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  1. Smarthlon

    Weight limit for hoverboards

    Weight limit for hoverboard is different depends on types,for weight of 250lbs,you should use hoverboard with bigger wheels,such as 10inch hoverboard and 8.5inch hummer hoverboard,these types will give you good riding experience with safty.
  2. Smarthlon

    Best website for hoverboard reviews? Anyone?

    Hi Ann, For safty reason,you should always look for a hoverboard with UL2272 certification,cause this is the must have certification for hoverboard in US market. Except UL2272,you should look at the description of the hoverboard or ask the supplier directly,do they come with samsung/LG battery and Taotao motherboard,these are the guarantee for quality. If you want to know more hoverboard,you can read our article:https://www.rayeeboard.com/blog/segway-board/
  3. Smarthlon

    Hoverboard not activating - weight?

    @josip Here is my suggestion: As far as I know,the minimum weight for riding hoverboard is 20kgs,maybe different according the hoverboard type For the regular 6.5inch hoverboard,the board will be vibrate fiercely if the pressure on pedal is not heavy enough,you can use your palm to test it. Read the manual,if it is still not working,you can go for the supplier for a help. BTW,I wrote an article about the weight limt for different types of hoverboard,feel free to read it and leave a comment:https://www.rayeeboard.com/blog/hoverboard-weight-limit/