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  1. Here is another one. I don't recall ANY video the either @Rehab1 or @mrelwood released that I have not viewed to the end AND at least 2 times or more. Did I mention my YouTube is waiting on my oled 55" TV. It needs new entertainment soon There have been others I didn't watch for more than a few secs of "professional YouTubers" as soon I realized I hit a clickbait video it stops. It havens not a lot. And a few I never watch any content from for the very same reason. To swing this back to the thread header, some make video look very cool. Others are just noise and waste of time.
  2. Now I find that title of this thread very interesting. I did choose the V11 myself. Now whatever made me do just that well I recall that in my review on my V11 initially. Now that really matter nothing at all. You picked the S18. It do different things. Well goes from A to B on 1 wheel. But yet different. And no matter what others say this commercial just put your question into a different league. Note: reading this paper is not something I do and I do not know if they do a good or bad job casting focus on things that matters. Yet this message is making good sense to me.
  3. So when do you find more time to make new videos? I viewed most on Netflix and Disney+ already. My YouTube @Rehab1list is sooo empty. I had to rerun that KS16x video of your 3x already.
  4. So that is how the cool guy checks out all those ladies.
  5. I think this is a very fair and sound warning to any using a knobby tire with V11 or V12 that this is not kickstand compatible. You can burn a drive board if the stand get trapped between the knobbs while it is turned on. I do think Inmotion issued a warning about this. I know I discussed it with Liam when he was working for Inmotion.
  6. Unventor

    InMotion V11

    You need to view this as a game. Instead of answering blabla mph and xxxx$ you turn it around to a question into the direction you want to talk about. Once you master that then you will see this skill you just picked up can be very very useful and applied in many ways.
  7. I didn't know you did the French commercials So this is the fly "Scotland Air" a natural choice? Go forward don't look back
  8. Very nice stuff. I recall when you posted that footage. Brings back great memories.
  9. Well I have 2x V11 I can't ride because I manage to do silly things while doing tire change from stock tires. Now I am waiting 3 week still for parts to come. And the 2nd V11 I bought just to avoid this situation all together. Today I got news both orders has been sent off...I hope the 450$ for shipping is well spend. But 1 parcel had been lost for 2 weeks already. That's life it just never go smoothly.
  10. You must have had super heatwave in the lands of 1000 lakes. Joke a side I am sure you guys had fun shooting this.
  11. Now sometimes profit isn't as great as others think. On the other hand some other just like to help build a community. And then of course the some are very vice people that asked kindly for assistance. And despite @The Fat Unicyclist might not had much time for forum stuff he had welcoming arms when I very very green at EUCs. So I both like to give back or help out. And my early videos serve as great laughing material so if I can make someone's day it is all fine with me. On the other hand my very few videos do serve the testimony that it feels hard in the begining but you can overcome t
  12. I think Inmotion knows better than doing that. They gone up in parts (quality) history wise as far as I recall. And in improving solutions if shortcomings popped up. Maybe not as fast as people hoped but to me they are one of the better brands in this regard. We all wish it wouldn't be like this. Yet at least they move in the right direction. It happened several times with V11.
  13. These are great YouTube guide . None of mine. I am not a content creator (yet) but I share what I come across that works for me.
  14. I thought it would be nice to have thread on guides that can assist you when you have a problem with Inmotion V11. So I hope if you have a link or video or guide you can share that this is a place to make it visual. I will shave a place where I found some nice made PDF. Unfortunately they are in French. But they are very nice made. https://www.inmotion-france.fr/guides From here you have guides for pedal change and tire/motor change. Now I am personally seeking a guide on how to change a fully assembled drive board on both my V11s. I hope someone can assist me so I ca
  15. Nahe...she will have a 2nd breakfast 😉
  16. @Rehab1 had a photo on his profile. Now it is a cartoon. That is his secret to his rating. I didn't sign the moderator NDA on this so...now you all know
  17. The stig wears a helmet always...so I am not sure you qualify. He is fast though... Ohh I misread it you said stick
  18. Some helmets work better than others. Now I just need a barrel for the body to hide the belly. Before someone else make a comment, I know now why 16:9 TV was invented 😏😇.
  19. That is a very risky comment. To to have the balls to put it out there is impressive but also very exposed for a counter comment. But I am sure with your speed you have it all under control
  20. Now with @The Fat Unicyclist not being as active as in the old days you stand a great chance. In the end it is about post stuff that people like. Now if you were to share work on new bodyguard designs in the commercial section you both get input and properly ratings too. And @The Fat Unicyclist would not be able to complete with that. Ratings can go up really quickly. I don't know how I got my rating this high as I have. But if you really want a pro tip ask @Rehab1 and @Mrs. Rehab1 Haha you beat me too it @Rehab1
  21. How do you fit a Sherman into the box? 60$ is sure pretty cheap Joke a side. Glad you like your product.
  22. @The Fat Unicyclist feel free to use any of my EUC clips if you like. There are a few laughable funny chicken bashes of arms in my early ones. https://www.youtube.com/user/unventor It might be an eye opener to some knowing the context of where I were when I started. For now I feet are red zone, and hip is orange. This is partly due to riding less the past 6 months due to covid-19 and that I am waiting a huge shipment of spare parts to rebuild both my V11 (1st early batch,, and "4th" batch April 2021 build). Both V11 is out of order because one me. Broken/cracked a drive board
  23. I can add that in Sweden as recently as late night news rentals escooters and riders behaviour was part of the main news. The numbers of accidents had gone up steadily around 25-30% the last 3 years. 1/3 of these accidents happened during riding under influence alcohol/drugs. Now 8/10 I spot riding in town wear no helmet all have no other gear on. Whenever I spot a rider without helmet I print to the hear and shake my head in discontent. 2 of 5 riders are youngsters or teens that ride 2 people on 1 escooter. I have even seen 3 on same unit from time to time. Last time I were dow
  24. @Seba have similar agreement and is sponsored by a Polish reseller an eWheels. Due to this he signed a NDA with KS. But that is not necessary the same will happen with other brands. I tried to persuade IM to do a similar thing but it was turned down by the very top (CEO). But you have to know this was not that long time after lawsuit dispute between IM and KS. That felt out to IM favour. In the past similar stories have been floating about between KS and GW. That was down firmware disputes. That is why GW didn't do firmware updates orso it was said. Thinking the Veteran are ol
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