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  1. totally hear you brother! intl shipping fees can be ridiculous. All the best with the sale - whoever gets your baby will be a fortunate fellow.
  2. @Lutalo can not believe you’re selling your baby mayne! what happened?
  3. Siggy

    Dualtron 3 III battery quality

    really good question! have heard a lot about spider controller issues too. I would recommend speaking to “KWK store” on ali express - Freda and Kylin have a wealth of knowledge about minimotors Definitely subbed to hear response
  4. Siggy

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

  5. Siggy

    How do I silence the system beeps my 18XL?

    Ahh yes, my mistake you're totally right. I remember now when checking the mobo I was still getting beeps - even though the speakers were disconnected. It was the last pesky speaker
  6. Siggy

    How do I silence the system beeps my 18XL?

    As far as I know you can not turn off beeps 1) tape over speaker points x4 2) open and disconnect speakers - if you dont use BT speakers otherwise perhaps @US69 can chime in
  7. Siggy

    Dualtron Spider

    Now this is interesting. Certainly learn something new everyday. @dwallersv I've seen d3's advertised with particular upgrades. The Magura brakes were most popular - it makes more sense now that d3 would be hybrid. Are you planning on putting the above hydraulic system in - Would be awesome for you to catalogue your installation steps. Has your suspension also softened over time - I understand there are rubber cartridges available to purchase to change up the suspension. I'm intrigued and would be interested to see how adjustable stock cartridges are also.
  8. Siggy

    Some awesome tires for Dualtron Thunder

    oh reeeeaaaallllyy The seat sounds like a gamechanger! Awesome! Had no idea it had springs of sorts
  9. Siggy

    Some awesome tires for Dualtron Thunder

    Good find. However, TAXES would kick us up the behind and those are older models. So I'm more likely to buy in EU since I also get an additional business tax break. Thank you for sharing though
  10. Siggy

    Some awesome tires for Dualtron Thunder

    Good q Mostly sole commuter. Comfy ride is a must because I'm 6'4 and 90kg. Would like option to take to gym, shopping, coffee shops etc too. However, I havent ruled out option of second small scooter like zero 9 for trains, buses and quick dashes. Finally I'm also thinking about pending law changes - mostly likely to do with top speed (which you can feint), but also weight class. Would hate to have a 37kg dualtron unused in my house. The d3 is about £200 above the spider. The d3 has the hydraulics already there which saves £200 anyway so it might just win out. Does that all make sense because I tend to ramble lol
  11. Siggy

    Dualtron Spider

    This is awesome bro! Thank you I'm still deliberating between Spider, D3 and OX. D3 at least has hydraulics already on board
  12. Siggy

    Dualtron II EX

    The govt should really consider shipping these out to us! Consider it foreign aid Or at least build a giant transformer army of Dualtron power robots - use it or lose it guys Do you think this is down to the awesomeness that is tubeless tires
  13. Siggy

    Dualtron II EX

    Nice summary Esper! That really clears up the troubles you had. My question is what do you think the results would have been with a tubeless tire set up? I know the majority of your concerns were flat tire issues
  14. Great advice I would also recommend you try before you buy! The Parisian trip was a blessing, although it has made the decision process more complicated lol So many scooters, so little budget