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  1. My son and I will be in San Diego this coming week and would like to do some riding. It’s too much to ship our wheels from Idaho , so I thought I would ask if anyone would like to rent out a couple wheels? Would definitely be interested in a group ride as well. Thanks
  2. I would remove the motor and check the seal where the shells meet. I’m sure they did something to the battery, but after seeing all the water that was in mine it would be worth while to make sure the seal is good .
  3. Mine is a 124 serial number
  4. Yeah I noticed that, i couldn’t find instructions anywhere. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  5. Unfortunately i did not, i was a little frustrated/ overwhelmed 😬 and just started drying everything off. Yeah the case is very flimsy. I ended up having to cut the top of the case off to make fit, due to the rounded ridges. The only reason I even used it was to have seamless protection on the bottom of the battery. I did wrap the battery witch probably added some girth, making it tighter than with just the case. I did not trust the flimsy case to hold up well, so now it’s secondary protection.
  6. I agree with you. If you’re a lite weight person it’s a decent wheel. I too would not recommend purchasing the v10. Gotway and king song are the wheels to be beat. Fyi, my msx was being ridden in the rain as well and it had no issues whatsoever.
  7. I know the battery is now in a protective case but I don’t know what has been done to keep the water from getting in. All that was provided for the fix was some rtv sealer, if that’s what they’re using I wouldn’t expect it to be 100 percent effective.
  8. The finished battery
  9. I’ve had my v10f now for a year and never have done the “waterproofing” fix, until now. I never thought I would ride in the rain but yesterday i got in some unexpected rain storms, ended up riding around 30 mins in the rain. All I could think of was, my v10f is going to die 😬. I got home and took the wheel apart to see how much water had got into the internals. I wasn’t expecting to see much honestly. Unfortunately that was not the case, there was a s#%tload of water in it. It was on the board, inside the leds and the battery pack. As i took the wheel apart I was surprised at how bad the two parts of the shell were put together, very shoddy workmanship. To put the wheel back together was a nightmare, it literally took me 6 hours to get it all back together. I had to remove the shrink wrap from the battery in order to dry it out. I then covered the battery with some bitumen tape and then put it in the in motion provided case. It would not fit!!! I had to modify the hell out of the shell to get the battery to fit . Needless to say it should now be much more water resistant than it was before. Seeing how much water got into the wheel (everywhere) I would not recommend riding it in the rain, not even wet roads.
  10. @Jason McNeil I seem to remember you saying that you would be using Klarna, some time ago. Is that going to happen? I hope so, I’ve got a nice credit line waiting to be spent at ewheels😁
  11. Do you know what board it has? I have an msx 1300 if you’re interested for trade.
  12. Owyhee mountains Idaho #msx
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