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  1. I’ve been riding my Inmotion V8 for over 1500km, and then last week on a normal ride, I experienced a forced tilt back with and audible alert, and the side lights flashing red, and the triangle warning sign near the battery indicator turned on. The battery was charged a few days prior and had 3 out of 5 bars lit up. Doing the diagnostic test in the app says everything is ok. The only bad issue I have with the battery is that about 1 month ago, I left the V8 charging and went out of town for 3 days. When I got back, the battery indicator shows constant flashing of the 5th bar. Normally, when it’s fully charged, all the bars are solid and no longer flashing. Essentially, after leaving it on the charger for 3 days, it will no longer fully charge all 5 bars, now only 4 solid bars and 5th will not stop flashing to show it is fully charged. I do not know if this issue is related and why I expienced forced tilt back. I am not sure if the issue is with the motherboard or the battery. I live in Thailand and bought my unit off of AliExpress so I don’t have an option to send it in to a service center. Can someone suggest what I should do or if there’s s DIY repair option? I miss my EUC. 😢
  2. I currently ride an Inmotion V8, and it’s great for riding around the neighborhood and short distance trips. However I’m looking for a long range cruiser that’s more comfortable on my feet with more power and range. If given the choice between the Inmotion V10F or KingSong KS18L, what are the pros/cons, better choice?
  3. Really appreciate everyone’s input. I think I’ll scrap the solid tire idea and look for a suitable tire as a spare, and try tightening the valve stem but I can’t seem to order Slime to Thailand.
  4. kindnation

    Solid tire?

    Since I am located in Thailand, I had to buy my Inmotion V8 from AliExpress since there’s no authorized dealers here. I was looking for a spare tire and found this solid tire, and it claims it’s “anti stab, wear-resisting, explosion-proof”. Also, I currently have to pump up my tire every other ride because I can feel the tire get soft, as I like the feel around 45 PSI on the stock Kenda tire. A solid tire with a consistent feel would be easier than having to waste time refilling the tire. Has anyone tried this tire or know how it rides? Are there any caveats with using a solid tire? Would a solid tire work with the V8?
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