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  1. You are the man! Much appreciated! I found most of the screws online so I will be ordering them probably this week. On Friday I replaced most of the bearings and added washers to the suspension (without taking the wheel apart, so I missed a couple of bearings) and I can say the suspension functionality has improved by at least 40-50%. My wheel has another issue: the fender is too large, so whenever the suspension gets pushed down (almost) all the way, the inner fender rubs and the plastic chassis gets stuck. I already cut off a small part of the fender but I have to cut some more. An
  2. Hi Lukasz, I have just sent you an email. Thanks.
  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! You have no idea how much this helps! You made my day! I was quite discouraged with my S18, but your guide really gave me the hope and energy I needed to plan on fixing the suspension and alignment issues! Not to mention the other issues! (trolley handle wobble, mudguard, etc.) All issues that I also have. It would be very, very helpful to know the sizes of the bolts in your kit! I would like to replace everything with stainless steel, as most of the current bolts have begun to rust (especially the ones used for fastening the pedals!). To y
  4. Yep....bent rim 🙄 Gotta see if/how this can be repaired (maybe warming it up and trying to hammer it) without further damaging the rim.
  5. It wobbles, but I am not yet sure why. Might be the tire or because of my bent rim. I will try to post a video. Edit: here is the video
  6. I was finally able to install the CST C-1488 the other day. Grip has improved a lot, and there is no rubbing (well, no more than with the stock tire anyway). I did not have to modify the fender, which was my concern when I purchased the new tire.
  7. Unfortunately I have to agree with you... I finally had some time to do some off-road last weekend and I was able to 'test' the Flexmeters (fell at about 25-30Kmph). This is my experience: Pros: Comfortable Quality materials, they seem durable hey run higher up the arm than other wrist protectors, which can be problematic when wearing armored jackets. In my case, however, I have a Dainese Armoform Manis and I solved this issue by putting the Flexmeters on underneath the armored jacket. D3O Cons: Too warm, even when not wearing gloves When fal
  8. Guys, I wanted to ask for a favor...if possible... I sent the videos of the bearings noise to my dealer and they are saying that the noise is normal. I think that anyone who has owned an EUC for a while can tell that this sound is not normal, and the bearings are dry on the inside. Plus, in a previous video where I spin the wheel by hand, there is a clear 'clicking' noise inside the motor. I don't want to impose, but if someone could record a quick video of the sound made by the motor of their S18, I would greatly appreciate it. I would send that video back to the dealer for comparis
  9. Thank you! This list is quite useful to have!
  10. And the bearings saga continues...
  11. Mine had a noise inside the motor since day 1. The noise is getting worse every time I ride it, so I assume one or both bearings are damaged. If you do not have any strange noise coming from your motor, I would not worry. Depending on the type of routes you usually do (offroad, dirt, water, etc. tend to speed up wear), you may not have to change them for a long time.
  12. On an unrelated note -- has anyone replaced their S18 motor bearings yet? I will need to replace mine and was wondering what model of bearings would be compatible. On my 18L I installed SKF 6203-2RSH/C3 and I have been very happy with them so far (rode over 4k km with them; the originals lasted about 2.5k km).
  13. In my case the issue did not occur until I raised the pedals to the highest position. That completely messed up the ergonomics of the wheel for me, so at the moment I cannot place my feet under the pads because of the positioning of the calves vs. pads. In fact, I even reduced the thickness of the pads -- it helped a bit, but not too much. As a first idea, I am thinking of mounting the platforms of the 18XL pedals on top of the S18 pedals (but positioned slightly towards the exterior). Either that, or find someone or a shop who can cut custom platforms which I can screw on to the S18 pedals. I
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