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  1. Jpd

    Z10 or is 18XL

    I’m looking for a z10!
  2. Jpd

    The Photo Thread

    I thought you meant skiing ?. This is my first time with the wheels there. It took a lot of battery to get up the mountain to the plateaus . Once you’re up there you could ride for days without seeing a soul. It is a very nice area to ride. Might have to invest in a 2400 watt wheel.
  3. Jpd

    The Photo Thread

    It’s a great place for cross country, just hard to get up to in the winter as it’s not a developed area.
  4. Jpd

    The Photo Thread

    Awesome place! @Marty Backe see, no ? trees ?
  5. Jpd

    The Photo Thread

    That’s southern Idaho mountains, no trees just rocks ?
  6. Jpd

    The Photo Thread

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/aY7jn5V4VUH4tNKW8 Mountain riding in southern Idaho msx and v10f
  7. Jpd

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    @Jason McNeil when will you have this wheel in stock?
  8. Jpd

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    I have not. Even after contacting inmotion, still nothing
  9. Jpd

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Has anyone received the diy kit from inmotion yet? I was told a few weeks ago by @Jeffrey Scott Will that they were just about ready to ship.
  10. Jpd

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    When I first got my v10f the app read 28 wh consumption, this was before they started messing with the firmware. At 28 wh I would get 34 mile range, I still get the same range but the wh now reads 16. I think the app is lying and whatever inmotion did to the firmware f@&$ed it up. I don’t recall hearing about any issues early on.
  11. Jpd

    Selling KS14D (sold)

    Hi namrak! I’ve got the inmotion v5f+ for sale. I sold the 14d to Trevor, to be honest I think the v5f is better than the 14d. You get a little more battery and a more solid feeling ride. If you’re interested let me know I can give you some more info
  12. I’ve got an inmotion v5f+ for sale. Great beginners wheel, you won’t outgrow it too quick.
  13. Selling this v5f+ for a friend. I sold my friend this wheel a few months ago, it was my learning wheel and his also. I’ve installed new solowheel side panels. The wheel has 357 miles on it and works perfectly. Since this was a learning wheel there are several scratches on the pedals and handle. This is a real nice wheel I’d almost forgot how much I like ( contemplating keeping it for myself ) asking 500.00 and 40.00 u.s shipping https://photos.app.goo.gl/FnUFvG3AmnDLUKqq6
  14. Jpd

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I use the extension that came with my ninebot s1. I put it on the belt sander and took some length off of the throat, works perfectly!
  15. Jpd

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    What worries me about doing the repair myself is, what if something happens later on to the wheel. Will they tell me that it’s my fault because I didn’t do the repairs correctly and not honor the warranty? I would rather that be on inmotion than me. Its funny that i bought the v10f because it was supposed to be more reliable than other wheels. I had the bad motor on my first v10f and now this on the second. I’m not so sure about reliability now. Oddly enough the wheel that I kind of expected to have issues has had none. That wheel being the Msx. I’ve ridden it now more than both of the v10f’s combined . I can’t say enough about it , I love it! Ever since this waterproofing thing came about with the v10f, I’m worried every time a sprinkler comes on near it ? I should note that I have never had the overload problem with either of mine, and I’ve ridden in some pretty steep terrain, my riding weight is 190lb.