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  1. When it comes to sports, it is always the accidents that create the biggest headlines. The more dangerous the sport is, the more followers it has and people hunger for blood. As far as electric self-balancing wheels are concerned, this trend has going on for a multi-year period. Manufacturers and importers have given their support and sponsor riders who think they are soo cool and do not care a bit about what others feels. The whole problem is in attitudes and I do not think it is possible to do anything about this for the moment. We are moving towards the time when our sport will get
  2. You probably agree with me that with an EUC, you’ll notice a lot of things you don’t see while driving a car. In my pic you see the only Vladimir Ilyich Lenin propaganda art outdoor statue in the world of this size. The Soviet Union forced the city of Tallinn in Estonia to donate a statue to my hometown of Kotka in 1979. EUC: Begode T3
  3. You have so many EUC riders in the Helsinki area that they have to complement McDonald's drive in line with a float in line as well.
  4. The charger for Begode T3 (Tesla V3) gets very hot when charging. This was the simplest solution I found to cool it down. The camera holder from the GoPro package + double-sided adhesive tape.
  5. Viisi kotkalaista puistoa on palkittu kansainvälisellä Green Flag -tunnustuksella. Yhteensä tunnustus on myönnetty yhdeksälle suomalaispuistolle. Puistorallikartta tästä linkistä: https://www.komoot.com/tour/377331988?ref=wtd
  6. Ensimmäinen Komoot-reitti on nyt sitten tehty. Sisältää Kotkan komeimmat paikat https://www.komoot.com/tour/375664414?ref=wtd
  7. I hope you never get too confident with your wheel. Technology can always fail. You can also make mistakes when you ride it. It pays to always expect the impossible to happen. If you maintain a feeling that something unpleasant can happen, this emotions will help you to also consider other peoples safety in the traffic. It helps you predict what kind of move a pedestrian or cyclist may do next. Being too confident opens the way for an accident, as we can see in many videos produced by the members of the zigzag riders community.
  8. Hieno kuva! Turku douze points, Turku twelve points.
  9. Excellent, magnifique . . . I made a suggestion to my wife but she said NO.
  10. You did a great job of taking us on your tour. It goes without saying that you should get my like and thumbs up. The video trip was relaxing. Regards from Finland.
  11. In this photo you see one of Finland's first steam trains and Finland's first Begode T3 (Tesla V3). Of these two vehicles, Tesla is the fastest but the train have still the longest range .
  12. My second test drive with the Begode T3 (Tesla version 3) ended half an hour ago. This time I did not reduce the speed to 20 km/h, I rode at a speed that feels comfortable to me. The only difference from the previous test was that I weighed 1.5 kg less than last time. The temperature today was 20 degrees Celsius warmer so there was no need to wear a lot of clothes. The end result was that the biggest impact on how far you ride on a charge is most affected by the temperature, not the riding style. The wheel was set to hard mode during both tests. A rider of 70 kg weight can expect a maximum
  13. En ole vielä kokenut yhtään dippiä, kumpaankaan suuntaan ja mode oli "hard". En ole kalibroinut sitä. Jalkatasojen asento oli melko täydellinen heti uutena, joten sitäkään en tarvinnut muuttaa. Ilmaa jouduin kyllä pumppaamaan renkaaseen. Ehkä pitäisi laittaa sitä slimiä mitä Marty Backe käyttää omissa pyörissä.
  14. Dodiin, nyt on ensimmäinen pitempi matka heitetty V3:lla. 61 km tuli lisää mittariin ja poweria jäi jäljelle 29%. Joten Teslan pysyy niissä numeroissa mitä luvataan ohjekirjassa. Mutta vähän ripeämpää menoa luulisin, että minun tapauksessa antaisi reilut 60 km/latausta. Epätasaisuudet ja kuopat Tesla suoritti matkalla moitteetta, melko pehmeästi. Kinsongilla jouduin olemaan hyvin varovainen huonolla alustalla. Joskus isku oli niin kova, että hampaat melkein irtosi. Tesla antaa enemmän anteeksi, ehkä se johtuu uudesta laakerista. Pitkän matkan reissuilla asfaltilla tuntui siltä, että
  15. Today I did a range test on my new Begode Tesla V3. The manual promises a distance of 80-120 km on a single charge 100% battery (70 kg rider at 20 km/h). We had clear weather outdoors with a temperature of +2 degrees Celsius. It was no wind and my weight is 76 kg. It was quite hard to maintain an average speed of 20 km/h with this machine. We Finns find it very difficult not to press the accelerator pedal when driving on gravel roads. The end result was a range of 61 km with 30% power left. So it keeps between the limits as promised in the manual. Those who like to ride at full speed, I
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