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  1. Thank you so much for the review on the L8f! Been scouring the web for reviews. Seeing tons of escooters here in NYC and we don’t even have Bird. Did you or anyone try or think about getting the Xiaomi M365s or Ninebot E2?
  2. Not sure how to close a thread, but just wanted to update that I ended up getting another wheel instead.
  3. Hi all! Just wanted to give you all an update! It's been really fun debating the merits of different starter wheels for a potential slowpoke like me. I just went to check out Mark's V5f+ and he showed me how to ride it. What a great guy! Had soooo much fun, just had to buy it. Now I can't wait to zip around the city!! Again, I wanted to thank you all for your wonderful advice and let you know how much it helped me make my decision! ~Diana
  4. You guys are hilarious. “Small Asian girl tried a Segway one time?” Your assumptions that I will be crossing the streets holding the EUC is exactly the right assessment. Oo, that’s a nice affordable electric scooter! Will consider it if I give up on the EUC. I used to own a micro kick scooter that i loved, but my friends made fun of me ALL THE TIME. Sigh. Hence, the pivot to EUCs. And yep, i’ve looked into those solo brushes, but they didn’t get funded on kickstarter unfortunately. Only 22 funders. Womp womp. Will let you know how the V5f+ test drive goes or if I slink back to the world of escooters.
  5. AHAHAHA- love it Shad. But I am secretly an old lady living inside a 30yr old's body. I actually have no desire or intention to beat a bike. My goal is to live!!
  6. What amazing replies! Can't tell you how much I appreciate you guys coming along this fun journey with me. And now I already want two EUCs right off the bat. =)) Here's a mini update on what i'm considering. Ideally, I'd want want to decide by the end of the week and can't wait to start riding (...er, learning to ride)! IPS i5 ($650)- Pros- 1) The portability of this EUC is just SO SO attractive. I feel like I would find addl excuses to just leave my apt and go down a couple blocks. Being from socal, I kinda hate walking, so I don't really live in the right city. But the i5 being 10lbs lighter really means I can just run out the door. Cons: 1) Stability/uncomfortable ride-- Realistically, will my jaw be rattling while I ride on crappy NYC sidewalks? I'm already quite scared of going through sidewalk cracks when rollerblading, so I feel like I might be riding quite timidly for a while or not at all, which defeats the 'last mile' benefit of this. 2) Did they figure out that long-winded beeping? Ian's review was wonderful, but dang, that beeping is just nuts. 3) Angled pedals-- potential discomfort for my feet may outweigh the benefits of having higher clearance. vs Traditional starter wheels (couple secondhand offers coming in) $600 V5f+ -- Mark's V5f+ looks beautiful! Would the V5f+ be more comfortable or have smoother handling than a KS14D? $640 KS14D- Seems like the steady eddy. Absorbs sidewalk cracks better than V8, according the The Topher's videos? $900 KS16B- it's white. =( Yes, color is impt. (unknown price) V8-possible local sale, but would be in mid-April since person is waiting for the V10 =((((( . GAH, the wait. And too much functionality that I won't actually need?In the past, I have always bought more device than I need. (I have a tennis ball machine and 350 tennis balls sitting in NJ that weigh heavily on my psyche ) I think after reading all your advice, my key deciding factors are: 1. Safety- I have watched all the fall/ injury videos you guys have posted. And i'm terrified. There are too many other ways to get hurt/die in NYC. My amazon cart is currently well stocked with knee pad options and helmets. 2. Ease of use--- the tricky bit is whether to define that by portability or a comfortable ride (hence this i5 vs everything else debate). Portability- I have to figure out whether 27lbs is cumbersome for me. Comfortable ride-- It's so hard to differentiate between the KS14D, V5f+, and the V8 sometimes. What is most optimal for smooth handling in a city-setting? Still seems like a bit of a toss up. Features that I have not weighed/have slight questions on: Anti-spin function--Why is this important? Won't we all come to a stop before picking up the EUC? Trolleys- Scorpion tails vs the luggage-like handle on the KSs. What's actually easier? Some people seem to like scorpion tails, but they seem kinda weaker to me. Battery- eh, I figure I'm not going farther than 12miles... a realistic 80% charge of whichever battery should get me there, no? In my head, when I'm optimistic, I imagine that I can learn how to ride in an hr and be super confident brushing off sidewalk cracks on the IPS i5. I figure, being in the city, I will need an IPS i5 at one point--either to start or as a second wheel (heh heh heh) just because it is so unbelievably light. On the other hand, I may never get on it, because I will just be looking for the next deadly sidewalk crack!
  7. Looks like no trolley handle, but I can carry that in a fancy floral side tote, ScoutsHonor suggested. One side question that I have is that people keep comparing the handles of the 14d and the V8. What's different about them?
  8. WOWZA—I obviously came to the right place. Thank you thank you everyone for all your great suggestions! I definitely have not paid any attention to Gotways or the IPSs, so this is super helpful. This featherweight looks beautiful. That sling tote pic is hilarious, Scoutshonor. Definitely leaning towards the IPS i5 now. My only reservation, given it’s small size, is it hard to learn on though? And i looked at 14d bc of the smooth ride/stability/less wobbles. Because I won’t use this daily, but more on the weekends, I was willing to add weight for increased stability bc of crappy sidewalks. For those that recommend the V8 or the V5f, what else do you think I gain vs the IPS featherweight? PS—I don’t plan on riding on the street or in crowded sidewalks at all. I live in the Upper West Side, 2 blocks from Central Park so sidewalks are wider and there are fewer pedestrians.
  9. Hi all! I’ve been haunting this site for a bit after I went on a segway tour around Philly (no laughing) and finally biting the bullet. I had been thinking that a KingSong14D is the way to go for me, but let me know if there are others I may not have thought of! Female Newbie planning to ride around NYC—5’3 and 150lbs. I’m generally looking for something easy to learn on and feels pretty stable. Fair weather rider here! Hopefully spending under $1,000 and not opposed to second hand. Intended Use: To save me that last 15min to/from a subway. This won’t be used for commuting. I play rec leagues on wkends, so really cruising to/around a park is realistically all i’m anticipating and max of 5-6miles one way. I am not a speed demon by any means and actually thought the segway’s top speed was great! (12mph). Does that mean maybe I don’t need to one day upgrade to the KS16s? As a sidenote, i have terrible ankles/feet from tennis/flag football. I’ve read the posts about developing plantar fasciitis. Maybe there are some starter wheels with less angled pedals? Thank you in advance for your advice!
  10. Hi all! Looking to purchase a KingSong 14D. Have been reading reviews for waaay too long and think it's time to dive in. Sadly, it seems like I just missed a couple sales of the KS14D in the past month, but hoping someone else is out there in the NYC area or within the US looking to upgrade. Seems like market price is around $500 depending on condition. Give me a shout, cuz I'd love to hear from you! Can't wait to start riding! Have a good day! =)
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