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  1. I JUST got pulled over in Kyoto riding a KS18L. After a very long (mostly polite) discussion their verdict was that as the law is currently unclear I should avoid the roads for now. Most of my riding is done along the Kamo River so not a total loss, but still... Hoping for some clarification in the next year or so.
  2. I'm not sure that's the case. With a bicycle you have to keep two wheels on the track (one of which naturally swivels). With a UEC however, you just need to keep one (non-swiveling) wheel relatively upright and traveling in a straight line.
  3. It seems like it would be easier than modding a bicycle like the one below. Could be useful for people wanting to adventure on old abandoned (or seldom used) railroad tracks.
  4. Any engineers or insane hobbyists out there have any thoughts/ opinions on how feasible a railroad track attachment mod would be?
  5. Lots of great ideas here, thanks! I especially like the idea of lawnmower mod (would be a lot more fun and cut down on noise). Also, makes you wonder why car battery tech hasn't been updated in like forever. Why are we still using these heavy, inefficient, underpowered behemoths when so much better tech is available!?!?
  6. Hi, I'm traveling South America at the moment with a 4WD vehicle and an electric unicycle that I use for getting around when I'm in cities. In some countries here you are required to drive with your lights on during the day and... my vehicle doesn't have a warning sound when you shut off the engine telling you that you left your lights on ? So twice now I've drained the battery and needed a jump. Since I'm carrying around this mobile battery pack in the form of an EUC, I was wondering if it would be possible to rig it for jumping the car battery in case this happened in a remote area. Thanks
  7. Hi, I purchased a +350 121 IPS and am using it to get around in cities while I travel. Like many other people, I"m experiencing the km reset bug that limits speed to 20km/hr every time I pass 100 km (resets to 0 and you don't unlock 30km/hr again until you hit 50km...). I know people have posted a 30km/hr unlock fix but seems to be only for Android phones. I'm using an iPhone and Mac and am looking for a software solution. Tried calling the company with their listed phone number and got someone who only spoke Chinese and sounded very confused. Tried using their listed contact emails several times and no response. Does anyone know a way to contact someone at this company!!?? Thanks
  8. Hi, Currently traveling South America and when I was in Buenos Aires I saw a guy riding an electric unicycle. Also saw one guy in Santiago riding one but after lots of searching online and looking for local resellers, I haven't been able to find a place to pick one up. Does anyone know of resellers anywhere in South America that offer a decent selection of EU models? Probably looking to pick up a KingSong 16s. Thanks!
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