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  1. Yeah, not tacky and isn’t already in use. Maybe I’ll patent it 😁
  2. Why does it have to have wheel in the name at all? We don’t call cars 4 wheels or bikes 2 wheels. here are a list of synonyms for “wheel” how about electric revolver or e-rover
  3. I’ve managed to put on around 40 miles on the 16x over the past few days. It’s not as fun when it’s so cold 🥶! I think I’ve got a feel for the wheel, almost no adjustment time needed. One thing I’ve noticed and I think I’ve read on the forum, is that it’s really easy to go fast. I find myself riding at a higher speed than normal (between 23 and 25 mph). I didn’t think much of it til I saw the 16x cutout thread, now it worries me a little. I was hoping that this wheel would be good in the high 20s. Despite the speed issue, I love this wheel! I don’t understand how they keep making these things better. It seems as if every wheel I buy is better than the previous (my wife calls bs on this) I think they might have found the sweet spot with tire diameter and width! Here’s to buying more wheels in 2020 🍻
  4. Don’t know if I’d be able to find it, it was on a pretty old thread. Basically it’s applying pressure differently on each foot. For example, when braking I apply force with my left heel and raise my right heel slightly, so that the pressure is on the ball of my right foot. This technique has almost completely eliminated the braking wobbles (for me at least)
  5. Thanks for the insight! I should be able to get some riding in on Saturday. I have used a technique For braking that I learned here on the forum from @Hunka Hunka Burning Love that seems to almost eliminate wobbles, at least on my other wheels. I wonder if the technique will work the same on the 16x.........tbd
  6. Hopefully my son and I can get down to la someday to ride with Marty. We talk about it all the time. After all he is the one responsible for our wheel addiction 😉
  7. A little late to the party but, better late than never! Looking forward to getting some miles on this puppy, too bad it’s winter 🥶
  8. I noticed there’s no mention of the z10. The z10 is my personal favorite for riding on asphalt (it sucks for off-road) I usually get around 55km on a charge. It’s a great wheel and very fun to ride. Just my 2 cents 😁
  9. That’s 100% normal on the msx. Mine makes the same noise at low speed. I have over 1000 miles on it now and still makes the same sound. No worries!
  10. Don’t think I can get any better than this one. There is snow in the forecast now, so not much riding will happen till spring
  11. Final ride for the season found a small lake I didn’t know about
  12. Looks like you’re carrying some contraband 😁! Don’t let the cops catch you
  13. My son and I will be in San Diego this coming week and would like to do some riding. It’s too much to ship our wheels from Idaho , so I thought I would ask if anyone would like to rent out a couple wheels? Would definitely be interested in a group ride as well. Thanks
  14. I would remove the motor and check the seal where the shells meet. I’m sure they did something to the battery, but after seeing all the water that was in mine it would be worth while to make sure the seal is good .
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