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  1. GMOne

    Z10 Motherboard Replacement

    If you had been in Europe i would have helped you. First of all checking your board (if it was firmware related i could fix it for sure, and also maybe the same about hardware). You can connect a programmer and i can do it for you remotely (you need to be reachable by the WAN). You need a J-Link V8. Then it is quite easy to do whatever you want about serial and activation... ;-) It is also a good thing if you can show some pictures of the board, to do a visual inspection if there is any evident electronic trouble.
  2. @RooMiniPro I did it, to start to read from page 1 it's a good idea... @loomer It's not the right place, moreover we do not send firmware files. Try somewhere else...
  3. @MRN76 @Elzeze @Sgvchud @Bastjan Knieps You are all OT. It's not difficult to follow the topic. Quite tired to recall this. I keep this topic to talk about flashing and my software.
  4. So everything went fine! I received your coffees, really appreciated, thanks! Your interface is not really bricked, you can recover it. https://gronlier.fr/blog/2015/07/unbrick-and-update-an-j-link-v8-clone/ I did it many times. You can take a try about the serial number, I did it successfully and you can use more recent software. No real advantages though, a faster and more stable programming, sometimes with old one the programming suddenly crashes (but after this you reprogram and that's all)... Feel free to ask! GMOne
  5. It's normal. There are many variables about current limits, not only speed. Your weight is approx like mine, and the behaviour is quite similar. Full charged battery, no slope, no wind, a light food and you will reach the maximum speed you can. 😜 Just out of curiosity I tried to ignore beeps for a little bit (not minutes but 10 seconds and even more) and I didn't meet any problem. But only IMHO... Do not do it. A friend of mine completely ignored it... He told me he felt the unicycle giving him a quite irregular speed, and after quite a lot it gave him a cut-off. Have a nice ride! GMOne Do not forget a little donation... 😜
  6. GMOne

    Ninebot Z10 pedal opener mod

    I would thank @Lukasz for his pedal mods, that I printed and successfully attached to my Z10 (with epoxy, I want to be sure...😜). Give them a try, and you won't live without from that moment on...
  7. GMOne

    WheelLog for Inmotion - Development

    Hi @palachzzz! I tried your app on a Wear OS watch (i.e. Huawei Watch) forcing it through adb. It runs fine! Except of course interface layout (some things go out of the screen, other you need a microscope to see them :-P). I have seen your sources on github. May you adapt it to round and more little Wear OS screens please? May you enable the wakelock function so the app can stay into foreground and always enabled? Thanks in advance, GMOne
  8. No problem sir! 😉 Even though this topic has become quite mixed about arguments, I understand your policies and I agree with you. See you in other topics! 😜
  9. Sadly you followed a kind of unofficial procedure with ST-Link V2, that I never had written, and I never had suggested to use. I don't understand saving few bucks only... A Chinese version of the interface costs 10$. You previously read your firmware so you can send it to me and I can check it. In the meanwhile I suggest to you to buy the suggested interface. GMOne
  10. I do not care about your motivations, and your choices. Here no commercial solutions, stop. Even though you send the money to poor people. You don't know what I did more, I don't love to brag about what I do. You're free to think whatever you want and feel yourself Superman. It's quite simple: stop selling your products here, stop "telling" your results to gain money. It's not permitted in this topic (and you don't respect me). Moreover I did this topic to talk about my software, nothing more, nothing less. P.S. you already lost a challenge feeling "the only one", maybe you need to lose many others to start to be humble.
  11. Any help be appreciated. But no selling politics here, at least in this topic. Any commercial solution has its right place, even here. There is a place where for "buy and sell". We discussed in the past and I did this software because of his continuous demand of money. He knows this but he continues in his behaviour. If he doesn't understand basic respect, someone has to stop him. He doesn't want to share anything, that's all. I did all by myself. Thanks to @t4oqui and to @love.unicycle for your kind words. Stay tuned! 😉
  12. I stopped writing into yours many time ago. Create your topic and make your advertising somewhere else. I create this topic to follow a different philosophy, I do not agree with yours. But you do not respect mine. Please stay away from this topic that talks about this software and free of charge solutions. Moreover you are OT.
  13. If it's free link it, otherwise STOP your business politics here, I made this topic with different aim w.r.t. you. We do not like your selling soul. AND ESPECIALLY IN MY TOPIC.
  14. Of course you can do it, but it doesn't depend on the firmware. @IhKa guess right in my opinion. ?
  15. I'm sorry but so many people write to me daily, it's difficult to support everyone. I'll try to do it, of course in Italian. GMOne