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  1. Good shout on the usb ground being the common! I’ve been powering the board via usb during development so hadn’t thought of that. Woops!
  2. I saw your original ACM mod on Facebook, even asked you some questions there! I think I have the same hall sensor as you. Where have you mounted it? Did you mount your own magnets? I think you’re also controlling the LEDs, something I also plan to do to improve the brake lights using the vertical LEDs of the MSX, did you just use a transistor to switch on the power via the battery and address the LEDs using the yellow wire?
  3. Thanks so much for the detailed reply @esaj. I actually found that when 'hijacking' a hall sensor on the whee it was fine whilst lying on its side giving me nice, clean edges but when l stood it up I got a lot of switching back and fore from noise or the motor hovering around the edge of two magnets? (my conceptual model isn't all that). That said, it might be because I didn't common the ground with the control board's ground. Being an electricity noob who's wheel is his main form of transport, I was afraid to short something so I've decided to get a separate hall sensor that I'll run from the Arduino so the entire system will run independently of the wheel (apart from the USB power source going to vin, and eventually connecting to the LEDs, but at least that's not messing with the wheel's vitals.) I've got all the bits together, hopefully gonna find some time to work on it tomorrow. I'll report my progress! Thanks again.
  4. Yeah, which will then allow me to trigger custom LED patterns to the MSX vertical LEDs on breaking and provide a visual max-speed alarm via a laser pointer that gets switched on and off and fires a beam at the ground in front of me
  5. Sorry to resurface an old thread @hobby16 or @esaj but when connecting an Arduino to the existing wheel's hall sensors should I just connect directly to the wires in parallel and 'share' the signal, and if so, do I just need the sensor pin and ground to be connected to the Arduino or should the power wire be connected to the Arduino too, and if so, to 3.3 or 5v? I know how to write a script but I'm not great with electricity! Appreciate your help here with noob questions to get me up and running without damaging my wheel Thanks Roo
  6. Nope... and not really other than a little insulation tape on the power button and top seams. Should probably find time to do a thorough job. I don’t think I can with the Insta360 One, other owners please correct me if I’m wrong!
  7. Thanks! Last alarm is tricky to hear with the wind noise but I know when I’m near hitting it and I really have to push it to do so. I would love a vibrating wristband or something for sure.
  8. Leaving traffic in the dust as I hustle my way home through the crowds of NYC! Max speed heading down Park Ave.
  9. Toshio it's the Insta360 One, just ask @Hsiang as apparently (if it's the same Hsiang) he went out and bought one immediately after seeing one of our vids :D
  10. I was thinking about protruding the front of the pads a little with a platform (like the mod @EUC GUY has made https://eucguy.com/gotway-addons%2Fmods ) but adding an undercut at the bottom where your toes can hook if need be. That way your feet aren’t locked in if you need to suddenly get out and you can turn them in and squish the pads if you need to get a grip for hopping!
  11. Mine has been great too! Had a couple of falls and they can all be attributed to hitting a pothole/series of bumps while pretty aggressively leaning forward to accelerate. Tesla shell design isn't great but as long as you don't over tighten screws or send it barreling across concrete too often you should be OK. I have no proof, but the people behind Gotway's products seem like a bunch of industrial design/engineering grads building stuff. I've seen some questionable design decisions, in the Tesla and they've definitely been bitten by selling products not thoroughly tested in the past but you can see they're learning and making improvements with each model. Hopefully the days of failure are behind them. They do have less of an authoritative approach to speed/overpower warnings as compared with KS that just wont let you reach the danger areas but I'm into that.
  12. Out for a ride with 2 other guys that live local to me (KS14s and MCM4) last Wed. Rode up on this punk looking cyclist wearing a sleeveless denim jacket with patches on it and he was being a bit of a dick hopping and kicking the bikes rear end out in the cycle lane as if to prevent us passing. We eventually were able to get past and as I’m riding upfront on my Tesla I hear a commotion from behind and this guy on the bike has thrown an elbow into the KS14s dude on his way past and is riding up the middle of the road passing us shouting ‘you need bigger batteries!!’. MCM4 gives chase and in seeing red rides through the beeper and goes down, I then give chase and I think the guy is shocked to see one of us drawing up on him, pulls out his U lock and starts holding it ready to swing at me! I know that my single point of contact vs his two wheels stands no chance in this situation so I ride alongside him at a safe distance calling him out as a c*nt amongst other expletives. After a short distance I turn back just in case MCM4 needs help after the bail and he’s back on his wheel with eyes wide and a bloody elbow riding alongside KS14s. We regroup and start to chat about what we’d just witnessed and strategy is exchanged for getting the guy off his bike at speed. The Sega game ‘Road Rash’ is mentioned as is a shoe lace with nuts and bolts hanging from it. — I have experienced ‘get out of the fucking cycle lane’, been flipped the bird and been called a ‘piece of shit’ by a cyclist as I passed (only to slow down and try and get him to repeat it, which he wouldn’t). Only today a butch looking fixie chick shock her head condescendingly as I passed her at a junction, but I’ve never seen it get physical before. I am also a cyclist and have ridden fixed and single speed for 13 years in London and NYC. I ride the cycle lanes with respect and safety for myself and those around me so it’s a shame that these tribal tendencies exist. NYC is a bit of a mosh pit for culture so this stuff is gonna happen. I’m not interested in beefing between modes of transport unless something weird happens so I usually keep it cordial and prefer to ask people why rather than shout back. Anyone else experienced anything like this? What happened?
  13. Hit 1k miles the other day after 3.5 months on my Tesla. Showed some other EUC riders, worked out how many miles I’ll do in a year on average and that was it. ✌️
  14. @nte thanks, that worked! Sounds like an improvement for UX could be made there as that's not the most intuitive way to activate a purchase!
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