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  1. Slightly bad news for the Sony SW3. I tried installing, but now I realize that any Android Wear 1 watch isn't going to work from the Google Play Store. Some of those watches are technically compatible, as in the app will run on them, but there's a catch. In Android Wear 1.0, you had to install a phone app with the watch app bundled in. I haven't created a phone app, so it won't show up for you in the store. Even though the phone app is not used, it's still required to install things. I'll play around and see if I can get bundling to work, and keep you posted... Another idea, if you're anxious to try it, and feeling adventurous. It's possible to side-load the app directly from your computer. I did that, and it works just fine.
  2. Actually, that's a pretty good point you have. In the amount of testing that I've done, I haven't had any disconnects, but it could happen. It would be nice to just automatically reconnect or add a manual button if it's an issue. I'll take a closer look to this as I go to add more devices, since the code affecrted by this issue will likely change.
  3. Yes, I think you're right that you'll need an Android phone to install on that watch. I also have an old SW3 (the band broke) and it seems that they never updated it to Wear 2.0. in Wear 2.0, you can download apps directly from the watch. Let me know if you have any issues installing it. I'll see if I can get it installed on mine too using the Play Store.
  4. For some reason I always though that the Gear S3 was Android Wear. Now that I read about it, I see that it runs Samsung's Tizen OS. That's too bad, it looks like a great watch.
  5. Thanks! Ooh, a new EUC coming in the post. That's exciting! This weekend, if I get some time, I will be looking into my options for adding more devices. By the way, I haven't received any feedback yet. Has anyone had a chance to try the app?
  6. It should be set automatically based on your locale. In the future, when I create a setting screen it will be something you can override.
  7. It looks like the app has been approved by Google, and is available now. Head on over to the Google Play Store to install! I've only tested this on the equipment available to me, so if you run into any issues, please let me know! For simplicity, you can send feedback to , or send me a private message. Reminder, this only works with KingSong EUCs for now. See the attachment on my previous post for compatible watches. Another disclaimer. I've done my best to keep battery usage low, but since the weather has been particularly bad here for the last few weeks, I haven't had much chance to test for long periods of time. You may notice that, in ambient mode, the data updates about once every second. Let me know how that works for you, and whether your watch battery is suffering beyond expectation. Thanks everyone, please be safe, and I look forward to your feedback so that I can make this even better!
  8. Thanks for all the great feedback! I have submitted a first version of this app to Google Play, however there is a review process for stand-alone Android Wear apps, which may take a few days. During the review period, it seems that I'm allowed to distribute the app to "Internal Testers", of whom I need to invite via email. If you have a supported Android Wear device (see the attached list) and a KingSong wheel, and are willing to help provide some early feedback, send me a Private Message and include the email that is associated with your Google Play account. I will add that email address to the list of testers, and send you a link to the App on the Google Play Store where you can start the Install. Updates to the app since I first posted: * Info views (lower right) - tap to toggle between: a) Distance/Time b) Amps/Volts c) Temperature * Metric units based on your watch's locale Note that in a future release I'll let you override this with a preference. There's just no UI for this now. * Detect top speed based on model * Ambient mode - Increased contrast - Decreased battery consumption (simpler display logic) * Tested with various emulators (sizes and shapes like square and round with chin, as well as very low res) Known Issues: * This only finds bluetooth devices with names starting with "KS". * Connection can sometimes take about 10 sec (not sure why yet) supportedwatches.txt
  9. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I think this is enough interest to motivate me. What I'll do is aim to get what I have into Google Play with some small additions in the next few weeks. This will be KingSong only for now. From there, I'll collect feedback and do some research into broadening this out to some more wheels. In the back of my mind, I still hope to keep this unteathered from the phone. In the mean time, if anyone can think of some useful data that isn't on the screenshot I have above, let me know. As I mentioned, I plan on displaying distance, temp, and current one way or another.
  10. Good point! If WheelLog has all of the comms. worked out, that may be a good place to integrate. I didn't realize WheelLog was open source. I'll have to look to see how the Pebble version was implemented. Glad to hear you have an interest...thanks for the tip!
  11. I recently came across some code for communicating with KS devices. I've always wanted an Android Wear app for my KS-16S, and now I've my own app that works for me. I still need to display a few things like distance, temp. and current. The app does not require a phone, as it communicates directly with the wheel. It's KingSong only for now. I'm asking my fellow EUC enthusiasts if any of you have Android Wear, and do you have an interest in such a thing. If there is sufficient interest, I can do the extra work to test this out on a few more watch form factors, add metric units, and publish to the Google Play Store (free of course). Long run, I may try to add more wheels (I have an InMotion, so that would likely be next). If not, I'll move on to another pet project Here's a screen cap (This is from my Ticwatch-E)
  12. Zanoni

    New Ks16s - trouble with LEDs

    I had the same random LEDs like in the above picture the other day. I was riding hard at the time and figured it may be heat related. After turning the wheel off for a bit and then back on, the lights worked correctly again. I've never taken it apart, as it's only about a month old.
  13. Zanoni

    16S Battery Level Variance

    Thanks so much for the explanation. I actually had no idea that this is how they measured capacity in these batteries. It sounds like there's probably nothing too unique about my situation then.
  14. Zanoni

    16S Battery Level Variance

    I've had the KS16s for about a month now. The thing that I noticed when I first took it out of the box was that the battery % readout in the APP was jumping all over the place (varying up to 5% while just rolling it around by hand). Another thing that I've noticed in this month of riding, is that the readout just before I turn it off in the morning can be 10% lower than what it says when I turn it back on to do my return commute. This is my second EUC, following the V5F, and I'm wondering if this is a normal King Song thing (bad battery level algorithm), or is it just something to expect with devices that have larger battery packs? Or...nobody else is experiencing this, and my device has a bad battery pack?
  15. I just wanted to corroborate this experience. I too was riding my V5F at night, and blindly hit a large amount of water (created a small rooster tail). A day later, the wheel was squeaking and grinding like crazy. I took it apart, blew in some WD40, and it was a little better. The thing that I noticed, however is that the performance was noticeably worse, and I was getting considerably less miles per charge. I ended up ordering new bearings, taking apart the whole thing and installing them. The bearings that I removed were totally wrecked by the time I took them out. I could barely turn them by hand. With the new ones installed, the wheel was peppy and getting good miles per charge again. If you do decide to change the bearings by yourself (at your own risk of course), you will probably need some sort of tool to pull them out, and put the new ones back. I found this video useful as it's the same procedure once you get the wheel out: