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  1. The way this helmet is designed the cheek pads would keep your face from bumping into the interior of the helmet. The pads are replaceable with different sizes to make sure they sit snug enough to accomplish this task. I have not yet had to rely on them, so I can't vouch for that to work out in case of a full forward accident.
  2. MacPara

    WheelLog Android App

    I have no idea why you have layout issues with this version as the layout has not been touched in forever. I might have been unclear about where you change the wheel settings from beeps to sampled sounds. It is not in Wheellog at all, this is a function implemented by the Kingsong app. I use the old green one to change such proprietary settings. The only other beep related setting that is in Wheellog is in the Watch Settings that affect what the Pebble Select button would do. It shouldn't affect the horn from the volume keys.
  3. MacPara

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    If Inmotion would want some assistance with the Android side of the app, I am sure @palachzzz and myself would be happy to help. We both would likely require a V10F though to confirm everything is working correctly ? It would be so much easier to implement this stuff from a valid protocol description instead of debugging the communication by listening in and determining the command patterns from the data stream.
  4. MacPara

    WheelLog Android App

    Yeah, I hope that works as I really think this is one of the best options (and rather affordable too). Another might be an older Samsung Gear 2 on ebay but I have not tried this myself as the Pebble was Marty-certified and I just went with what works for you. Thinking about this you might want to consider an official label and offer that to companies for a licensing deal....
  5. MacPara

    WheelLog Android App

    Hm, I wonder if the response depends on enabling the sampled voice recordings. I disabled those in my KS wheel as it was annoying (and embarrassing) rolling along the bike path and the voice constantly says "Please, decelerate!". So I changed it to just a beep warning but this could probably affect the horn response as well. And it's actually helpful on the bike path with the wheel just beeping on its own to clear the path without further requests ? I just tried it with my KS14S and it does beep when I press the volume keys. I didn't bother to bring my watch with me and play around much. It's version 2.0.9 as recently released, so it should work just fine. The beep is a bit muted on the KS vs the GW wheel but as I said, I have no influence on that from the Wheellog side.
  6. MacPara

    WheelLog Android App

    That should be identical (from a board perspective) to my 14S, I'll check again tonight. It should just beep but if you really want some crazy sounds, why not just play a sound file through the Kingsong speakers using your favorite song playing app and using the BT speakers for streaming it?
  7. MacPara

    WheelLog Android App

    If you want to get a Pebble you should act quickly. I believe the app store will get shut down some time in June and I don't know how else you could get the companion app installed if not through that store.... The actual Pebble model is irrelevant, they all run the same OS. I have a Pebble Time Steel and a Pebble Steel. One has color the other one is monochrome and both work fine with Wheellog.
  8. MacPara

    WheelLog Android App

    Which Kingsong wheel do you have? I'll check again with my KS when I get home.
  9. Thanks for clarifying, @Marty Backe!
  10. Hm, I thought this should be like the one in my ACM2 but the label confuses me. My control board says "ACM2 84V", the code differs too but I'm not sure if that is a part number or something else. Everything else looks like mine though.
  11. MacPara

    WheelLog Android App

    Because I put it in. I do not think it made a lot of sense to put a button on the app to trigger a horn because by the time you unlock your sleep screen honking is likely a moot point. If you would take the time to read back a bit in this very thread you'll find the reason why we tried the volume buttons. The reason why I call it a "native" beep is that the wheel is responsible for making the horn sound. If it's playing a sampled horn sound or just creating a digital beep sound depends on the very implementation in the wheel. The app just triggers it, but it does not influence what sound it plays.
  12. MacPara

    Gotway App

    Gotway website App links
  13. MacPara

    WheelLog Android App

    Despite what @palachzzz said about 9bot changing the protocols frequently, I shall take a look at Paco's code and see if we can at least support some more benign things for 9bot's, i.e. the Pebble beep and such things. Thanks for that hint!
  14. MacPara

    WheelLog Android App

    The latest version has an invisible horn button. When (and only when) the app is in focus you can press one of the volume keys (up or down) and the app will send a native beep command to the wheel. This should work for KS and GW wheels. This function can be triggered by the Pebble watch as well by pressing the Select key on the watch.
  15. MacPara

    WheelLog Android App

    I'd love to support 9bots and the complete Inmotion line as well. Alas, it's real effort to debug the communications between the phone and the wheel and you'd require access to the wheel first to be able to do that. If the Darknessbot source would be public and accessible one could look it up there but that is not the case, AFAIK. Now, @palachzzz, might know the author of Darknessbot and get some insights into the protocols but I do not have that access myself. So, without a shop behind me that just supplies wheels for a few weeks at a time for me just debugging communications and without access to other source code that shows protocol implementations, my hands are tied at this point. If the situation changes in one regard or another, I shall happily implement what I've learned into the Wheellog app. We'll see what happens. But, believe me, I understand your situation. Since I started using the Pebble for my rides I just can't imagine not having it anymore. This is the best way of checking your wheel's vitals while riding!