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  1. I might in a few days if I have no offers. It would have to sell for around a 1,000
  2. I’ve got 2 wheels I’d like to trade for a Nikola or possibly something else An INMOTION v10f and a GotWay msx 84v 1300wh. I have 3 tires for the msx the original, knobby and the h-666 more pics upon request.
  3. Jpd

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    I’ve already placed my preorder through euco, it says delivery is end of June.
  4. Jpd

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Preorder made I’ll be a test monkey for the v11. I’ve got some serious off-road trails to test it on, can’t wait!
  5. Jpd

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    I hope not! The z10 is not a good off-road wheel because of the tubeless tire.
  6. I’ve had my v10f since it’s release. I’ve ridden the the 💩 out of this wheel and have never had it overheat. I’m sure if you were trying to overheat it you could. For the price it’s a great wheel. I get about 34 miles of usable range, no better or worse than other 1000w wheels.
  7. I have the same problem with my 16x. The left brake light stopped working within the first 10 miles of riding. I’ve opened it up and looked at it, moved wires around and checked connections. Still doesn’t work. More than likely a faulty led. You’d think for nearly 2 grand should be a little better quality.
  8. My son has taken a liking to my new wheel
  9. Jpd


    It was a blast, thanks again! My calves still hurt 😁 wish I could do the group ride with everyone. Looking forward to seeing the msp do this ride.
  10. Vans are my shoes of choice for riding but I get the ones with the cushy insoles. Shoes absolutely make a difference in ride quality!
  11. Looks like he was going faster than he thought! The lesson here should be that we all need to understand the limits of our wheels, no matter whether beginner or pro. Educating ourselves about what our devices are capable of is paramount to safety.
  12. Thank god! I couldn’t stand that (persons) posts, they were everywhere. Adios hoverwheel!!!!
  13. Yeah, not tacky and isn’t already in use. Maybe I’ll patent it 😁
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