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  1. I cannot, my camera is also new and it is inside an unopened box.
  2. Ha. I never heard that one before. Thats funny. Thanks for sharing that
  3. Hey Sam, Sorry, I could not help myself. But the reason why the others are loling is because the offer you made was somewhat below standard in terms of private sales on the internet. Unless some sort of deal is made between the parties, the usual protocol is that the buyer sends the money, then the seller ships. You can make counter offers, but they have to be somewhat reasonable. The offer you countered means you do not understand the market. Ive sold used V8s at $700. So learn to trust internet people or go do local trading instead. The math thing is Zeno's Paradox. And one last thing. You can criticize a man all you want. But never, EVER, criticize a man's wheel. Them's fightin words.
  4. I dont believe I am saying this, but lets make it 900. You send me half now, and Ill send you half. Maybe just the tire. Then we keep halving each time. I dont know what will happen, but the math people say that somehow we will be able to reach total transfer.
  5. Yes. I dont know where it was bought at, but I can try to find out. Yes.
  6. You become the friend that would be willing to do more, but not necessarily in the realm of wheels.
  7. It is brand new. it has zero miles on it. Its still in the box. do you want a picture of the box?
  8. Friend gifted this to me but I am already upgrading to V10F. Comes with everything original that came with the box. Shipping is extra.
  9. Andee

    v10F Range

    Hmm... 45 km is not bad. I feel like I want to always go 32-37km/h thats exactly what I want to do. Im like 90kg, So that will probably take me down even further. I wonder if theres a nice graph we can draw with weight and range as its params for each euc. Does the app give good range est?
  10. Andee

    v10F Range

    Hi guys, anyone do some range testing? I know its difficult with the variables, but maybe lower bounds are interesting?
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