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  1. So when I first got the v10f, I felt the same way. You're going to want to make sure it is in comfort mode, not classic, for best performance. It takes some time to get used to the wheel. Give it about a week of practice, you will feel much more nimble on it -- I guarantee it!
  2. I've been MIA for a while due to starting a new job, but I had a nice chance to ride my V10f this past weekend and it was smoooooth. . I forgot how much fun it is to ride this wheel. I know this thread (and therefore wheel) gets a lot of negative attention, but I am super happy with my purchase. Honestly if it weren't for all the posts on here, I wouldn't know of any of the supposed issues and just happily be riding my wheel. Obviously, it is always better to know these things, but I do think a large majority of the population would really like this wheel. Unfortunately, I have yet to get it waterproofed but it's not super high priority because it doesn't rain too often in NorCal. I threw away the box when I was moving houses a few months ago, so I haven't been able to ship it down. I'm actually in LA fairly often to visit my parents, so I was thinking about trying to hand deliver it sometime in the next couple of months. I was also considering switching it out for the Tesla, but I don't know if I'd be willing to give up the large and high pedals, the 2.5 inch wheel, or the very bright headlight. The pads are also very comfortable to ride. Any other happy V10f owners out there??
  3. Should mods be allowed to ignore people? Not to compare you to Trump, but he was barred from blocking people on Twitter
  4. Why are we discussing this here? Let’s focus on talking about EUCs and being supportive of each other. I don’t care about novazeus’s personal life; I do know that he has some interesting perspectives on wheels and provides meaningful feedback. It seems unfair to question his statements relating to his personal life, especially when they’re unrelated to the topic at hand. Let’s be friendly and supportive to each other here ?
  5. It seems likely that their login server is down. I would wait a while and try again later.
  6. Can someone post a picture of this stand? Is it built into the shell or was I supposed to install it on my V10F?
  7. This is the exact same scraping sound that my wheel was making! I posted about it earlier, but mine didn't start making this sound until about 10 miles into my first ride and it came back intermittently throughout my ride. Currently, it is not making the sound and I'm hoping it doesn't come back. Someone earlier in this thread had a similar scraping sound and tore down his wheel and found it to be a motor bearing issue. You should reach out to whoever you purchased your wheel from for support. It's a better method than these forums.
  8. Went for a 20 mile ride this weekend and agree with the other comments. I can only compare to a KS14D, which is obviously a very different wheel. I immediately noticed the sluggish response in both acceleration and braking, but I assumed that was just a 14inch vs 16 inch difference. I've never ridden any other wheel so I can't judge. Overall, the wheel feels very nicely built and the pedals are fantastic. It feels incredibly stable compared to my 14 inch wheel. It made my KS14D feel like a cheap toy (which is a big compliment to the inmotion). I thought the weight of the wheel wasn't too bad either. It's the same weight as a 45lb plate at the gym and I didn't have any issues carrying it up the stairs at work (the handle is very comfortable). I did run into an issue about 10 miles into my ride when my wheel started making a pretty loud scraping like sound. I thought maybe something had gotten stuck in the wheel but there wasn't anything there. The sound came back and left intermittently throughout the 20 mile ride. Currently, it is not happening but I'm really hoping it isn't a messed up bearing like another user was having in this thread.
  9. Oh man, I know that feeling and it is an awful one. You should do what I did. Fedex has an option to hold the package at a local pickup stop. For me, it is a Walgreens that is less than a mile away from home. I just picked up my wheel on the way home from work, and it fit in my trunk no problem (and I drive a two door small trunked car). I've done this with both of the wheels I've purchased from ewheels and it was super convenient ?
