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  1. Mine had a noise inside the motor since day 1. The noise is getting worse every time I ride it, so I assume one or both bearings are damaged. If you do not have any strange noise coming from your motor, I would not worry. Depending on the type of routes you usually do (offroad, dirt, water, etc. tend to speed up wear), you may not have to change them for a long time.
  2. On an unrelated note -- has anyone replaced their S18 motor bearings yet? I will need to replace mine and was wondering what model of bearings would be compatible. On my 18L I installed SKF 6203-2RSH/C3 and I have been very happy with them so far (rode over 4k km with them; the originals lasted about 2.5k km).
  3. In my case the issue did not occur until I raised the pedals to the highest position. That completely messed up the ergonomics of the wheel for me, so at the moment I cannot place my feet under the pads because of the positioning of the calves vs. pads. In fact, I even reduced the thickness of the pads -- it helped a bit, but not too much. As a first idea, I am thinking of mounting the platforms of the 18XL pedals on top of the S18 pedals (but positioned slightly towards the exterior). Either that, or find someone or a shop who can cut custom platforms which I can screw on to the S18 pedals. If anyone has better ideas or the equipment to machine custom platforms, I am definitely interested!
  4. I may end up doing that too. On my day-to-day commute (involving a bus, various stairs, etc.) it is very annoying to have a limp wheel. Plus the speed of reaction when you pull the entire handle out is very low and often the wheel ends up almost falling to the ground until I move it around and the motor torque kicks in.
  5. I have the exact same problem!! Coming from an 18L with XL pedals, the S18 is quite painful for me. I am looking for options to possibly add larger platforms on top of the existing pedals.
  6. I have just upgraded. Honestly, I preferred the behavior of the lift switch before the upgrade. I had strange behavior when leaving the wheel plugged in overnight (charging would finish, and after that point the battery would start discharging), so hopefully this firmware fixes it. As for riding -- I will test later today and post impressions.
  7. Gracias por el consejo. El protector lo levanté yo para ver si había suciedad dentro -- algo hay, pero tampoco tanta como para causar ese roce. Tiendo a creer que es un problema del tubo exterior, que no tiene el diametro correcto por dentro. Dicho eso, casi seguro que la tendré que desmontar muy pronto para arreglar otras cosas, así que aprovecharé para echarles un vistazo a los tubos de la suspensión.
  8. Hi All, I am looking to replace the motor of my KS18L because of a bent/cracked rim, but I do not want to invest too much, since this wheel is my backup. Preferably in Spain, but other country in the EU is fine, as long as the shipping fees are not prohibitive. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all this info! May I ask what fast charger model you have?
  10. I received the Flexmeters on Monday (took less than a week to ship to Spain) and they are very, very comfortable! I have to agree with other posters who mentioned they go higher up on the arm -- I have yet to try them on with my armor jacket, but in general I am satisfied with my purchase.
  11. And talking about surprises...just realized at least one of my suspension rods is intensely rubbing against the inside of the fork.
  12. Haven't done a lot of rain riding (yet); that's why I am quite surprised. I also spray WD40 (Specialist dry lubricant with PTFE) every now and then, but like you said, the noise goes away for a while and then comes back. The clicking sound is quite noticeable -- to me this is a sound of faulty bearings. Looks like I will probably have to replace them, unless my distributor surprises me with some good news...
  13. Lukasz, man, your custom S18XL looks amazing! Just curious -- did you notice a big improvement in the range? Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!
  14. Have you tried the KingSong SoftTuner app? This video form Flyboy has some more details:
  15. Hello All, I have started noticing another sound coming from the motor (I think) -- it sounds to me like a bearings noise. This is a tentative video Ignoring the tire rubs and the beeps, there is a metallic sound which I do not think is normal. Can you guys also hear it, or am I crazy? I sent this video to my distributor and they say the sound is normal. I will try to do a better video where the sound is more obvious. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I wanted to thank you for this tip! I did as indicated and sure enough I received the free shipping code (would have cost me an extra $26.50) to ship to Spain. Hopefully I will not have to pay any import fees (just realized that 1 day after I put in the order). I got size Large as well. Based on your experience, is it possible to wear gloves under the wrist guards? Or is it better to wear them on top? Anyway, thanks again for your post; much appreciated!!
  17. Yay! Got another sound in my collection of noises of the S18 -- the chirping!! I am thinking about starting a band with fellow S18-ers using S18 noises -- I am sure we will produce the next Summer hit for 2021!
  18. OMG man, I hope you're OK. Damn...I am really disappointed in the quality/design of that 'metal' plate and I am really afraid of what might happen if I drop this wheel during my mountain routes. My 18L fell on rocks, tumbled down hills, I even had to hit it with my foot kung-fu style to prevent it going down the mountain -- apart from a few scuffs and two metal plates reinforcing the inner case, it is intact. A wheel theoretically made for jumping and offroading should be able to withstand anything that you throw at it... Stay safe and let us know if you are able to fix it... Edit: @Jack King Song this is the second S18 I see with this type of damage... Any plans to replace that plate with a stronger material?
  19. On my KS18L I have a Kenda 1039 (18x2.5), but I cannot seem to find it in 18x3.0
  20. Got it. I am even considering getting the tire that is installed on the V11, but so far I have not been able to find a store that sells it.
  21. Christophe, are you on the latest firmware? In 2.05 the behavior of the trolley is changed. As for the shape -- I agree and I have the same issue, although I am about 5'9. I am considering removing the stock pads (at least the top ones) and fitting custom-made pads (neoprene or similar). I also lifted the pedals to the top position. For the suspensions -- I removed the metal bricks but in my case it did not make too much of a difference... I am still working on tweaking the suspension to my taste; plus I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of fender rubbing... It is a great wheel but unfortunately you have to correct a few production issues and then tweak it to your taste.
  22. Have you received/installed the CST-803? I am really interested in replacing the stock tire, as it has really, really bad grip. Not sure if the CST-803 is the best fit for me, though. Do you know if, in terms of size, it is similar to the stock tire? The one thing I like about the H-5102 (coming from an 18L 18x2.5 tire) is the extra bump absorption that the 3.0 tire provides. Does the CST-803 provide a similar experience? Has anyone tried replacing the stock tire with a normal one? by 'normal' I mean a tire without knobs, but with better grip.
  23. Yesterday I had the same noise happen to me. I lubricated with WD40 Specialist dry lubricant with PTFE and the noise disappeared. Next step is to remove the big washers.
  24. I filed down the screw joint, but no matter how much more I file it down, when I pull the wheel upwards and the suspension ‘opens’ completely, the shock still sits on the fender. At this point I am not sure what else I can do. It is obviously a design issue.
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