in five minutes. When it was cooled, I had to drill a hole in the battery (GoPro) and pull it out with a screw. New batteries (GoPro) can not be insert to the camera any more. Batteries fits perfectly in Hero 5 Black. So it will be interesting to see what they find wrong in my unit and they have promiced to give answers within three weeks. YouTube search: gopro hero 6 overheating
  14. Zhiyun seems to be a very good gimbal. The biggest advantage is that it can be used with many different cameras. Another advantage is that you can use an external microphone with it. Yesterday I tested my GoPro Karma grip. It also worked perfectly, but if you do audio recording, there will be a lot of noise from the gimbal engine as well. Karma is loud and at some angles it starts to shake. So I think Zhiyun can be a good investment for video recorders. Gopro Hero 6 Black camera has a good electronic image stabilization system, one of the best I've tried so far. Perfect for video captures. However, it has overheating problems and yesterday I sent my unit back to GoPro service in Sweden. May see if they now replace it for a new one for the third time. Sinikka is one of the most common names for women here in Finland. On the web, I saw that the world's first completely painless surgery was done at Boston Hospital .
  15. No stabilizer is needed. The heavier the tool is, the easier it is to film stable. For the video I only used a rubber band for all shots. But with an electric unicycle is it different, and I'll show in the next "behind the scenes" video (later on) how I use the rubber band with lighter gears. Can be good knowledge for those who do not want to invest in a new camera. Welcome to the Finnish riders group
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