  10. This is great news, how do we gain access to the beta? I am a paid user, not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks
  11. I have a couple of issues with the app, some that are extremely dangerous in my opinion and should be fixed ASAP. The app, after updating, completely reset the alarm settings on my King Song 14D. It did this without giving any warning that my alarms were being reset from the settings already on the wheel. This may have contributed significantly to my crash. Also, when adjusting the alarm settings on the app, these settings do not save. Every time you turn the wheel off and back on, the alarm settings are reset to no alarms except for final alarm. Again, it does this without warning the user and is extremely dangerous. Another issue is that there is no way to scroll through data on an hourly basis. For example, I was running DarknessBot when I crashed but I cannot zoom in to see the data from the crash at a high enough resolution to try to determine what happened.
  12. Does anyone know how to download data off the darkness bot app? Maybe there isn't a way. Is there a way to zoom in on the data from a particular day? The only way for me to see the data from the crash is to switch to the "week" data view, but then I've lost the resolution to see what actually happened during the crash. One bit of strange behavior that I've noticed is that at the point of crash I had about 70% battery and after the crash, the battery level shot up to 90% on the app. I haven't charged my wheel since the crash and it is still reading 90% battery. Maybe there is something wrong with the control board? I know battery voltages can be pretty unstable but I haven't had jumps from 70% to 90% in the past. I'm going to contact Jason and see if we can debug this and I'll keep you guys updated. It might take a couple of weeks to get the wheel to him though.
  13. Thanks for all the kind words. To everyone surprised by the pictures, I will say it was MUCH worse last night. Those pictures are after a day of recovery with reduced swelling and also a shower in which I was able to really clean up. I was using a 6 year old Schwinn Thrasher that I used to ride on my road bike in college. That one is going in the trash now; I've heard that you shouldn't keep a helmet after a crash due to structural damage that may not be obvious. https://www.amazon.com/Schwinn-Thrasher-Helmet/dp/B076B71W7J Buy the full face helmet...don't take a risk. Honestly, if I were wearing a full face helmet and wrist guards, my injuries would have been much more minor. When I'm feeling better, I'm going to go back and check out the exact area I fell. Jason offered to inspect my wheel, and I will probably take him up on that offer to make sure my wheel isn't damaged or malfunctioning. I have an idea that it may have something to do with the DarknessBot app turning off my alarms; I'm still pretty upset it would do that without any warning. That sounds like extremely unsafe behavior and it may have lead to some over-lean. I will need a few weeks to fully recover but once I do I am going to really try and figure out what happened and what I can do to prevent a similar injury in the future. I do not have confidence riding my K14D until I do.
  14. The funny thing is that I've been a jiujitsu practitioner my whole life and have learned how to roll and fall properly. You don't stand a chance on the wheel due to the failure mode of the wheel. In other words, your feet go out from under you as the wheel dies and basically brakes due to motor drag. You have no chance of taking a step forward during that time and initiating a roll. Full face helmet + full arm and leg pads + wrist guards is the only way I would ever ride again in the future (which if I'm being honest, I probably will). The timing could not have been worse because I had two weeks of no health insurance because I just turned 26 and I had a two week period during which my insurance was transitioning. If I had to have wrist surgery, this fall could have easily cost me tens of thousands of dollars. I've certainly learned an important lesson here...
  15. Thanks for the support. Good news, I just received my results back from the X-ray and although my wrist is severely sprained, I did not fracture any bones. I basically came away with just two stitches and a lot of skin damage, but nothing too serious. I've attached some pictures for reference and to maybe convince people to wear even more safety gear. I will definitely be picking up a full face helmet. You can't really see my stitches in these photos but you can see how I landed on my face. You can see how my eyes were protected by the safety glasses. Also, my Apple Watch didn't survive the crash but somehow my phone was completely unscathed. I have a bunch of scrapes over my legs and hips, but didn't include those pictures. One thing that is really frustrating to me is that after updating the app, the DarknessBot app changed my alarm settings on my wheel without warning me. This seems really dangerous to me and it may have contributed to my crash. It reset my alarm settings to no alarms except for a final alarm at top speed. I did change the settings back to my usual settings on the app, but I did notice that the alarm was not as responsive and was not going off in the same consistent manner as before. Maybe that should have been some kind of warning sign, I don't know. Still trying to figure out exactly what happened...
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