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  1. Hello ! So I had my tesla since late November 2017. I loved this wheel but it was my first. About this I took an MSX and sold my teslaThere are several points why I changed: 1- At the base I wanted a wheel that allows me to commuting (work transport). the only concern was that it was heavy and quite inconvenient in the end and I continued to use it as a leisure wheel. So I thought if it's for recreation, as much to spend more power. 2- The betting roads in some places are bad and my tesla was having trouble on the wrong road rather than an MSX. 3) I am very tall and the trolley was small. Too small for me. 4 - I wanted to change 5 - I think that for my use, it would need two wheels: One for pure commuting (MCM5 for example) and a MSX for fun
  2. Hello ! I'm looking for experience feedback on ACM / Tesla pedals on an MSX? Could you also tell me if the magnet aligns well with the hull? Do you have some pictures? Thank you !
  3. It was only a small joke I did not think I could hold a 14 inch wheel! Hate to see that. I will dig a little on the forum Thank you!
  4. Hey @diegoxxx Possible to you make a little video to show new led combinaison ? Thanks a lot
  5. Hello, what type of backpack ? 80L ? haha
  6. So if I understand well suddenly, if the new msx has the rear lights is that there is more acceleration and braking with?
  7. @stephen unfortunally i don't have yet msx is in transit. Perhaps first time you have put these nikola pedal on your msx they are like that and your weight lowered the pedals. Here photos of seller send me
  8. old msx doesn't have 2000w motor ? because i command the new and it 2000w motor
  9. Thank you all for your advice ! I took the new version of the MSX with the new taillight. At the corner for those of you who have had a tesla, it is not too difficult for the comfort of passing from a tesla to a msx? thank you
  10. Finally, perhaps i found an answer about the difference between stephen picture and mine. The MSX motor arms has two batches,The first batch of motor arms can match the pedals very well. My MSX is the latest in date (with new rear light).
  11. Possible to you to make tutorial ? It's difficult to change pedal ?
  12. Vous le peler? @stephen Parce que sur ma photo c'est comme ├ža:
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