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  1. It's kinda like riding one-legged with a nice gas pedal that you're gunning. Much easier on smaller wheels.
  2. Ok, as eager as I am to read more about your Nikola, you have to tell us more about the parakeet.
  3. I love that this thread has gained traction. Can't wait to tinker if you guys find a solution. You, sirs, are all gentlemen and scholars.
  4. Love everything about this post. Especially THE PARAKEET. I rode like this on my V5F+ and Tesla, but having a little more difficulty with the Nik+. To gain more torque from a stop, I actually now use my right heel (instead of the ball of my right foot) to apply more pressure. Can I ask how often you are in this position? Do you switch to this for torque and then shift to a more parallel foot position when going straight for longer distances? Or you switch back and forth between feet so that you are constantly carving, similar to how I think houseofjob rides? For turns, in particular, I find that because the Nik is my first heavier wheel, I keep my heel on the outer corner (southwest or southeast corner) of the pedal and dig in during the turn to guide the wheel (vs squeezing the wheel or simply pressing on the northeast/northwest corner of a pedal with my toes on lighter wheels ). Would love to hear more about other stances folks use!
  5. Yep, pretty close to disconnecting my speakers as well. But hoping Gotway will hear our pleas and just change it on the firmware or something. Chris, you received your Nikola? Loved following your wheelog for the MCM5 and 16x--thinking of doing something similar with the Nik+? I don't know why it's just as thrilling as reading about someone talk about their wheel as me riding that same wheel, but curious what you think. I started out thinking I'd upgrade to an MCM5 and somehow got a Tesla and then a Nikola within 2 months of each other.
  6. Wow. Mind blown. I can stare at these cat memes all day Thanks Chris!
  7. I only have one request: Can they pleaaase get rid of the startup sounds??? It is soooo embarrassing... I don't know how to add a cat meme like Chris just did, but please imagine one, if it helps me with my plea.
  8. How exciting!! Can you tell us more about the new slim 16"? 2.5" tire size? And for the less technical, what do 21700 cells translate to? Thank you!
  9. Is there a way to see speed/battery info even when pin is locked? As in a widget on the home screen?
  10. Oh, i found it! Thanks for the heads up! What is the round black thing on the right of your video? https://www.amazon.com/ECEEN-Reflective-Luminous-Direction-Controller/dp/B07RPQ9B5H/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?keywords=signal+light+backpack&qid=1565007849&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/FANCYWING-Accessory-Backpack-Direction-Indicator/dp/B07BQNB1K9/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=signal+light+backpack&qid=1565007849&s=gateway&sr=8-5
  11. Interesting... I go to the 43rd st Equinox and have asked them to keep it behind the counter. Officially the response is no, but it really seems to depend on who is checking people in. So far I've been lucky. I do try to walk in without helmet/pads so I look like a normal person. Would love to wheel in like Columbus Circle dude. I did my nails the other day and they kept it somewhere behind a counter. Is the diameter of the V10 too large to fit in the locker?
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