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  1. Maybe old info, but your description above with the devils....I just experienced it. When I came to the step to cut off the seal on the sealed cables and remove the battery plastic, I felt I had to give up. Screws and plug out cables is enough for me. Not fiddeling around with glue and pastry and other stuff. Nightmare is approved.
  2. Yes, same happened to me now and today I was trying to make it ready for my tube replacement that I ordered. But I gave up. I may have the V1 without speakers and I felt it was impossible to get that wheel out of the box. I was going to buy a new wheel anyways this spring so I will well this to someone for a cheap price because of the flat tire. Next wheel has to be easier to replace the tubes
  3. Yffisch


    Haha, yupp! I have been busy with vacation and moving to the new apartment (so now we are kind of neighbours) That was the strangest thing I've seen today
  4. Yffisch


    I am practicing backwards riding and one leg riding. Making progress! I have somehow waited 2 years to learn this properly which is a shame
  5. Haha, I guess it's higher risk for your mobile phone to explode. But still, even if it's very very very small risk. I want to keep it like that. Knowing where my wheel is. By the way, are there any "safe boxes" for wheels out there? That you basically can cover the wheels with when leaving them unused for months?
  6. Sounds good! Well, I want everything. I want urban, I want forest trails, I want uphills and I want long distance. MCM5 is extremely suitable for all of them in my opinion, but I would love to be able to go 70-100km in one charge instead of 50-60km Guess I need several wheels for different purposes, but I don't want to have two wheels at home since that doubles the "risk" of "burning up when you're not at home" accidents. I think it's an extremely small risk that it will just burn up without being charged or anything, but I kind of want to feel that I lower the risk as much as possible. Ano
  7. That's good information. Since you already seem to own an MCM5 then your input is valuable. So you would prefer your Tesla instead of your MCM5?
  8. I've been having an MCM4 and currently I have an MCM5 because I needed a longer distance wheel. I'm sooo satisfied with my MCM5 after 5000km of riding so I feel I don't really want a heavier or a faster wheel since I never go faster than 35kmh anyways. The range is very good (40-50km approx) and I don't actually need better range either, except when I go for long distance tours where I would like 80-100km, but I still want to have a small wheel since I very often end up in small forest trails where I have to carry the wheel etc. I'm considering buying another MCM5 when I'm done with the o
  9. På vilket sätt var det för dåligt? Gick den sönder av vattnet? Jag kör varje dag med min mcm5 i vattenpölar och snö och skit och den har varit med om de allra värsta väderlagen man kan tänka sig - utan problem. Mcm4 var lika tät den också
  10. Nu var det längesedan jag såg någon annan på EUC i stan. Jag kör själv varje dag året runt (så länge det inte är is på marken). Det är lite pissigt nu med allt vatten, men bättre än slask i alla fall. Snart kommer det där jäkla gruset på vägen och då kommer det bli riktigt sunkigt Men det gör ju att man slipper halka så...
  11. Here is another video describing the problem further. Listen to the sound when I turn on the front light, especially the blinking one:
  12. When temperature approaches 39 degrees celcius, my fan always start which is fine. It has always had that "buzzing fan sound" which it totally how it should sound. Yesterday it started sounding differently though, I don't hear the fan sound any more, it started squeaking instead and all the lights are flickering with the squeaking fan. The lights don't run smooth anymore while the temperature is 39++ degrees. They start flickering with the squeaking fan. I'm not sure what to do about this. Anyone recognize the problem? I made a video of the problem here. I did not get the light issue on this v
  13. Nä det var en MCM5 som jag beställde, men annars var det ganska nära Jag är supernöjd med den och det finns inget annat hjul som jag skulle vilja ha just nu. Riktigt bra range, riktigt bra hastighet, riktigt bekväm och billig och najs på alla sätt och vis.
  14. Men man bygger väl garage under jorden i stället i samma kontorshus?
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