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  1. Awesome. If you want early releases, you can enroll as a beta tester here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.littlesunsoftware.wearwheel Then, once I have something new to test you should automatically get it. (may need to manually update from the watch). Anyway, let's try this technique. I don't have anything to try yet, but I'll let you know when.
  2. Thanks! I may reach out to you in the future. For now, I will probably be making a few tweaks to the UI, and then concentrate back on getting more wheel support. If at some point multi-wheel starts looking good, I would like to put more work into the UI for sure!
  3. Sorry about the locale stuff. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do right now about the scaling. I tested on several emulator sizes/densities, but it looks like I need to check a few more. I'll play around and see if I can get the scaling to work better for your particular setup.
  4. I'm glad it kind of worked for you. I'll need a bluetooth pin input screen for the password protected wheels at some point. Luckily my V5F will also require this, so, once I get support for other wheels, there should be some way to do that.
  5. Yes, if you click the left side of the screen it activates the EUC's horn. I will say, however, that I find the KS horn a bit too harsh for use on walking paths. If we could customize that sound it would be great.
  6. * Easy maintenance: Changing a tire should take 10 minutes. Or some level of thorn puncture protection out of the box. * Suspension: If someone could safely crack suspension on an EUC, that would be a big deal IMO. * Integrated display on the wheel itself, which you can see while riding. * Attachable plastic grinding plates. Especially on EUCs with low plate height. Kind of like rails or copers on a skateboard. * More ultra-portable options, with decent range.
  7. Cool, it's nice to get some feedback. I'll double check on how the locale settings work. Seems like it could be based on the phone settings. Strangely enough, I use an iPhone with my Wear OS watch, so I don't really know if it's the same for me. Regarding the scaling. I've been out riding a lot more lately, and it occurs to me that some of that stuff is really hard to see, and I can imagine much harder on smaller watches. I'll keep the app free. Maybe I'll put up a link to buy me a coffee That way I won't feel guilty for totally slacking off for a week.
  8. I'm looking at it, but the weather is so nice, it's hard to sit in front of a computer for very long at the moment.
  9. Sorry, it's not a phone app. You need a smart watch with Wear OS by Google.
  10. Awesome! Can't wait to find out how it works for you. Are you riding a KS16s?
  11. Thanks so much for helping test! Jumping back to the watch face will start scanning again. I haven't done the work to keep the connection open while the app is in the background yet. Hopefully this is behavior to fix (I have some learning to do!). I'm more concerned with the freezing, though. My guess is that it lost connection. There's a bug where it doesn't seem to detect disconnection very well. I think that's why everything is frozen up. By the way, have you ever connected to your wheel with something like WheelLog? If so, does it have any connection issues there.
  12. Thanks! There were a few issues, luckily Android Studio has a nice way to see what's eating up power/cpu in the profile tool. Lucky for me, the big problem was obvious. My little animating start-up spinner was just spinning away endlessly in the background (it just ignored my request to stop!). That, and I updated the library for laying things out on the screen (constraintLayout), and got some good improvements on rendering speed.
  13. New version (v1.8 available in the Play Store) Battery consumption's down about 1/3 of what it was in the previous version.
  14. That would be great, I will post some instructions in the near future along with an updated app file.
  15. I think you've got the right idea. I am already updating very slowly (once per second) when the watch is in "ambient" mode. Any slower than that, and it would make the speedo seem kinda weird, since that's pretty dynamic. I wonder if a better solution may be to ditch the speedometer in ambient mode in favor of slowly changing info like total distance, avg speed, etc. That info could update once every 10-15 sec, or less than that depending on some sort of change % threshold. That way you can always flick your wrist up or tap the screen to see the "live" view with the speedometer, but if you peek at your watch without moving, you'd see battery info, total distance etc. I'm now looking at how fitness apps work, since those are pretty much tuned for a similar use case. I'm sure there are other optimizations to make, but this would probably make a big difference.
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