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  1. panda

    IPS 132 V2 - Track Record

    Thank you Jason and Stefan! I'll add a note above regarding how to fix this particular symptom for other users.
  2. panda

    IPS 132 V2 - Track Record

    I have changed the title of the post, and edited the first post to reflect that you indeed sorted the October problem out. If you wish for there to be more changes, just let me know. @Cloud I understand what you are saying. That is why when Jason contacted me a few months ago regarding his customers raising questions about this post, I edited the post to point out that he is a good vendor and that this is just my problems. @Jurgen I agree with you that Jason has excellent after-sales service. Unlike other places, he offers a 1 year full warranty. In regards to the 50min journey, I hardly ever do it anymore. Maybe once every 2 months?
  3. panda

    IPS 132 V2 - Track Record

    Firstly, thank you for replying. Hope your flight wasn't too crowded. Secondly, I would appreciate the customer-vendor privacy. I am not a public figure, so please do refrain from publishing confidential information (such as my name) on a public forum. Thirdly, the log conveys only problems I've had with the wheel. Nothing more, nothing less. As such, I would hope the absence of a problem means that it has been running perfectly. Apologise if you feel that this thread has something against you. Finally, I posted on here in addition to my email because I wanted a more public record that the fault occured during the one year period. I am not here to point fingers or moan at you. Other posters asked if you replied yet, I merely answered their question. __________________________________ Just to be clear: "he hasn't had the courtesy of waiting for a response before posting here" I don't believe any of my replies were particularly hostile or can be percieved as an attack on you, so I do question your attack on me. Edit: Thanks again for replying to the forum post Jason! I would probably have missed your reply if I didn't accidentally keep this page open. An email would be great next time.
  4. panda

    IPS 132 V2 - Track Record

    Unfortunately WheelGo hasn't responded yet.
  5. panda

    IPS 132 V2 - Track Record

    I'm not actually sure what Jason changed previously, so I don't know if it's the control board. However what I do know is that the current motor is not the original motor I had. After the September fault, Jason said he swapped out my motor/wheel from a spare wheel.
  6. panda

    IPS 132 V2 - Track Record

    I hate to revive old threads, but this seems to be the best place for me to keep a record. ?
  7. I have been commuting to work and back Monday to Friday on my IPS 132for about 5 months and believe I have seen my fair share of things you may need to look out for. Ever since the clarification in UK laws, I have restricted myself to the pavement (sidewalk). Today after nearly getting run over by a turning Black Cab (on a crossing without lights), I have decided to pen a post detailing the dangers you may be exposed to as an electric unicyclist. In order of least dangerous to most dangerous: 1. Uneven pavement (sidewalk) & potholes. These are easily avoidable and pose minimal danger. 2. Tree roots growing under pavements (sidewalks). I decided to have this in a separate point because more often than not, they are difficult to spot at night. If you are not going dead slow, you may find yourself losing control of your EUC if you do not react in time. 3. Low hanging plants/objects. While paying attention to the ground in front of you, you need to keep an eye out for these. A little slap on your face and you will become distracted and may even lose balance. This is particularly important when near other people. 4. People walking in a large group/crowd. It is not the people you can see that you need to be careful of, but the ones you cannot see. Crowds tend to block sight of children running around; and from experience, children have no sense of fear. Best Option: Slow down to walking pace. 5. Women. Don’t scream sexism at me until you read the next point. Men are more dangerous than women! Men AND women have a tendency to expect you to move out of the way, however they are more likely to behave like a deer in front of a headlight which makes them more predictable. Best Option: Go around, giving plenty of room. 6. Men. These creatures not only expect you to move, not slow down, but also walk in an erratic manner when faced with the horrors of someone on a single wheel. They are also the only creatures that will shout at you. Best Option: Slow down / stop. 7. 2-3 people walking in a line. Once they are in this particular configuration, they will cease to notice other people’s presence. This is both frustrating and dangerous because they will more often than not walk into you. Even if you stop to let them pass, the people on the side will very likely continue to walk into you. Best Option: Find an immovable object to hide behind. 8. People with a hot drink in their hand. To be honest I’m not sure why this is the case, but when someone have a hot drink in their hand…they seem to tunnel vision. What I mean by this is that even they are aware of your presence, they will continue to walk in the most selfish manner. For example, walking in the middle of the pavement(sidewalk) such that no one can get past them. They behave like the King/Queen of the pavement. Best Option: Wait for them to get out of your way. 9. Cyclists. Yes, it may not be legal yet for EUCs to be used in the UK; but if you are they are going to fine people on EUCs, they might as well start fining cyclists for running red lights, riding on pavements(sidewalks) and even cycling in the wrong direction. Under UK law, a cyclist is considered as a vehicle (same classification as a car). Best Option: Treat them all with extreme prejudice. 10. Vehicles turning without signalling. Yes, this includes CYCLISTS. As a result of some unknown phenomenon, people on a vehicle seem to believe they do not need to signal. Last time I checked, it was an offense to not signal. Cyclists can claim it is difficult to control their bicycle with one hand, but cars/larger vehicles have no excuse. Best Option: Stop and assess the roads if you are not familiar with them. Note: The black cab would have had plenty of time to see me crossing, since he was stationary when I started to cross. However not only did he fail to use his signals, he did not even slow down when I was in front of him. I had to dodge his car and was only about a foot away.
  8. Back to the main point.... UKRecent Clarification on Legislation So are single-wheeled EUCs banned as well?
  9. panda

