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  1. The wheel's battery is totally dead that's why I was going to charge it up but the charger is not letting me charge it. When I try to charge it using an outlet that has a built-in breaker, It trips the breaker immediately and makes a popping noise, and the green LED turns off as soon as I connect the charger to the wheel. So I tried in another outlet without a built-in breaker in the outlet and when I plug the charger it makes the popping sound again and the green LED turns off, BUT when I unplug the charger from the wheel, the green LED comes on, so it wasn't tripping the main breaker switch in my garage. I'm hopping it's not the battery but it could be anything that might be shorted inside which is making the popping noise.
  2. Hi guys! I have an ACM16 that I haven’t used in a few months, so when I plugged the charger to the outlet everything seems fine. LED light was on and when I plugged the charging port to the EUC I heard a pop and it tripped a breaker switch. The LED was off but when I unplugged the cable from the EUC the light came on. Not sure where to start. Anyone heard of this issue before? Thanks!
  3. @Scott Henley feeling a little better now? You need to rest up because like you said, you're going to be sore tomorrow morning. Take it easy!
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