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  1. Hi @Marty Backe, I know you're an ACM 2 hardcore fan I have seen most of your videos and I have to say I am impressed. You made me itch for the ACM 2. Speedyfeet had an entire batch delivered with misplaced foot place though. others complaining of Gotways do exist, but I am like you said, ready to turn a blind eye. I am not a fan of KS16 and the V8 is too good looking for me but cant say I haven't considered it due to its attractive price and safety features. I would be very interested in hearing what you think about the V8. do you know how I can get my hand on an ACM2 in Australia - I have subscibed with myus so if you dont know any sellers from the land down under, perhaps I can get one from America. Anyone you know can give me a discount?
  2. Hi Guys, I need your help deciding on a wheel. I am from Australia and I have been researching this for quite sometime now. I can't seem to make a decision. Gotway seems to have the best capacity in the market but the worst quality control. With all the reported incidents on youtube; I do want to get the best, sturdiest, off-roading, long rage, highest wh out there but I dont want to die. Now I have seen many people on youtube crashing with Gotways without even reaching half its speed limit... ACM 2 giving up at 15mph after hitting a minute bump on the road. I sense a lot of frustration in many videos with gotways (ACM 2 with a wrong footplace installed). I need someone to give me an honest opinion on what is the best and safest out there for what I want bearing in mind that I dont plan on going any faster than 45 km/h - 96 kg weight´╗┐
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