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  1. I bought my MCM4 from him last year and it took 45 days until I got it and it took a month to even get a tracking number and tracking status. But I got it and I was very satisfied so I also ordered my MCM5 from Green and Fashion since it was very cheap. This time it took around 50 days or something and it took a month until I got a tracking number and tracking status also this time. But I got my wheel about a month ago or something and I'm very satisfied also this time. When I buy my third wheel I will probably buy it from Green and Fashion again, but it's a bit awkward to wait that long time. But if you're not in desperate need of the wheel I would go for it. I'm located in Sweden. Germany will probably go faster since he was sending it to Germany first.
  2. The reason was because of lack of knowledge about the wheel. I had low/medium battery level and could not reach full speed. It started beeping, and I had exceeded the beeping multiple times before that, but at fully charged battery. I did not know about the cut off concept so I just ignored the beep and went full power and then I got a cut off. Only myself to blame. It was actually a good experience to fall off. I was impressed it was "not that bad, really". But without gloves my hands would have been very damaged. My skin gloves took all the damage instead of my own skin and I had to buy a new pair of gloves. I would never ever ride without gloves. I ignore wrist guards and use thick skin gloves instead. I'm thinking of buying a combination of wrist guards and gloves since I don't want to expose my fingers/hands. My experience was that hands/elbows/knees were the damage areas (in that order). My helmet did not even touch the ground (at that time). I could have skipped the knee pads since they were least important when I had my accident. But they are still important. I wish I could get some nice shoulder protection since that's the only part I'm missing which could hurt me badly.
  3. I would never ride faster than 20kmh without a full face helmet. I fell once because of a cut off and It went well (around 25-30kmh or something), but I plan not to fall again, but I will probably do that another time so then I want to be prepared!
  4. Yeah, but still Btw, today I heard some strange noise from my wheel every 10 seconds. I was at 39 degrees celcius and the fan started for 3 seconds and stopped again. Then it started after 10 seconds again and then repeat over and over. Sounds loud as an old computer fan. Is this a natural behaviour? I get worried when it just starts and stops like that.
  5. That is a good idea! Too much effort for me though. I was considering duct taping a sponge om each side. That is my level of ambition 😁
  6. Thanks! Well different techniques works on different wheels. It was not a bad habit on the mcm4, but it seems to be a bad habit doing the same for mcm5 I'lI'll work it away!
  7. That may be the solution. I am not new since i have 3500km om my mcm4. But I will try!
  8. And another question. How did you solve the feet thing against the plastic? (I can make up something myself but just for inspiration). It hurts so much compared to the mcm4 which had rubber down there. Thinking about glueing some rubber on the plastic.
  9. So, I just got my MCM5. Though I use the same app as for my mcm4. Which has the beep at 32kmh++. What app do you use to set the beep at 35kmh or 40kmh?
  10. Jo jag sÄg dig ocksÄ. Det var lite svÄrt att stanna till i det dÀr flödet av cyklister
  11. @Unventor Jag Àr bortrest fram till söndag tyvÀrr, men annars Àr jag pÄ typ vilken dag som helst efter jobbet HÀrligt att du Àr nÀstan ÄterstÀlld!
  12. Hope you will be back on the wheel soon. Even though you got hurt , I bet that armour jacket made the damage less critical. And I was half a meter from driving into you when you fell so maybe the three second rule should be applicable even on a wheel while driving in a line
  13. Åkte en svĂ€ng idag med @Jens Ronnedal och @Unventor. Det var en trevlig tur. TyvĂ€rr blev det en liten olycka framĂ„t slutet p.g.a en longboard-kille som skulle köra slalom pĂ„ en trĂ„ng cykelvĂ€g vilket skapade en olycka. Gick det bra? Var det allvarligt?
  14. Ja, jag Àr absolut pÄ. GÀrna nÄgon solig dag efter jobbet, alternativt en söndag.
  15. Nu har jag bestÀllt min MCM5 frÄn AliExpress! Det kÀnns lite copy paste av förra Äret för ungefÀr samma tid förra Äret köpte jag mitt MCM4 och jag var lika taggad och spÀnd dÄ. Men det lÀr vÀl ta lite mer Àn en mÄnad innan jag har mitt paket, men det fÄr gÄ
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