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  1. My Kingsong 18L only charges up to 79%... Any ideas how I can repair this? Thanks
  2. Would be nice if sellers put the location in the main header so people would know not to bother clicking the ad thanks
  3. I'm in London and potentially interested. Can we arrange a time and place to have a look? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, hope you are well and having lots of fun on your wheels? I've recently bought the Kingsong 18 A + and have gotten frustrated with the constant speed reminders "beep beep beep Please Slow Down" I have see the tutorial on youtube but the new app doesn't appear to have the functionality for turning off the speed restrictions. As for a solution, I'm wondering if anyone has an old version of the app or can someone explain how to do it on the new app? Thanks Very much appreciated Richard
  5. Hi there, I'm riding a kingsong 18 A+ and looking to meet up with other riders in London. I live in Camden town. Thanks
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