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  1. that0n3guy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Oh man, I have a 14c to ride around at least. Not having anything would be rough, especially with how nice it's been outside (I'm in the midwest).
  2. that0n3guy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Yeah but...but... I don't think anyone is taking into account how impatient I am :).
  3. that0n3guy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Anyone know the status of @Jason McNeil's v10f shipping container? Supposed to have hit land 3 days ago. I bet its just stuck in customs.
  4. that0n3guy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    It should remove nicely. 3m Vinyl has been around forever and gets better and better. Here is a fun video that feels like its from the 90's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY_Rd6xur_I
  5. that0n3guy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I just ordered some of this 3m clear vinyl (this is what I ordered). I figured I needed about 96" to do the body and maybe peddles. Cost $41, should protect about as good as the cover thing shown above, and I can still see my lights. I post pictures after I get it installed (I don't have my wheel yet, probably another week or 2 I think).
  6. that0n3guy

    Buying First EUC - Just need some advice

    I wasn't calling it a beginner wheel from a power or performance standpoint, I was calling it beginner as it is cheap and I don't care if I beat it up :).
  7. that0n3guy

    Uses for old still good battery packs?

    You could build an electric skateboard... not an EUC use but a fun EV use :).
  8. that0n3guy

    Buying First EUC - Just need some advice

    I bought my first wheel 2-3 months ago. I found a used 14c with a bent rim for cheap. Everyone has a different opinion, some say don't bother with a "beginner" wheel, some say its totally worth it. If you keep an eye out, you'll find something. A 14d for $500 isn't too bad if its in good shape and low miles. I'm think a beginner wheel is a great idea. I've wrecked at low speed so many times, if I'd had a new wheel, I would have been so worried about tearing it up and my learning curve would have taken so much longer. You'll hit the speed limit right away, 12mph is really not very fast at all on these things, but it forced me to practice other stuff (backwards riding, pendulums, slow riding, lots of types of turning) while a wait to get a big boy euc (My v10f is on the boat). It will be a good loaner wheel when I get a better one.
  9. that0n3guy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Ha, it does show a fan. Oh well, I'm not to worried about it. Marty didn't overheat it until the top of a crazy hill, I don't have hills like that near me :).
  10. that0n3guy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    if the only thing exposed to the inside was a heat sink you could probably do.
  11. that0n3guy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Jason just emailed about the container shipment to the US. It should hit US soil on the 20th (May). So after customs... start shipping out. I'm excited :).
  12. that0n3guy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I think they explained it as the "active" cooling is from the backside of the motherboard (toward the wheel). The air movement generated by the spinning wheel is used instead of a fan. I've not watched the teardown videos though so I'm not sure if this is true.
  13. that0n3guy

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Woh that does look big (that's what she said).
  14. that0n3guy


    Last night there was a group buy on tsg passes here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/tsg-group-buy-completed/54231/212 I bought yellow for 153... crazy good price. Its not the first groupbuy I've seen on their for these. I was running out of the office and didn't have time to post it here (sorry), I think the deal is dead now, but you could try PMing the guy to see if you can get in on it. I'm mostly posting to remind you guys to check their often if you're looking for good helmet deals. There's also a decent section for used sales.
  15. that0n3guy

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Maybe a dumb question, but shouldn't the wheels breaking force be the same as acceleration?