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  1. OMG man, I hope you're OK. Damn...I am really disappointed in the quality/design of that 'metal' plate and I am really afraid of what might happen if I drop this wheel during my mountain routes. My 18L fell on rocks, tumbled down hills, I even had to hit it with my foot kung-fu style to prevent it going down the mountain -- apart from a few scuffs and two metal plates reinforcing the inner case, it is intact. A wheel theoretically made for jumping and offroading should be able to withstand anything that you throw at it... Stay safe and let us know if you are able to fix it... Edit: @Jack King Song this is the second S18 I see with this type of damage... Any plans to replace that plate with a stronger material?
  2. On my KS18L I have a Kenda 1039 (18x2.5), but I cannot seem to find it in 18x3.0
  3. Got it. I am even considering getting the tire that is installed on the V11, but so far I have not been able to find a store that sells it.
  4. Christophe, are you on the latest firmware? In 2.05 the behavior of the trolley is changed. As for the shape -- I agree and I have the same issue, although I am about 5'9. I am considering removing the stock pads (at least the top ones) and fitting custom-made pads (neoprene or similar). I also lifted the pedals to the top position. For the suspensions -- I removed the metal bricks but in my case it did not make too much of a difference... I am still working on tweaking the suspension to my taste; plus I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of fender rubbing... It is a great wheel but unfortunately you have to correct a few production issues and then tweak it to your taste.
  5. Have you received/installed the CST-803? I am really interested in replacing the stock tire, as it has really, really bad grip. Not sure if the CST-803 is the best fit for me, though. Do you know if, in terms of size, it is similar to the stock tire? The one thing I like about the H-5102 (coming from an 18L 18x2.5 tire) is the extra bump absorption that the 3.0 tire provides. Does the CST-803 provide a similar experience? Has anyone tried replacing the stock tire with a normal one? by 'normal' I mean a tire without knobs, but with better grip.
  6. Yesterday I had the same noise happen to me. I lubricated with WD40 Specialist dry lubricant with PTFE and the noise disappeared. Next step is to remove the big washers.
  7. I filed down the screw joint, but no matter how much more I file it down, when I pull the wheel upwards and the suspension ‘opens’ completely, the shock still sits on the fender. At this point I am not sure what else I can do. It is obviously a design issue.
  8. This seems to happen when the suspension is at the top (don’t know if I expressed this correctly). Tried playing around with the pressure in both chambers, but no change. The fender keeps rubbing against the tire.
  9. Below is the pic
  10. This is a very cool guide! Thanks for posting! More motor noise here — Very obvious around 00:31
  11. I took off the outer shells and looked around (took advantage to lift the pedals while I was at it...) and it seems everything is aligned correctly. There is even a piece of aluminum on the right side of the axle. I did not see anything else that may be loose (I thought it could have been a loose washer, like the ones that go on the axle of the 18L/XL, but the S18 doesn’t seem to have them, or at least they don’t seem to be loose). I listened to the sound more carefully and it sounds very much like an older firmware that I used to have prior to 1.13 on my 18L. The sound was very similar and it happened when accelerating — it’s like the motor is being forced (or the opposite, it’s being throttled). I remember on the 18L when I upgraded to 1.13 it seemed like something unlocked inside the motor and the wheel was butter smooth all of a sudden. Plus, there is a strange clicking sound when the wheel is moved slowly (see vid 1). So I am starting to think it may be firmware related. That issue aside, has anyone managed to resolve the fender rubbing issue? My shock lies exactly on top of that protuberance, so every time I brake or accelerate hard, the fender rubs against the wheel. I have no idea how to resolve it, except removing the screw and filing down the protuberance (although I don’t know if at that point the shock would go lower and still hit the fender).
  12. Yes, there is definitely a rubbing sound (I confirmed that the shock presses against the fender and the tire rubs whenever I brake). But there seems to be another sound (more metallic) which gets amplified when I accelerate (as if there was something loose inside the motor).
  13. Hi guys, do you have any ideas of what these noises can be? Any ideas/suggestions would be highly appreciated!
  14. I like this better!
  15. I do not like the grey pads. If the suspension tubes were the same shade of grey maybe I would have considered it. But to me (and I understand that beauty is in the eye of the bee(r)holder) this wheel does not look good. I think there are too many different colors: the aluminum of the rim, matte black, dark grey, light grey, and then boom! a splash of gold... The problem is you cannot paint the pads either (I think paint would not stick to them) -- best case scenario I would have to buy the black pads separately (the ones that will supposedly come with the white model), but that's extra $$, so not cool. I pre-ordered the matte black thinking the wheel would be all black; these grey pads really made me reconsider my choice -- I may cancel this order and switch to white, but that means I may have to wait longer to receive it...
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