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  1. Kingsong 14s Black Low Miles (Sports) I am the second owner and wheel has only done around 30 miles. Updated software. Has scratches and marks from previous owner but works as it should. I don't need this wheel as I have another wheel I use and this was only used whilst I was having some work done to mine. Very fast wheel for its size and capacity. Would be happy to keep it but I cant. Up to 28MPH Collection preferred but can hand over packaged if your arrange posting. Price is £650.
  2. Anyone got a Kingsong Standard Charger they looking to sell? I already have a fast charger but need a standard one. Get in touch. Cheers
  3. Ninebot One S2 Unicycle For Sale Excellent condition, Few minor marks. Only done 10 miles, Under 3 hours power up time. Comes with Original Ninebot Power Supply (UK plug) and Tyre Inflating tool. £499.99 plus postage £30 within UK. Collection form Brentford, Middx. (West London) Proof of postage available upon request.
  4. Ninebot One E / E+ Shells Orange 2 Shells (Pair) £60 for the pair. UK postage around £3.99 (Will post world wide, check for price) New and Unused with shrink wrap attached been in storage.
  5. I actually use some of my motorbiking gear on the EUC and its works great. Just cant find the right size scooter helmet and they are all massive on me including the small size's . Motorbiking is actually safe its the crazy people on the road that you have to watch out for. Unlike parts of Europe the UK is not use too looking out for bikers and that's where the problem is. I cant wait till we see electric vehicles including EUC roaming around the UK like they do in China. My only concern right now is where we currently stand from a legal point. I certainly want to be an advocate for the use of EUC's. I have not had many offs on the EUC but to be honest I have been using a strap for most of my riding which has worked a charm but I am slowly moving away from it. I do recommend this for newbies but don't pull on it too much just use it as a safety net for your machine more than a balancing tool. As the beach is some distance away for me I''ll have to settle for the Thames for now. :<)
  6. So for me my story began when I came across someone who was having a garage clear out and they had what I now know to be a Ninebot one E. They did not think it had any value or if it was even working so I got this for next to nothing. I had always been intriuged about EUC's and as curious as I am I took it apart to investigate and realised it did not have a battery but was in good condition and came with extra panels and tyres/tubes but no charger. I looked around online and manage to get some advice and then took a punt on buying a battery and charger. The battery was ex display stock and the upgraded 340kw version which I am really glad about now. A little surprised but optimistic the unit came alive once the new battery had been installed. For some peace of mind I have this checked out by a Ninebot dealer after as it had quite some miles on it but works extremely well. I am using this as my training wheel but have also bought a Ninebot One S2.My training is coming along nicely. I have been riding a motorbike for the last 6 years and hold a adavnce license, although very different to a EUC I am hoping to tranfer some of my training skill I have learnt in the past. Hoping to meet up with some of you real soon.
  7. Sure thanks for the info. I have been told about that so will join. If you can send me timings and startup location that would be great.
  8. Hi, I am in Brentford quite near to Richmond. New to the Electric Unicycle scene but learning fast. Hoping to get out in the summer. Riding a upgraded Ninebot One E and S2. I was also wondering if we had a community around West London?
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