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  1. Great review thanks a lot! I am also like you upgrading from a Ninebot one eplus to the 16S... I've got 1200 km on the Ninebot and simply love it but like you know the limiter kicks in a little sooner than we would like... I've done a ton of research and my conclusion was to get the 16S. Now from what I've seen the acceleration is great up to too speed.....my question is.....is it easy to hold it on a good road at the top speed of just under 35km/h? Can you comfortably cruise at its top speed or do you hit the limiter often? Thanks
  2. Man that thing is a beast! Awesome!!!
  3. Well that says a lot, I'm going to seriously consider it over the 16S...may take some time before it becomes available here in SA!
  4. Thanks for the advice... The V10 F will be way more expensive for me but I've read that theV10 will have same torque and speed as the F just less range... Then the price is in the same ballpark as the 16S... Would you say the V10F is your favorite of all the wheels you own?
  5. Hi Rotator, I also own a Ninebot one e plus which I absolutely love with 850km but want to upgrade to the KS16S 840wh at the end of the year... Will you recommend this coming from the Ninebot or could you advise on other models to look at? It still seems to me after doing a lot of research on forums that the 16S is still an all round excellent wheel...
  6. Yeah man I've done 850km on mine and love it as well... It actually surpassed my expectations as I bought it without ever seeing a unicycle in my life. I also ride mine almost every day and the only problem now is that I want something faster and stronger... I will never sell it and hope to get something that will compliment it.... KS16S I was thinking...or V10...? These things are so addictive and I can fully understand why some guys own 5 or more wheels!
  7. Jbwheel thanks so much for info. I think the consensus from most riders with deeper technical knowledge has made it clear to me to go for the biggest possible battery option regardless of the wheel I choose in the end... For me it would only make sense to spend a little bit extra ( in relation to the price of such a premium product ) to get the best possible performance for the lifetime of the wheel which could be thousands of kilometers... I think the extra £150 would be long forgotten in the knowledge that I'm riding the best possible version of the wheel instead of always wondering if
  8. Meepmeepmayer thanks for great advice on import options... I'll be sure to let you guys know which option seems best in the end. It also looks like the V10F would be better than the 16S for about the same price.... I must say it looks the part... Beautiful design apart from the trolley handle at the top... I'm planning to purchase the wheel towards the end of the year so more user reviews on the V10F would be nice before I make a final decision. I've never even seen another unicycle here in Johannesburg apart from my own so I'm basing my decisions completely on reviews..... I can't wait for Ia
  9. Well I just went to Speedyfeet and the V10F is only £50 more expensive than the KS.... ! I was under the impression its way more so yes that could be an even be better alternative to the16S.... Thank you very much I'm going to mail Ian and find out about the free shipping. Thanks so much for all the information guys!
  10. Warped and Chruill thanks a lot for the great advice.... I think you're right that I may just end up regretting not getting the bigger battery in the long run..... I've been loving my Ninebot but the speed and acceleration was the limiting factor in where I can ride as I often steered clear of certain areas due to not being able to get out of the way of traffic.... The KS16S will allow me to explore more areas safely on our insane roads.... I get so jealous when I see videos of the areas where you guys ride... I mean we don't even have dedicated bike paths here so my riding will sometimes be c
  11. Hi Chriull, Thanks so much for your reply! Now the price difference between the 680 and 840 is about £150... With my Ninebot one I normally do about 15 - 20km per session as here in Johannesburg we don't have bike paths and even sidewalks aren't always available making it quite difficult to do long rides... Would you say it would be worth it to spend the extra $$$ in my case? I can't find the range for the 680 battery anywhere but it should be way more than 20km...
  12. Hi Guys,I'm planning to get a King Song 16 S and here in South Africa it will cost a small fortune to import...My question is: Will there be a difference in torque and speed between the 680wh and 840wh battery options or will it only be the range that would be affected? I'd rather pay more and get the bigger battery if there would be a notable difference. Thanks in advance for letting me pick your brain...Anton. Sent from my iPad
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