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  1. Selling Used KS18L fast, nimble best trolley handle. Largest XL pedals and 2nd charger available Local collect preferred, cash or bank transfer Latest firmware = best ride Recommended for seasoned riders, new riders only if padded up PM for price
  2. Brand New in box, Gotway Monster for sale Ride in style, ride with speed and ride in comfort. Say no to range anxiety! For seasoned riders only, Brand new never been ridden.Just manufactured, latest model, with no-spin button.Factory warranty:Motor and Controller: 12 months.Battery: 6 months Local collect preferred, Payment methods: cash in hand, bank transfers on inspection permitted, Revolut, Paypal (F&F). PM for price
  3. epic! i was looking out for your dreads
  4. Most likely. The scooter structure is OEM. The body is widely available on Alibaba - you can customise with your own label
  5. Welcome to the Forum @Frederick! Awesome to hear you're a fellow Londoner and also an e scooter enthusiast. I don't know enough about being able to register scooters to fully answer your question. However what I do know because of the mechanics involved with e scooters and the newer form of technology, most UK insurers tend to stay clear. With that said, I would speak to scooter distributors directly such as: Inokim (near Great Portland Street station - you can call them after a quick google) Scootera (quick google and feel free to call him too) These guys should have more information regarding it. Keep in mind, although some scooters are as powerful as motorcycles and mopeds they won't be 100% officially be recognised as such. There wouldn't be a state licensed test you could take yet either. But I could be wrong. Look forward to hearing more about your investigation Other London riders can chime in too @ED209 @Afeez Kay
  6. was this you guys @Lutalo
  7. awesome 7-8months is prime review time! we need your feedback
  8. Nice review! i looked into kingsong scooters sometime ago. All in all they didn’t suit my needs. Heres a a very honest review about them too
  9. well done mate! good to see another lil red macking these streets youve done excellently
  10. @Afeez Kay @ED209 Nice share @Jason McNeil! Some of of London riders are close acquaintances with ben and actually helped him film this video. I understand E wheels didn’t make the final cut for some reason regardless our resident expert and lobbyist @Afeez Kay could tell you best
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