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  1. Hey guys ! What do you think of mid sk8 or High SK8 from vans compared to that of half cab from vans too? I am really looking for a good, rather rising pair. You prefer mid or rising (high (as such? Thank you
  2. Yes stay tuned about news. Perhaps it a question to ask at gotway directly ?
  3. http://www.kebye.com/productinfo/371631.html
  4. Thanks @MrT they are good ?? Thanks
  5. Hi Marty I'm surprised that MCM5 is not your choice Have you reason of that ?
  6. Hi wheelers, for city cruise in complement of MSX, which wheel is good to have ? MCM5 vs Tesla v2 (i'm tall man1,91cm for 86kg). Moreover i love torque but my speed max to cruise os 40-43km/h Thanks
  7. Hi, so for a combo with MSX for off riding and a person who measure 191m for 86kg (seem like you) which wheel you take for city cruise ? MCM5, Tesla, KS16X, another ? Thanks
  8. Hello friends, Compared to the choice of "my wheel" or two wheels, I am thinking in particular of my height: 1.91, I need a high trolley so that I can enter the stores. Luckily the MCM5 to a very high trolley that I could try. I come back from a stroll in Paris 3 days ago with my MSX and I said to myself whew that the big tire of my msx saves me on the paving stones of invalids. At the same time, I said to myself pff it's hard to start from a red light compared to the Tesla. After I thought about it, I will take a super pro M for the couple but it does not meet my needs (autonomy and comfort for one and ergonomics for the other) and I deduced that 'one wheel for me was not possible. The only one that could have suited me I think would have been a KS16X. But skiing is not a Gotway. So I arrive at this diagram there: Either I only take a 16X or I go on an MSX + a new MCM5 V2 with a tire with a diameter greater than the tesla. What do you think ? I would like, if you have a few minutes to have your look 🙂 Thanks to you,
  9. I woul like Kingsong pads I think they will be good
  10. He is not bad but it is not very fun because cars stop regurly but with a little wheel we have a "punch" to go more fast
  11. Hello Wheelers, After 2 years with my beautiful MSX V2 that I don't want to leave for anything in the world (household of 3 with my wife;), I'm looking to do a household of 4 now with a small 14-inch wheel for short trips or at least . I'm constantly on standby on the wheels. But I admit that it's not so easy to make a choice. Here are some indications to help me in this wise choice. If someone has a 14 inch MSX + combo, I'm interested: - guy of 1.91m for a weight of 87kg - need either no trolley or a fairly large trolley (at least 90cm in height if not useful for me), circuit breaker - use of this 14 inch: enter a store in discreet mode, pleasant to drive, powerful (point to see if necessary), light (15kg?) - rather design to decorate the room: p - budget: 1000 € maximum I had thought in my choices MCM5 or nothing to see a small one s2 (even if no trolley) but circuit breaker. The KS 14D or D I looked but I do not know if trolley high enough ... a lot of criteria but I can compromise. I just want a practical wheel to take quickly without taking the head  PS: I live in Paris so some paving stones to plan Thanks Wheelers (pro or not;))
  12. Very good modifications anyone has this version ?
  13. Hey @mrelwood ! It's not the opposite? I thought that hard mode was made for torque ?
  14. Hello riders, I am interested at this moment in the general positioning on a 19 inch wheel (MSX in particular). With my old Tesla, it's not necessarily something I looked at but now with a big wheel, I think that the positioning of the feet on the pedals, the folding of the legs is not necessarily the same. In order to have good acceleration and effective braking, what advice would you give? Are you tucking your feet in (duck mode)? Do your malleoli touch the hull? Do you bend your legs? etc. Thank you all for your advice, it could serve the whole community I think.
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