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  1. I have owned a lot of different backpacks, and my favorite by far is the peak design everyday backpack 30L https://www.peakdesign.com/products/everyday-backpack It's a "camera bag" but I don't use it for that. It has side access one hand open just the right amount of pockets are quick easy access to charger and laptop, it's comfortable that's big enough for a weekend bag that's all I have to fit under an airplane seat.
  2. I had mine do the shaking thing right after I got off it the other day. I rode it for like 30 sec and was just stopping, I bent over to grab the handle and it started. Zero trolleying involved. I have a new control board and I'll see how that goes.
  3. There is also a time (Samsung watch) one implemented, that was most recent and you can see the GitHub diff on how they did it.
  4. I'm interested in this. We had some talk about a wear os version of the wheellog watch app. Did you look at that? Then you don't have to build support per device (since that would be wheellog job).
  5. No fun man. Makes me paranoid when riding slow or starting from a stop now
  6. I just tried to trigger it again, nothing, but last time it was warmed up. I can try again another day. It's kinda nerve racking thinking it could lockup while riding very slow.
  7. I have one of the first batches of 18L in the US. I don't do much tolleying (a minute or two in office or from car to house).... I decided to try out a longer trolley around my house. I got the crazy death shakes after just a couple minutes, I'm on Firmware 1.11. I was able to reproduce it pretty easily to get a video:
  8. In this video, he had washers, I definitely did not have washers. Do you guys have washers between the peddle and the axel arm?
  9. I just put the new pedals on my 18L and figured I would ask if your pedals are this loose. My originals were loose too, but for some reason it bugs me more w/ the larger ones.
  10. Depends on how you use it. I think the ticwatch pro might make it. For myself, I stopped wearing my watch at night so I don't care about 5-7 day battery. I throw it on the charger every night anyways. My pebble time's battery was so old I had to do the same thing with it.
  11. It's inevitable. If you want to not faceplant, don't use a 1 wheeled vehicle :). If you really like the one wheeled vehicle, then prepare yourself by wearing lots of pads (and lifting weights ..)
  12. Na, all the groundwork is laid w/ the other watch integrations. I've got an email out to someone I know.
  13. Ha, for sure. I had a cut off on a v10f at 20mph so I know it sucks. But that 50lb wheel flying at me while I'm on my face needs to have no sharp things sticking out
  14. Sorry, I think I wasn't clear. I do not want to replace wheellog. Raising money was just to create a android wear/wear os app (an app for a watch). This app would be used on wearOs watches along with wheellog just like pebble watch. Does that make sense? You use a pebble watch (I have one too but it sucks on Android 9), I use a wearOs watch. I want my watch to work with wheellog.
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