    IPS 132 V2 - Track Record

    @Gimlet: I would like to open it up and see if I can fix it, but Jason said that I would void my warranty with them if I did so. @Niko: It just gets frustrating when all three wheels (internal) are outliers. Will I ever get a non-outlier? I tried contacting Jason on Monday, but he hasn't replied. I'll probably call him directly tomorrow afternoon though. EDIT: He fixed this problem in about a week, fast service!
  10. Public record of my experience with my unicycle. Please don't let this deter you from contacting Jason. However if you suffer from any of the following faults, I am sure @Jason McNeil will be able to sort it out. Brief timeline of my unicycle(s): 19th July 2015 - Purchased IPS 132 V2 from @Jason McNeil 06th August 2015 - Power cutting safety mechanism stops working. Metal noise heard when traveling (i.e. with load ~ 60kg) in one direction only. Audio Here 08th August 2015 - Jason replaces the entire inside of my unicycle with a brand new one. Of course no problem there. Pedals become loose, but I can live with that. (i.e. they don't stay up fully when retracted.) 18 September 2015 - Strange rubber noise can be heard when travelling in one direction only. Travelling in the other direction for 10+ minutes seemed to stop this noise completely. Audio1 Here & Audio2 Here 20 September 2015 - Jason replaces the entire inside of my unicycle with his demo wheel. Once again, no problem there. 12 October 2015 - Power randomly cuts, especially when travelling over small bumps/features. This happens when travelling at any speed. ~ 19 October 2015 - About a week later, Jason fixed the issue. Potential solution: Try tightening any loose screws/nuts in your wheel 5 July 2016 - Power randomly cutting when travelling over small bumps again. This is similar, if not identical to the previous problem. 9 July 2016 - Jason referred me to Stefan to get it fixed. According to him, there was a loose nut as Gimlet suggested. Potential solution: Try tightening any loose screws/nuts in your wheel How much do I use it? Commuting to work everyday in central London (~ 15 mins) Very rare shopping journey with a backpack (< 20Kg of shopping & ~ 60Kg of my weight) Weekly journey to/from a gym's bus stop (~ 5 min journey)
  11. The valve has about 2cm clearance form the shell, that's at least where I can see. Its the IPS 132 btw, if it helps visualise it.
  12. Hm....but it only happens in one direction...surely it would do it in both if it was the bearings? Or would it?
  13. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64569403/New Weird Noise 1.m4a https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64569403/New Weird Noise 2.m4a So my wheel started making this noise yesterday, it goes away sometimes but then comes back. I've checked that the valve is not hitting or scrapping the casing, and that there are no visible foreign entities. I would like to add that this only happens when I am on it ~58kg. Any ideas?
  14. Thanks Jason, just thought I'd leave some feedback here. So I still wasn't sure what went wrong in there, but thankfully Jason managed to change a few parts to get it running smoothly again. I can recommend anyone to find Jason in UK. As a note; I'm not sure why exactly but after the fix, the EUC seems to travel faster and have weaker braking. Overall its still 100% great though! Oh one more question for the general public, one of the pedals don't stay upright when I have it retracted. (It keeps coming loose a little and sticks out about 4cm more than the other side). I've tried tightening the screws up, but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks again Jason for the awsome job!
  15. When are you free tomorrow? (Saturday)
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