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  1. Hi the wheelers, I have a weight of 87kg. How much do you feel the pressure to put in the MSX? Thank you !
  2. So how do you win to reduce the angle ????
  3. there is a same problem with mainboard card with nikola PLUS ??
  4. So finally, it's not possible to fit naturaly ? without grinding ?
  5. Hi everybody, I would like if New MSX (with new rear light) and TESLA V2 (with anti spin and speakers) are affected by this problem. What type of mothercard and mosfets for this two wheels ? Because i saw that is a problem with Tsla V2 for example..
  6. kelec_947

    Version 2 Tesla

    Yes apparently! I saw inside a picture only one speaker. The other is for the light
  7. what I do not understand is that it appears that on the new MSX pedals are much less V than V1 .. so the pedals should fitter normally
  8. SO, with new msx (v2) with new rear light, it's impossible. That's it ?
  9. Hi all, at start, it's my question and if you have a solution i have very interested ! My MSX is "MSX V2" with rear light. But my seller before sebt me show me this photo with a new msx and new pedal. So strange because Stephen it work perfectly. Perhaps one person of the forum have this pedal with msx v2 ?
  10. Hi @Mrelwood Thanks a lot for your help ! I think your opinion is great. I just hope I did well to sell my tesla for MSX !
  11. Hi the wheelers, I currently have an MSX 84V 1600w. Problem, I drive 60% in the city and 40% in the wood. So, I'm not so sure that my MSX meet my needs. For information I measure 193m for 87kg rather long and thin. I have big feet too;) 46 in French size. Finally, I drive at maximum 43-45 km / h. I sometimes risk having to take it in transport. I am mainly looking for reactivity and the couple. I feel torn between these 3 wheels: Keep my MSX / take a Nikola Plus or take a Tesla V2. What do you think ? Thanks a looooot !
  12. Hey ! It work for MSX you think ?? don't broken ?
  13. @Marty Backe Now, You will need a camera with very wide angle to take a picture with all your wheels
  14. @mrelwoodah because there was before the problem of insert of no screw? I did not know. @Marty Backe hello Marty, I know you have disassembled several wheels. Do you think this screw fell from MSX or was mistaken during assembly? For me, all screws are in right place in a MSX. Thanks a lot Video of this screw >> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lmhs_f-WlOqPugKprwo0p70edWVWVhGP/view?usp=drivesdk
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