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  1. Delgado

    Rockwheel GT16 App

    @Parepko, muchas gracias desde el grupo gt16 España. Un gran trabajo y de gran ayuda.
  2. Mis dos hijos de 7 y 10 años!! Unos cracks!!!
  3. Delgado


    Fiesta euc in Tarragona, Spain !!!
  4. Delgado

    Mystery Barcelona Rider

    I'm from Barcelona, but I do not know that guy. Also in Barcelona there are many unicycles already in the actuality. It has to be one of the cities with the most riders in the world !!
  5. Delgado

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Hello, what version of msuper X you are acquiring!? The 84v or 100v. Which you recommend for an experienced rider and for demanding routes. Thanks
  6. Delgado

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Hello, what version of super are you acquiring !? The 84v or 100v. Which you recommend for an experienced rider and demanding routes. Thank you
  7. Delgado

    Rockwheel gt16 v3 1036wh

    Las compré en Amazon España
  8. Delgado


  9. Delgado

    Rockwheel GT16 App

    A query, my gt 16 does not detect in Android neither the percentage in remaining battery (always marks 100x100) nor the total km of correct form. This happens to me as much in the rockwheel application as in wheellog. Is it always like this, some solution? Thank you
  10. Delgado


    Mis dos hijos se lo pasan en grande!!
  11. Delgado


    Quedada en Barcelona !!
  12. Delgado

    The Photo Thread

    And between acm and gt16. Better the acm. I think it's the most polyvalent wheel ever created.
  13. Delgado

    The Photo Thread

    Tesla is excellent as a wheel, but in my opinion it is in no man's land. The gt16 I think accelerates from 0 to 40 km / h even faster and the acm is more comfortable for long outings. It is my opinion without discrediting the tesla at any time.
  14. Delgado

    I suddenly find myself wanting Rockwheel GT16

    Here in Barcelona, there are many gt16 circulating since it is a wheel that sells a lot. From what I could see of the group of people of the gt16 of the city, only v1 gave problems. Everyone else happily follows the gt16 using it daily without problems. Regarding alarms and tilt back are programmable from the mobile application. Of course, the alarms of speed and effort are changing with respect to the battery level. If you have 6 battery stripes left at 40km / h. If you have more pitara battery around 50km / h. The maximum speed that I have set it is at 48km / h and it already feels unstable, but it is given how close it is between the legs. I can say that the acceleration from 0 to 40km / h is brutal. In less than 5 seconds you are rolling at 40km / h and the perfect cruising speed is 36km / h. I'm telling you, if you can afford it, the ideal pair in 16 '' is acm 1300 & gt16. Opposite wheels in every way ...
  15. Delgado

    I suddenly find myself wanting Rockwheel GT16

    I do not recommend it as a powerful single wheel. I really bought it for my wife because it is an ideal wheel for its size. Only that I use it daily for my transport given its weight lighter than the acm and smaller size. But for the same price you have an acm2 1300wh that for me is long. If only I could have a powerful wheel, that would undoubtedly be the acm. It is very fun to drive, stable and robust. If you can aspire to more wheels, the gt16 is a perfect complementary wheel to the acm, but for me it does not exceed it. But I love my two wheels and it depends the moment I go with one or the other.